Air Asia's Complaints Process

Most airlines have a method with which they deal with passenger or customer complaints. But do Air Asia?

As far i can tell, there are two ways that you can make a complaint or register a problem with AirAsia.

The first is by completing their online enquiry form, located on the Contact Us page on the AirAsia website, coming under the title of Guest Support. The online feedback form gives you the opportunity to register a complaint or chase up things like lost baggage.

The second way to make a complaint to Air Asia is by simply calling them at the call centre. The staff member will take your details which will be passed on to a supervisor or manager. They then inform you that somebody will get back to you within three days.

However, there are numerous instances where AirAsia don't meet the 3 day response time to complaints.

Have you needed to make a complaint to Air Asia?

Has your complaint been resolved to your satisfaction?

How long did it take Air Asia to return your call or email?

Any other issues or problems with Air Asia's complaints process?

Post your review and comments below.



    I have been travelling to and from Malaysia for over thirty years and now reside here with my wife and child. I have businesses in the UK and Malaysia and still clock over 200,000 air miles a year. I have travelled Air Asia on several occasions over the past few years and received the service expected from a budget airline.

    Unfortunately my trip to Laos on the 19th of February 2009 with Air Asia turned out to be one of the most disastrous and humiliating experiences of my life. Being disabled I made sure that I informed the ticket centre at least 48 hours prior to my departure that as I am unable to climb stairs that I would require the service of their “Ambulift”. The gentleman at your call centre confirmed that a note had been put on my reservation and told me that I should report to the two desks that would handle my request and a wheel chair. When I arrived at the airport with my wife and son, we checked in and went to a desk which was right at the end of the check-in desks and was, I believe numbered sixty something. The Malay guy at the desk confirmed my request for the “Ambulift” and then told me to go to desk 41 for a wheel chair, which I did, also telling them that I had requested the “Ambulift”.

    After going through passport control I was pushed to the gate only then to be told that the Ambulift was not available. This was some 5 minutes before boarding and at no time prior to this was I informed that it was not available. To add insult to injury I was then questioned as to whether I had even requested it.

    To get me on board the aircraft 3 of the ground staff carried me and the wheel chair up the stairs which was not pleasant for me and most strenuous for them but I was on board an we flew to Vientiane only to find that I had an even worse problem there.

    After several attempts it was decided that I was too heavy to carry down the steps in the wheel chair and one of the ground staff then grabbed me and attempted to carry me on his back which resulted in me on the floor of the aircraft after he dropped me. I suffered severe chest pain and it was only when the air crew came to my rescue that I was able to stand back up again and get my breath. To cut a very long story short, there was no way that the staff were able to get me down the stairs and I ended up crawling down to the runway on my hands and knees. To add insult to injury several people boarding another aircraft stopped to film my decent on there video camera’s. With apologies from the aircrew who seemed to be most embarrassed, I was wheeled in to the terminal with my suit covered in dirt and dust and my hand filthy.

    I can honestly say that I have never been so embarrassed and humiliated in my life.

    Air Asia had over 48 hours to advise me that A. The Ambulift at K.L. was not available and B. That there were no facilities in Vientiane for disabled passengers.

    I sent a complaint to Air Asia on the 4th of March 2009 and every week since but have yet to receive a reply.

  2. I posted a blog just over a week ago with regards the treatment, as a disabled passenger, I received from Air Asia following a trip from Kuala Lumpur to Laos with my family. Being someone that believes that others should be warned if an airline can not, or does not provide the services that it offers, I related my long tale of woe and castigate Air Asia for its failings. I am now however pleased to report that I am, to say the least, most impressed with the response that I have received from Air Asia following my complaint. I did not receive a long list of excuses, my problems were not blamed on computer error or even worse something that I did wrong. Air Asia did what most big companies never seem to do and simply said that they were sorry and that they had got it wrong. Not only did I receive a written apology, several telephone calls from their call centre but I was also telephoned by the Guest Services and Operations Manager Eddie Tan with a full explanation of what went wrong and most important, what Air Asia were doing to ensure that it wouldn’t happen again. OK anyone can write a letter and anyone can pick up a telephone to shut a complaining customer up, if your lucky but I actually received a heart felt apology from Mr Tan that was genuine. It would appear that ground crew, check in staff and even cabin crew were interviewed regarding the incident in an attempt to pinpoint the areas of failure. Like a lot of things a few miner errors, someone entering a wrong code here, an unread fax there, were compounded into one major cock-up of which, unfortunately, I was the recipient. It’s nice to know that young as Air Asia is and as large as Air Asia is becoming, it is not taking the stance of a lot of airlines and that consider disabled people as a necessary evil that can be treated like morons and that Air Asia has the guts to say, we were wrong, we’re sorry and we will make sure it doesn’t happen again. Apology accepted Air Asia.

    1. robert mcallisterAugust 6, 2012 at 9:11 AM

      how lucky are you. airasia to me is the worst airline going. ive been trying all week to check into my flight but it keeps telling me i cant. also trying to change my seat and nothing happening there even though i have to pay extra. i booked at start of the year and paid so they are earning interest on my money. even though i must have been early booking they gave me seats on each side of the aisle. is this so i have to pay more money??? if i ring their office in australia i get the usual recorded message the it goes on the engaged signal. grrrrrrrr

  3. I had the most unpleasant experience with Air Asia. With no prior knowledge of its service quality, I booked Air Asia for connecting to Krabi from Kuala Lampur. I was supposed to retuen from Krabi to Kuala Lampur on a transit visa, which the immigration authorities in Kuala Lampur assured us is valid, and then from KL to Delhi via Malaysian Airlines. In fact I changed from Thai to Malaysian because it was saving me some time. The ground staff at Krabi Air Asia Sales Counter(Jiranan P) refused me and my young children boarding passses on the claim that the transit visa is unacceptable. She refused to check with KL International airport immigration which issued me the visa. Ultimately I had to buy fresh tickets on Thai Airways to Bangkok, stay overnight there and then fly to New Delhi.
    I've never encountered such rude and unhelpful, arrogant behaviour from any airline staff. I think Air Asia is the worst airline that exists, out to fleece passengers with no sensitivity to service.

