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Value of Air Asia Cheap Fares

As a low cost carrier, Air Asia generally offers lower fares than those of the regular airlines. However, because of the regular specials and different fare classes, and the difference in the prices of fares through the call centre, it is often difficult to tell how much of a saving there is from other established non budget airlines.

Once you get past the advertised prices, and consider all the extras like baggage charges, seat allocation, priority boarding and meal costs, the price of the fare is usually not quite what you originally thought.

Then add in the airport taxes and charges and your very cheap ticket has somehow become much more expensive.

There are other issues to take into account as well. You must be at the airport earlier that other airlines and if you miss the check in deadline, you lose your flight. The airport may be harder to get to than the normal airport and may require longer and costlier travel. There is no frequent flier program. And if you are delayed or your flight is cancelled, you may not be compensated.

These are issues that you usually don't have to worry about with other airlines. Therefore there is a question as to the real value of flying low cost carriers like Air Asia. In the current economic environment, more established airlines are discounting their fares, creating less of a price difference with the budget carriers, while still maintaining full service.

What are your thoughts on the discounts provided by Air Asia?

Do you prefer to use the non budget carriers because of the full service?

Or is the price saving from Air Asia worth the sacrifice of service?

Any other comments about Air Asia's cheap fares compared with other airlines?

Post your review and comments below.

Airport Terminal Facilities Quality Air Asia

Many of the airports that Air Asia fly into are the main airport for that destination. For example, the Air Asia X carrier flies into Melbourne, Tullamarine, and Coolanagatta, Gold Coast. Even on many of the regional Asian flights, destinations such as Bali and Phnom Penh are serviced by Air Asia using the main airports for those cities.

But because of the low cost carrier status of Air Asia, they are always on the look out for cheaper, less central airports to use. This is the case with the LCCT terminal in Kuala Lumpur. Standing for Low Cost Carrier Terminal, this airport is near the main International airport in Kuala Lumpur, but is specifically designed to handle budget airlines such as Air Asia. If you want to transfer to the main airport, you need to allow time to get there, at least 45mins.

On the AirAsia X flight into London, the airport is London Stansted, which is about 90mins by bus outside London Central.

These budget terminals are usually just that - budget, without the frills and expense that you will see at main terminal buildings such as London Heathrow. That is usually how low cost carriers save money, and by which they claim to offer you lower fares.

Sometimes, these Airports are well outside the city area that you are intending to visit. The european budget carrier Ryanair have mastered this approach. Many of their airport destinations are so far outside the city area, its a bit hard to believe that they can still label the destination the same name. For instance, their flight to Paris goes to Beauvais, about 2 hours away from the city. Not even the locals would call that Paris.

So don't expect anything too flashy when you get to a specific low cost terminal. However, that doesn't mean that basic facilities, or good transfer arrangements shouldn't exist.

How have you found the facilities at Air Asia's terminals?

Does the LCCT in Kuala Lumpur meet acceptable standards?

What other airports does Air Asia fly to that aren't the central terminal for that city?

Any other issues, complaints or problems with Air Asia's Terminal facilities?

Post your review and comments below.