Flight Attendants on Air Asia Airlines

Air Asia certainly go out of their way to promote the flight attendants on their airline. Always attractive girls, they are featured in almost every advertisement and on the front page of the AirAsia website.

But what about the service provided by the flight attendants? There is a difference in the priorities of flight attendants between major carriers and low cost carriers like Air Asia and Ryanair.

On major carriers, like Singapore Airlines and Malaysia Airlines, flight attendants or the flight crew are there to provide a service, free of charge. That may mean bringing you a meal or providing you with a pillow or blanket.

On Air Asia the priority is different. After fulfilling the normal tasks of safety and ensuring the aircraft is in order, Air Asia's flight attendants move into selling mode. All items which are provided free of charge on major carriers are actually sold by the Air Asia flight crew.

This includes the blankets and pillows, as well as food and drinks. Therefore, the service is different on low cost or budget carriers like Air Asia.

How have you found the service provided by the Air Asia Flight Attendants?

Have they been helpful to you or other passengers?

Do the flight attendants have a pleasant and friendly attitude?

Any other issues, complaints or problems with Air Asia's Flight Attendants?

Post your review and comments below.


  1. the girls attendants on air asia are really pretty!

  2. Pretty not, tacky yes.
    I found many of these girls had too much make up on, to the point that some of them look like they are from a drag show.Fake lashes ,glitter eyelids are fine on stage, but looks cheap and tacky on a plane. Bleached blondish hair looks ghetto.

    But maybe this is just a reflection on the airlines' image, cheap and nasty.

  3. If you have complaint about airlines, you may be able to find people that have experienced the same situations on Pissed Consumer. Pissed Consumer is the site that will allow people to communicate about service issues at different industries, including airline industry.

    You should be able to post your own complaints on the site.

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  5. This pathetic airline has the most pathetic flight attendants in the world. Not only the girls look like freak whore but the attitude is also a wholly trash. To Tony, I'd advice u to spend some money on the grooming class rather than ur failure F1 team.

  6. the flight attendants could be downright rude. One friend had an attendant glaring at her/telling her off when she went to the toilet when they do their headcount although they didn't announce that they are doing headcount and all passengers are to be seated

    If not rude, then don't expect any smiles from them. Tony would charge for smiles if he can. As i always say, Ai Asia's tagline should not be
    "Now everyone can fly" but changed to
    "Air Asia...where nothing comes for free"

  7. Pretty?? Are you kidding me? They looked more like Katoys than women. And as for service, what service?! Unless you call dragging a big garbage bag down the aisle and then gesturing for the passenger to put their own rubbish in the bag, as "service".

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  9. I made a online luggage purchase on 6 February by credit card for the flight from Brunei to KL. The transaction was declined. So i made a purchase by cash at the airport counter on & February 2011. However, when i received my credit card statement, i realized it was deducted the declined transaction. I sent email to them 15 February. NO feedback. I resent on 3 March 2011. Still no reply. Why Airasia acts like gangster, can take your money just like that?

  10. The lady in baggage dropping counter in kuching airport (kch-kl)on 8th may 2013 on 3.55pm however was really impolite.she seem never past da customer service training n seem like we pay 2 torturing ourselves with her worst ever service.how would airasia being able to upgrading and gain world class quality with worker who never understand the core meanings of customer service?however,i shud not spoiled the whole barrel with one rotten apple,credit to those airasia workers who reali done their part excellently esp.those who checking the cabin luggage n dey reali showed uttermost respect for customers.airasia shud reali look into this in order to provide better services.