    She asked for some proof which I'd never heard of earlier - 500 US dollars in cash, When I did show her the equivalent of that in another currency, she ignored the 'proof', said transit visa unacceptable. She also made racist comment about Indians to a porter who was with me. Later when I was checking in with Thai airways(Very courteous staff unlike the screaming, raving and ranting Jiranan P. of Air Asia), the same porter told me that "Air Asia not good, make trouble'. Of course, needless to say, they do not have a cancellation or refund policy!

    Mr.Tony Fernandes - please close your disgusting airline - you are in it for fleecing passengers - stop it. Please take action against Jiranan P for harassing me and my young children. Your airline also seems to have the maximum negative blogs full of unattended complaints against Air Asia's rude ground staff.

  4. The worst complaints process. Useful telephone hotlines. Inquiry line does not provide a way to speak to a customer service operator ... only ask you to press this number and that number where in the end the message to you, the caller, is please go back to the website.
    As for the sales line ... you can wait for hours and the message is ... all our sales operators are busy. Don't what they do. Sleeping? Playing mah jong?

  5. There is no escalation of complaints process in the call centres. Total nightmare! They kept telling me someone would call me back and even when I refused to get off the line until I spoke to a supervisor they point blank refused. The only way I was able to eventually speak to a (very unsympathetic arrogant) supervisor was by crying tears of frustration to a lady operator and begging her to try and help me. I have never been so upset, frustrated or angry with any dealing with a company in my life and I am 41 years old.

  6. I've called Air Asia's call centre at Malaysia for 4 times in 2 days by long distance calls. Without even asking me why I call them, the operator asked me at once to leave my name and phone number and said someone will call me back. And as expected, I have been waiting for 2 days and no one calls me.

    I insisted to speak to the supervisor, the reply is no manager is around, and they can't forward the call, blah blah blah

    I tried to file a complain online (on the "Contact Us" page). After filling in every single field and press the submit button, it said some mandatory fields are not filled in yet. So I can't submit any complaint.

    Now I have no way to talk to anyone from Air Asia or file a complaint.

    Seriously I'm asking everyone who have read my message NEVER do any business from Air Asia. It's just a waste of your time and money

  7. The phone line is absolutely impossible and those who answer the line just keep repeating "tell me your name, sir". When doing that and spelling it, they just cannot get the name right if it is a European name. All this is hazzled during 10 minutes and why: because they want to know whom to call back when they have more time to deal with the problem, which could have been dealt with in less than 10 minutes. And all this is because there is no way to contact them in other ways than by phone, since their web form is not working and they tell no customer e-mail address to deal with. Their flights are cheap, but since they cannot provide what they sell, the cheap price is lost money. And above that you will need to buy a ticket with another airline to get the route and time you want and have bought.

  8. Absolutely no response to complaints registered online.. not even an acknowledgement that they received the complaint...
    There is no way to talk to a representative.

    Tickets are cheap... but you end up spending more then what you would on a regular ticket if you make slightest of mistake.

  9. No drinks or snacks were offered on an Air Asia long haul flight out of Stanstead to Kuala Lumpur on the 13th October 2009, no trolley ever came round selling anything, not even duty free. There can be no excuse for this.
    The flight was chartered by Air Asia from Air Mauritius because Air Asia said they had not had a new plane delivered. The seats on the plane were worn out and sunken with broken springs that left you with no choice but sit on the tail of your spin for 12 hours. Once during the middle of the night for those who were awake, a very small cup of water was given out. All the staff spent the whole of the flight in first class so there was no staff to call on. When I managed to catch one and ask for a drink an hour before the end of the flight I was offered water but I asked for coffee and she huffed and asked me to follow her to the back of the plane to get it. Staff would not let anyone open the window shades until half an hour before we landed. The shades were kept closed and the lights were off all the way, people were told to turn off the overhead reading lights. Two small trays of food were served eight hours apart with just a small bottle of water to go with it. The movie was playing both the English and French sound track so you could not hear a thing. I fly a lot and this was the worst flight I have even been on. I arrived as did everyone else, dehydrated and stiff, half a pint of water in 12 hours is not enough. It was impossible to sleep in those seats and the poor man next to me could not even get his legs in there was so little room. Air Asia thanked us for understanding before the flight took off and when feedback cards were given to a few people, everyone filled them in writing on both sides of the card. I bet none got through to Air Asia except those the flight staff filled in! Everyone complained to each other but I hope now they are home they do as I am going to do, tell Air Asia what Air Mauritius is doing for their reputation. It was clear the Air Mauritian staff had no intention of providing any service bar the bare minimum and that is why no lights, hoping to keep us asleep and unaware but people were thirsty and hungry, once I got coffee they were overrun with request but we were close to landing by then so only a few got their drinks.
    All other Air Asia flights we had were great for the money.

  10. Last Xmas we had planned a holiday in South East Asia using exclusively AirAsia, however my wife was diagnosed with a breast cancer and quickly avalanched into 2 surgeries, chemo and radiation treatments.
    I followed all AirASia procedure in notification and claim, I find AirAsia customer service pretty good. HOWEVER AirAsia cancellation fees and charges are fixed that amounted to 70% of airfare on some trips, no special compassionate consideration.

    I was optimistic because we had bought travel insurance with AirAsia GOINUSRE that says: The Company shall reimburse the Insured Person up to the maximum limit as specified for Flight Cancellation in the Summary of Benefit for any unused and non-refundable portion of the Air Ticket if at the time of scheduled departure, the Insured Person is prevented from taking the Scheduled Flight during a Flight on the First Scheduled Departure Date due to the occurrence of any one of the following events:-
    NOT SO! upon making claims to the GOINSURE they claim that we have been fully reimbursed by AirAsia (albeit less heavy fees and charges) and they would not pay up.

    -Anyone had a similar experience?
    -What is AirAsia/GOINSURE claim escalation procedure?
    -independent arbitration (government (Malay), airline) ?

    This may also served as a warning, GOINSURE may not be what it claims to be! it just another way of making more money!! it is putting us off flying with AirAsia.

  11. Thankyou for this information. I should have checked this website earlier or prior to my flight booking. I have recently flown back to Australia with AirAsia and had been in 3 different countries previously. I ate, drank and made merry on my holiday without being sick once (and these countries had health risk/ warnings for travellers regarding street food, water, ice, fruit and uncooked food).
    On my return flight I was quite hungry and was looking forward to my pre-booked meal of fried rice. My meal wasn't fried rice but I didn't want to make a fuss so I ate it anyway. 2 hours later I had nausea, stomach cramps and severe stomach pain.I couldn't sleep and stomach cramping medication wasn't working (buscopan). I had 'the runs' and could hardly stand. Upon landing I was talking to the steward and he had vomited on the flight. In the bathroom, I talked to 2 more ladies who had also been ill from the food on the flight. I'm not sure how many people had been sick. I had to be assessed by Customs in case I was bringing something foreign into the country. I was passed. Half an hour later the vomiting started and I rushed to the doctor immediately and had to take time off work. I have had blood tests and stool samples and I'm still awaiting the results. I'm in the process of complaints now. I hope something can be done.

    Why would we pay for something that was poison and why wouldn't we trust a giant airline company to provide us with clean food?
    Do you think a news programme or A Current Affair/ Today Tonight would pick it up?
    Becareful everyone and goodluck.

  12. I am a foreign student of Malaysia. Last 26th february I traveled and found my branded and posh baggage lock was totally broken. My booking number was IPP3DV, Flight AK148, Report ID DPRDAC10A00002,Tag # DAC8457 and it was informed by airasia office that day and according to the copy given to me it was informed in http:/

    More than two month past, no one make any quary or give solution of this problem.

    you have been warned

  14. If you plan to lodge a complaint with AirAsia, best if you forget it

    Try this instead

    **email My Fernandez directly (he may escalate complaint to his staff or sometimes, not do anything)

    ** write to SkyTrax , the organization that present AirAsia their "Best Airlines" awards year after year. the more you complaint, the more their ratings would fall, and they may end up not getting any wards. hit them where it hurts!

  15. Horrible customer service...what i can said.

  16. What happen to all customer services. Many times dailling, still can't get. The waiting list was too long to wait. Must we paid for the call...

  17. I have been calling the Austrlia call center for days. Everyone about 1 hours and the machine just keep repeating the message "thank you for waiting. Our cusomer service is busy. Please call back later.". Air Asia is getting hopeful if their customer service. If they do not improve their customer service, they will see their customer turning to other airlines.

    Hopeless Air Asia.

  18. I tried Air Asia for the first time and it will be my last time. AirAsia posted an option to delay flights to Bangkok because of the red shirts protest. I chose getting a credit to be used later. When I did not get any confirmation email, I spoke to their customer svc personnel, Fezal (after hours of waiting). He said it will automatically show up when I sign in to make my next purchase. Bull shit. Now I am thinking how to contact them. Bloody difficult and I think it will b a waste of time.

    This airline makes lots of money from such things. No wonder so profitable. Crap airline.

  19. They charge for EVERYTHING !!!!
    First you got to pay RM1.94 per min for contacting their call center agents who do not pick up phone for at least 15-20 mins - that is RM40 Burned ...before you can even speak to someone.

    Now hear this ...the latest is effect Oct 6 ,2010 they will charge for each person checking in at the counter at LCCT. Web check in is FREE which is fine and dandy for those who have web access all the time and are logged on . What about the fact that half their passenger load are the retired elderly on holiday and immigrant workers returning to home country - these folks don't know how to check in online - its just another way of making more money for the company !!!

  20. Oh yes and I forgot to mention something else...Booked a flight for 7 pax to Hangzhou in Mac ...paid for pre-selected seats for return trip and guess what...checked my flight details yest and lo and behold seat allocations are MISSING from the system...."seats not assigned"...Thank god I kept a copy of the original booking confirmation....NOW the big challenge is to get hold of a person inside that company that can rectify this mistake.

    Since yesterday noon ...I tried LIVEHELP online twice - no help at all as I was put on queue for 90 mins on both times and the line convieniently disconnected on both attempts ....

    Finally this morning got hold of someone at LIVEHELP and she pushed me to call their PREMIER LINE to resolve this issue created by THEM and I have to pay for those bloody calls at RM1.94 per min and if I'm lucky I only have to wait for 15-20 mins before anyone pick up those calls.....

    GREAT Day ahead...Just called and still waiting after 5 mins for someone to pick up my call ...guess I should go hv lunch, pee and poop and if I'm lucky someone will get on the phone finally to FIX the problem THEY caused...

  21. For all future customers considering booking any flights with Air Asia, do not be fooled by their promo offers, think again and go with another airline, otherwise you risk losing your money, and even when it is completely their fault they will NOT refund you. I had booked a two sets of flights one leaving Phnom Penh to Bangkok and another from Bangkok to Phuket, once the money was taken the itinerary was received with flight times from Bangkok leaving before I had even taken off from Phnom Penh, this in my view was as a result of their web site defaulting to certain flight times when on promo offers. So via their web site I changed the flight times to only get a a 5000bht fine for the change. I complained and got nothing, they would not even pass the call through to the supervisor, claiming it was my fault and they were point to point carriers. My view is that this company operates on a policy of dishonesty, a dishonesty that can only come from the very top, and therefore will permeate its way down to the staff on the call centre, who will just do what they are told. Well I can assure Air Asia we will never travel with them again, and for all those readers who think this may have any effect on them I would draw your attention to Air Asia's own blog, which they have very neatly managed to get to the top of Google, in it they say we are all whiners without a cause, it is our fault and not theirs, they are saints for listening to our unfounded claims and we are the ones to blame and they should be the ones hailed as heroes for putting up with us!! What is the point of a complaint department? They clearly think they cannot do any wrong.
    The power of the internet is actually in the hands of the innocent and the many...I strongly suggest to any businesses or travelers who have a need to be somewhere on time, for business or connecting flights, to think again when doing business with this company, your short term gain can be very well be a long term headache with no recourse, book with professionals like Thai Air or similar, never ever ever!! Consider an airline that is prepared to cheat lie and then blame you.
    I would like to think that any concerned and unbiased complaints representative would pick this up and deal with it. Why would I book a ticket for flight when I am still in another country waiting to get on one of their flights.

  22. My name is Maksudul Alam. I live in Tokyo, Japan. I made 2 bookings (S3RW8F & V7M4KZ) ther other day. Since then, I am having problem with those 2 bookings. No one in Air Asia (neither call centre nor customer care) is helping me at all. I need to modify following items from these bookings.

    (1) I need to save 21 MYR by removing Air Asia Insurance Return from booking no S3RW8F. I did not choose any insurance by myself. It was added automatically. Please remove it.

    (2) I need to save 5 MYR by removing Advance Seat Request (18D, KUL-DAC) from booking no S3RW8F. I did not know it will require money as it was free between HND-KUL. Please remove it.

    (3) I need to save 30 MYR by removing upto 15kg regular baggage from booking no S3RW8F between KUL-DAC.

    (4) I need to save 12 MYR by removing BriyaniRice meal from booking no S3RW8F between DAC-KUL.

    (5) I need to save 1,000 JPY by removing upto 15kg regular baggage from booking no V7M4KZ between HND-KUL.

    Please please please help me. Please feed these amount to my credit card. I made above request to Air Asia which did not help at all.

    This is another clear evidence how Air Asia sucks consumer money by implementing ridiculous strategy. It's really stupid that once Air Asia has consumer money, it is going to keep it by any means. Consumers will not allow Air Asia's unusual way of dealing with air tickets.Thank you in advance.

    Kind Regards,
    Maksudul Alam
    Tokyo, Japan

  23. I have posted three complaints through Air Asia's formal channels regarding a guitar that was clearly taken out of the case before it was broken on a flight from Singapore to Denpasar (guitar neck snapped but no damage to the hard case it was in).
    Each time I have been informed that the matter will be addressed within 5 days, but so far I have not had a single reply, not even a 'sorry, but we accept no responsibility'. Clearly Air Asia can do whatever they want without obligation.
    This blog is just another example of that - a complete sham. What is the point of setting up a complaints blog when none of the complaints are ever addressed?

  24. Stephen, thanks for your comment. This blog is intended for people to list their issues with airasia. It is for information purposes only and is in no way related to Air Asia. ed.

  25. today and last week the check-in in Bangkok was a disaster: baggage drop queue for 40 minutes waiting. But it is not the capacity of the airport: Air Asia Thailand was only prepared to the mass of people with two ground staff for one baggage drop counter and another two to three international check-in counters from 6pm to 7 pm. Although Air Asia has 15 counters available in Bangkok, they opened only 3 or 4 counters.
    There is no point in checking in before in Bangkok, because you might wait even longer in Bangkok. Hopefully they work on resolving things!

  26. I flew back from KL to Stansted on Monday 24 Jan 2011. Within 24 hours of arrival, I was struck down with severe food poisoning. The only thing different from my partner that I had to eat on the whole trip was the pre paid asian rice meal on this flight. I am only out of bed now, 2 days later. I would be interested to know if any fellow travellers suffered the same fate......

    Another point to watch. At KL check in, we were informed our 2 bags were each 1 kilo over weight i,e an excess of 2 kilos. For this we were asked to pay 40 ringits i.e 20R a bag. OK. We paid in cash. the operative opened his desk drawer and tucked the cash into a plastic wallet that appeared to contain his personal items e.g identity card on a rope. He then handed over our boarding cards. I asked for a receipt for the excess baggage charge. He said 'You want a receipt? We do not give receipts' His mate along side shrugged. I asked for a receipt. He went off, walking along the luggage carousel and disappeared for a good 10 minutes, eventually re appearing with a receipt for my cash, which was handed over with bad grace. I noted that our bags had not been tagged as heavy, indeed the space on the luggage label indicating weight in kg was empty.
    Am I being overly suspicious, or was my cash going straight in the pocket? decide. BUT if you get charged an excess and pay in cash always always insist upon a receipt.

  27. Can you believe this which was happened at KL Air Asia on Jan 29, 2011
    1.) Racism
    The term and condition are not in Chinese. If you were not English educated, remember to hire a translator (best with lawyer) to read through the agreement prior to purchase. Everyone can fly with Air Asia and bear your own risk if you did not understand English.

    2.) Too civilized ground staff / customer service
    The ground staff will tell you that your dB is too high (not too sure whether there was a dB meter at Air Asia customer service desk) and if you ask for permission to record your conversation with Air Asia ground staff as an evident, they will directly share with you that Air Asia will sue you for recording the conversation. If you insist to record your conversation, Air Asia ground staff and customer service will ask security to “move” you away.

    3.) Interesting Price rate
    When you ask for rate of same flight at the same day, watch out…. Air Asia customer service might share at least two different rating within 30 minutes.

    4.) Interesting flight schedule
    Air Asia might tell you a flight schedule that has already been cancelled. Either the computer system or customer service staff was not well train

    5.) Friendly reminder to Northern Chinese – Your dB will surely exceed Air Asia dB requirement. So, if you plan to fly with Air Asia, then you better learn how to lower your normal dB.

    6.) Friendly reminder to all non English educated human being – seek for lawyer to read Air Asia term and condition before fly with this specific airline. Furthermore, hire a translator as when you experienced difficulty, this person will be the best help to you and your family, and not Air Asia ground stuff or customer service.

    7.) Do not trust Air Asia On-line Sales Team
    They will say one thing, and the ground staff / customer service will do another thing, which is totally disaster to consumer.

    8.) Excellent communication system in case of emergency
    When there was an emergency happened, Air Asia ground staff and customer service will ask you to file a complaint at Air Asia website. And they are so helpful to remind you that you have to pay for the hot line.

    Southern Air line has reduced their price rate tremendously from Guan Zhou to KL and Penang since 2010.

  28. I wanted to fly on 30 Oct from Yogyakarta to Jakarta and later that day from Jakarta to Bangkok.
    I got an SMS in the morning that the first flight will be delayed. So I rushed to the airport and bought another ticket.
    Then I went to the Airasia counter to ask for a refund, but the supervisor told me that I can still take the delayed Airasia flight and I wouldn't miss my flight to Bangkok. So I gave back the ticket that I just bought with LionAir.
    Later when I wanted to check-in with Airasia your supervisor came to me and said that the information given out before was wrong, because I would not catch the CGK-BKK flight if I take the delayed Airasia flight. I had to buy a new ticket with LionAir again! But at least the supervisor promised me that I will get a refund from AirAsia on my credit card. With a lot of running and sweating I just made it to catch the CGK-BKK flight.

    As the money never arrived and also no email from Airasia I began to worry and thought I send an enquiry on your website, but got ignored 3 times!
    So I called the Indonesian number the first week of January 2011, where I got told that my refund is available on my profile now, but one can't see this unless doing a new booking while logged in during the payment procedure.
    He was right, I had to make a fake booking and on the payment page to se the refund.

    Today I wanted to book a flight and to my surprise the system has changed and my refund isn't visible anymore.
    So I called the indonesian number again to ask how I can now use my credited refund money to book this flight. The answer was: Your credit has expired yesterday!
    Then I did a live chat with AirAsia and after 30 mins I could talk to someone who just gave me an email address, but there I got ignored again!


    Anyone has your own opinions to help our BUDGET AIRLINES ??

  30. Case Acknowledgement - CAS-136551-FN0DH1 CRM:0001862 -1/8/2011 ... where is my reimbursement or answers???

  31. Yeah, stupid airasia. During promo time i wanted to book flight from KL to gold coast, but the promo price sold out, so i continue with normal fare... A WEEK AFTER THE PROMO PERIOD ENDED, the dates that i wanted to depart has the promo price back on.. What the fuck, does it mean dont buy during promo time and check back after promo for surprises? Fuck fuck fuck.. Way to spoil ppl's holiday.

  32. I have just got off the phone to your S'pore office and was left baffled by some of the policies AA has in place when it comes to wanting to change a passenger name on a ticket.

    I was told that I needed a passport copy of the original passenger and the replacing passenger if I wanted to do this. This rule is so very impractical and very troublesome. There are many reasons why it is impossible to get hold of a copy of the original passengers passport. From my own circumstance, I know:

    1) That the passenger is in a different country and not easily gotten hold of.

    2) The possibility of scanning/faxing a passport copy in places where internet connection is awkward, especially when it has to be done 6 hours before departure (as AA requires).

    I would seriously suggest that AA look into this issue and amend this rule to make it more practical and easier for passengers to be able to change names without difficulty. I am sure AA is not deliberately making it difficult for passengers to change names on tickets, as you would rather someone pay a $70 change fee than to allow a seat to go empty.

  33. I was travelling with my wife, 3 yr son and 3 month daughter to delhi from bangkok,waited for 45 minutes to reach the counter with all baggage and kids in a queue.
    i prebooked my baggage which was 3 kilo over as per counter staff with no hand carry.The lady at counter was horrible " you have to pay - this is cheap airlines cannot do anything" I requested to give my small bag and i will hand carry it,She said go wait in the corner for 30-45 mins as she has send the baggage and get it back for they can send my baggage and demand money.However cut the crap short, ground staff is horrible horrible...!!!its not the question for over paying 3 kilo its the attitude,i stay in bangkok and an active member of social group.
    As i was chatting with my friends on ourusual gathering , its not me only all had some or other cheap incidents with this airlines.So we have decided not to take any flight of airasia.

  34. forget to mention,for my 3 tickets and 1 infant i got all diffrent seats, when boarded the aircraft staff say pay and we will arrange seats together for you..........!!! while the half seats were empty.
    i had return ticket but after all this harassment i left the return tickets to them "airasia only" and fly back with other ailines on new ticket.
    Guys think before you book airasia.

  35. Purchased ticket from CCU-BKK and the quoted price of tkt was in INDIAN RUPEES - however the AA team has extracted in USD the amount and even more than the converted amount should be - effecting a further bigger HOLE in the pocket of traveller s who look to save some money by choosing so called LOW FARE AIRLINES



    Should we call them now on as LOW FAIR AIRLINES ( low and cheap on the FAIR practice )


  36. Today our 2 Vietnam contractors got detained by the immigration officers. When my boss called the immigration office to provided their flight information (Online booking numbers) one of the officer say he's not free to check, leaving them stranded inside the detention room like they are not important almost like none of them even care if they live or die. We on the other hand been running up and down trying to find a solution and not even the information counter is that helpful. No one seems to care and the officer in charge before these were no where to be found after all that. Furious!

  37. Air asia changed the flight timing of HND-SIN from 9:15pm to 11:45pm weeks after I booked my flight. This causes me not to able to take a connecting flight (air asia) also that departs at 615am since the HND-SIn will now arrive at 630am.

    I asked to change to a later flight of AK703 departs 7:45 - Answer : CANNOT

    Asked for refund
    Answer : CANNOT

    Asked to just remove the sector KUL-SIN so that I can claim my luggage at KUL and buy a new ticket form another airline to fly back to SIN.
    Answer : CANNOT

    As a Malaysian, I am so dissappointed and ashamed of this airline. They just don't sound apologetic at all and forgot that they were the one who rescheduled the flight.


  38. Dear readers, Airasia has outsourced and spending thousands of RInggit every month for the call centre.
    Email team are in the call centre too,

    All country (Indonesia, Thailand, India, Singapore Australia) call centres are at the same place.
    Any call centre issue, email to


    Now everyone can get fucked.

  40. Listen, let's not spend more time for it.

  41. Mr Tony, my antique vase that i bought from Sarawak broken during my flight from kuching to Kota Kinabalu.When reach kota Kinabalu nobody want to be responsible for that insidents,please la i buy it use my money not anyone of your staff FATHER money,now who want to pay for the careless job that your staff doing to my their FATHER or your FATHER want to pay me back oh MR EVERYONE can DIE on your airlines dude.

  42. This is my experience on 22th Augusta 2011 Kuala Lumpur. PLEASE BE CAREFULL

    We're left my the plane infront of the bording gate.
    We arrived as instructed in the bording pass arround 7:15am to Gate T9 for bording. Noone were on the gate so I went to next gate with people (gate T11) for some information. and a girl explained to me that flight was for Bangkok, to have a seat and weait for the call. Then we sat and wait, even hear that there were some people call for final bording, and never hear our name. I really remember the name Julia Shin and maybe 6 more asian names that can't remember. All this until say in the screen that our flight departed. It was 8:30am. Inmediatelly we approched to the first counter with people and ask. We been told by the manager that we were sleeping and that's the reason we miss the bording, but thats a complete lie. We can check the security videos to prove that we're not sleeping and that there're no call after we arrived, we've been told to wait when it was maybe time to run.
    Anyway after that we ask for help. and everything we got was, go to counter 68...
    Then now in counter 68 as instructed:
    1. When we arrived the manager told us that she already had a submit form that have 4 witnesses that saw us sleeping and that was the reason we miss our flight. NOT TRUE again.
    2. She explain us the way to travel the next day, fees and payment procedure.
    3. when I handle her my visa card, she didn't want to use it, she said it was a debit and they can't use it. After a bit arrgue I explain her It's a international card and I've used it with airasia all time. Then she accept it.
    4. When payment recivet was handle to me. It was made for double of the amount explained before, 200RM. she said it was all explained per person not in total. Eventhough I ask a total for my personal numbers and de sure I had the money to make the payment properly.
    5. Then we ask the manager to print us a copy from they submitted form with the 4 names to start a complain, because we didn't fall sleep, we were told to wait. But she said it is against the company policy to revil the work force names. so she deny to provide us this any information. Then we ask for her full name and the name from the upstairs manager to refer the letter and she also deny to gave us any information. So we took the attached picture.
    6. after that the man in the next counter start to shout us and prompt my husbad to fight. Very rude. Told us we need to go or he'd call the police. Then he confronted us face to face, came closer and start to move hands very badly against my husband. That's when we ran away and serch for security for protecction until hotel reservation was made and we came here to stay safe.
    It's inaddmittable this type of confrontation from a customer centre, We're really impress that this can happen in Airasia.
    It's not just that we were left by the plane been waiting in the bording gate, it was the hole thing. first been left and been shock by never notice to been left, never been call for final bording. Been handle out of immigration without been told what was going to happen. Then been cheated with payment. Finally been confronted and feel attacked by the crew is really something that need inmediate attention.

  43. My original plans were for me to travel alone but I acted upon AirAsia's advice to book an extra ticket for my wife and subsequently got penalised for it. Apparantly I am not allowed to share a bag with my wife if we did not purchase the tickets at the same time. So here I was on crutches listening to check-in staff saying I must pay for the extra weight or not be allowed on the flight. They seriously thought that I should have burdened my wife with 2 bags when I am temporarily disabled & cannot help her carry them. They could not accept this was an exceptional circumstance & show some common sense by allowing the combined weight for our baggage. An unbelievably inflexible attitude!

  44. I want reimbursement for the amount i paid just to return back from Hong Kong to KL on the 03/11/11. I was at the gate 20 mins before departure and the staffs didn't let me in.they were so unhelpful and didn't even talk to the captain about our situation.They were emphasizing on the 30 mins before departure and left us without any choice and help.They purposely ignored our explanation and made us pay HKD2882 = RM1198.92 and take the next flight to KL, Malaysia. This is the first time in HK and the departure hall was atleast 3 km away from check in counter. we didn't know how to go to terminal 2 from terminal 1 and whoever we stopped to ask for help didn't speak english.even the security guard didn't speak english and pointed his finger straight asking us to go straight.we stopped,asked and followed directions and finally reached departure gate 20 minutes before actual departure time.we were only 10 minutes late and the staffs gave us horrible customer service.The flight was 20 mins delayed from scheduled time and it was waiting there right infront of us.That means we were still early 40 mins before departure time and had all the time to get into the flight and buckle up as we have checked in luggages into the same flight.We pleaded the airasia airport staffs and they didn't even cooperate at all.It was an emergency that i had to return on that timing to attend a meeting and i had to write an appology letter to company.I'm a frequent traveller of Air asia and this is the a worst flight i've ever experienced. Now i'm thinking of flying with airasia in the future due to this horrible experience. I have attached the amount i paid due to the airasia staffs lack of customer service and this is completely unacceptable. I want airasia to reimburse the amount i paid extra for my flight. The airasia airport staffs names are, Jerry and Serena. I am waiting for a positive reply and not wanting to go to the press.Please reimburse my money. Thank you.

  45. Just posted this on Tony Fernandes facebook wall and AirAsia Australia wall. It was deleted within minutes from both.

    Dear Mr Fernandes,

    Re: Case Acknowledgement - CAS-1233006-QC2XCW CRM:0001713

    Apparently Air Asia was going to respond to my email complaint within 5 days. That was 21 days ago.

    I dont make a habit of posting complaints to people's facebook sites, but I dont use twitter, I dont subscribe to your blog and I can not find an email address to a REAL person who might actually respond to my concerns.

    We had a stressful situation flying from Bali to Perth on Tuesday 1st November. When I booked my tickets I was unable to select my seats. I tried a number of times, including in the 24 hours before the flight but kept receiving an "error" message. My husband and I were travelling with our 2 year old and 4 year old daughters and we really felt it was essential that at least one parent be sitting with our children, however our seats were all separate from each other. The internet would not allow me to seat us together, your customer service people could not assist us, the check in staff could not assist us and finally the cabin crew told us that WE had to ask other passengers to move for us! In desperation, we did ask other passengers to move for us and they REFUSED. I was disgusted as I was aware of 6 adult freinds who had been seated together on request - but AIRASIA refused to seat us with our 2 year old and 4 year old children.

    I believe parents should receive priority to sit with their children and that AIRASIA should be responsible for ensuring that it happens. Can you please explain why parents are not automatically seated with their children, why your staff were repeatedly of no assistance to us and how you plan to address the extremely serious safety and legal implications of seating us apart?

  46. I have never been so upset, frustrated or angry in dealing with any other company in my life with the worst customer service. Air Asia cancelled our return flight in Nov 2011 from Phuket to KL without any communication even though they have all our contact details. We only found this out after calling them to double check even though the web site said it was confirmed and had no changes. We then asked when we were going to be advised of the cancelation as we had not received anything prior? And if we didn’t ring we would NOT have been advised of this until our return back home. We received NO reply to this and then they wanted us to get on ridiculous flight back which would either involve a overnight stay at our own expense or 12 hour wait in KL to go to Melbourne.

    We had booked ours flights including all accommodation a year in advance not last minute. If we had been notified earlier of this we could then make arrangements prior NOT very last minute thanks to their incompetence and unprofessional service. This was not what we needed prior to leaving for our honeymoon and to make matter worse after speaking to the manager we could not get a refund on our return flight from KL to Melbourne. EVEN though we could not make this flight due to their mistake and lack of communication, and used the excuse that they were Air Asia X and the connecting flight was with Air Asia which wasn’t the same company. They cancelled the flight, not us

  47. I've just registered as an Airasia member. Upon registering I was sent an email notification requesting me to activate my membership on-line. Upon clikicnghe link, I was taken to a member activation link that didn't work. Message was ", sorry we are abit busy". No instruction about what I can do or who can I contact to solve the problem. So I looked-up Airasia customer service number to call, found that they charge RM1.95/min. If Airasia really cherish its customers’ relationship, why does it need to charge an exorbitant RM1.95/min for dealing with customers problems which in most cases originate from Airasia's own lacking in the first place? In any case, I picked-up the phone and called the customer service. Upon calling, I was put through a very lengthy promotional welcome script which last over a minute. At the end of the script, a customer service officer answered my call. So I asked the customer service officer who picked up my call whether I would be charged for listening to their promotional script. She said "Yes". I asked her why do they need to charge customer for listening to their promotional script and she said that is the standard procedure and she can’t do anything about it. I told her the reason why I called was because the Airasia's website was not working and I don't believe I should be charged anything for contacting Airasia let alone charge for hearing the promotional script. Most airlines have toll free numbers anyway. The officer said I was rude and hung-up on me. So I tried calling them the second time. Agian I had to go through the standard promotional script and time around, Mala answered the call. Agian asked her the same questions and she said she can't do anything about it as the server was busy but asked me to try to activate my membership after 3pm. So I said I want to lodge a complaint. She asked me to fill-up a form on their website. Other airlines would be much obliged to take customers complaints as part of their customer relationship improvement initiative!!! Again before I could finish my conversation, I was cut-off. So called the third time and again went through the same promotional script which I have to pay RM1.95/min for. Mala again answered my call. I asked her why she cut me off but she said she didn't. It was the system that cut me off and that there is nothing she can do about it. This time I asked to be transferred to her manager but she said there is no manager on-duty at that time...was told all their managers were in a meeting. She didn’t even ask if she can get someone to call me back. Instead I asked that her manager call me within the next hour and left her my number. An hour past and nobody from Airasia called. I really couldn't believe the sort service we as customers of Airasia is getting. We are paying a premium RM1.95/min first of all to listen to their promotional crap then put through to customer service that can't really do anything to solve problems that originated from Airasia in the first place? What is going on with Airasia? Have they become too profit centric driven? I'm really surprised that they have won the "Best Low-Cost Airline" for three consecutive years by treating customers like idiots and ripping off customers by charging for practically everything including their customer service call centre when customers have problem accessing their website. I think Airasia has taken the no-frills concept too far....good luck to Airasia but I will not hesitate using other airlines even if they are slightly more expensive.

  48. Air Asia is the worst. I live in Thailand and had to fly to Penang on business. I finished up my business a day early and went to the airport to see about changing my flight. Although they had over 5 empty sets on the flight, they would not let me change it unless I purchased a new ticket. I was told by the agent at the ticket desk that I would be able to get a full refund on the unused portion of my ticket. I went ahead and purchased the ticket and flew home a day early based upon what their agent told me. Anyway, I went to get my refund processed and they inform me that I am only getting the airport tax refunded. They are going to keep the $200!

    When I complained I was told to right a letter to customer service in Malaysia. I laughed at the person on the phone. Tomorrow I am going to speak to a supervisor because they will not call me back. If that does not work I am just going to call my bank in the US and have them reverse the charge and let Air Asia deal with them. It is extremely dishonest and unethical for them to just keep money for services not rendered. Their refusal to acknowledge responsibility for their agent giving false information is maddening. If I was told that going home early was going to cost me $200.00 I would have stayed for another day. Absolute thieves and I will never fly with them again!

  49. Will never fly agin with this Air Asia EVER EVER.

    Myself and 4 others of family and friends were booked in to come back from Bali on the 16th January. We all have web check in form with boarding time in Denpasar -Perth on the 15th January at 23.50 with arrival in Perth the next day at 4.05 am.So we arranged hotels and car hire in Bali and connecting flights from Perth on the 16th January at 6.05 am.
    Well I decided to confirm everything today because since we booked in May 2011, this company has constantly made mistakes and their website is never working.
    So after being on the phone for hours, I was told that according to their computers, we are boarding on the 14th January at 23.50 and arriving in Perth on the 15th Januaryat 4.05 am.
    I scanned all 5 webcheckin and email them to 4 differentr people including a supervisor.
    They absolutely refuse to admit they made a mistake and want to charge us an extra $560 each to shift our flight to the 15th, which is what should have been anyway.
    There is no way we are paying all the extra money and we are lucky we realized the problem today the 4th January so that we can still organize a night in Perth etc.
    But I am feeling sorry for all the other passengers that will rock up at Denpasar on the 15th January to board at 23.50 to be told that their plane left the day before and that to get on the plane they will have to pay an extra $560 a ticket.
    I think that a lot more people than us will be affected, because 4of us booked at the same time but the 5th person booked over a month later but he was told that he is meant to board on the 14th January even though his web check in also says boarding time on the 15th January at 23.50.
    I am starting to think this is a scam to force unwary tourist to pay exorbitant extra fees.
    Myself and my husband are both journalists and we are thinking of putting these guys on a "Shame File" across Australia if they have done this to other people.

  50. Enza, you might like to consider raising the matter/making a formal complaint with consumer affairs in your state. To operate in Australia, Air Asia X is registered as a company here, therefore your rights as a consumer are protected under Australian Law. It would be different if flying Air Asia within Asia, differently registered company/s. This one is very clear - you are in the right and are protected by Australian Law.

  51. It's almost impossible to get the attention of anyone in AirAsia. I travel on AirAsia whenever convenient. Recently there has been so much publicity on BIG so i joined it. But on my next online reservations the system couldn't recognize my BIG accounts correctly. So i couldn't claim my BIG points. I referred the matter to the KLIA LCCT sales counter but they are of no help. I have lodged an online query about the same matter as well as sent an e-mail since 20 January but there is no response. What do i do now? Who do i contact to resolve the matter of missing BIG points?

    1. Tip given by Anonymous May 6, 2011 08:45 AM to e-mail issues to:
      was fantastic and personal attention from Bo Lingam and Tony resolved the issues on BIG points by this morning. Give credit where it's due!

  52. Despite the cheating of Air Asia, occasionally I find a flight I want, and I book travel months (maybe nearly a year) ahead to get the right price/deal.

    Did this for Air Asia and KL to India. A few months later Air Asia cancels that route and offers a refund or will advise replacement travel at least 2 months prior to the flight date. So I wait courteously. 2 month deadline passes. A few days later I email. No reply. Email again. No reply. Email 6 addresses I've collected inside Air Asia. After a week, one reply telling me that they will contact me 2 weeks (not months, now) before the flight. I reply and say that's unacceptable as I need to book hotels, but I receive no reply. I re-email. No reply. After a week IO go to my local Air Asia office which tries to give me another email address, says they can't phone anyone, have no boss, cannot use email. Finally the kid phones someone, is quickly and easily given my replacement flights. Writes them on a scrap of paper, cannot do so on any official letterhead, cannot print anything from computer, suggests taking a photo of the computer screen until colleague tells him not to, and finally puts a 'chop' on the tatty piece of paper. I find that the Malaysia Airlines' flights have the same code as the original Air Asia ones for the same destination. WHF? Does this mean AA sold the flight routes to MAS, and is now trying to get prepaid customers to cancel and refund rather than honour its flight committments as this may cost AA more than the refund? I don't know.

    I know that was my last AA flight. No more to the UK, nor Australia. Abandoned my regular ones to China a couple of years ago. Not sure I believe that Air Asia is the world's favourite low cost airline. Seems everyone I meet has a horror story and is actively sharing them with others.

    The message is clear. Don't wait for governments. Vote with your feet, and be active in sharing your experiences amongst your friends and work colleagues about all bad companies:
    - Air Asia
    - Dyson Vacuum Cleaners
    (that's a

    "When the buying stops, the cheating can too."

    1. I was in as desperate state as you are. I was not getting any response to my emails and the two months deadline was an eye-wash. I saw all the blog-posts and found the following email-addresses:
      very helpful. They will make sure the matter gets resolved. Thanks Bo Lingam.

  53. Ronjay ChakrabortyApril 30, 2012 at 10:34 PM


    I am Ronjay Chakraborty and am writing this complaint due to mishandling of my new LCD TV that I was carrying from Singapore to Kolkata via Kuala lumpur. I am writing this complaint more than 2 months after my journey date since I have discovered the damage to my LCD TV only 2 days back. Details of my journey are as follows:

    Passenger Name - Ronjay Chakraborty, Paramita Dhar
    Date - February 14, 2012
    Flight No - AK 702 (SIN - KUL), AK 1242 (KUL - CCU)
    Booking No - S94PTW, OZV9JB

    I had purchased a brand new Samsung LCD 32 inch TV from Singapore which I was carrying with me to kolkata. I had promptly deposited my TV to the concerned counter for sticking the 'FRAGILE' sticker on the TV packing.

    After all this, when I received the TV at kolkata airport, I noticed a big hole in the packing of the TV. Since I had been travelling for close to 10 hours, I did not open the TV case and inspect the TV thoroughly at that time. I just checked the tv from the outside for any damages.

    Post this, the TV was kept flat on the ground (front face up) for the next 2 months in my house.

    I opened the TV cover for installation on Saturday, April 28, 2012. After opening, the TV installation person told me that the LCD screen had been damaged due to a heavy load on the screen. This has resulted in cracks all over the LCD panel and the entire screen needs to be changed.

    This is come as a major shock to me since the replacement cost of the LCD panel is INR 15,000 + Taxes. I am not in a position to bear such a high cost after purchasing the TV 2 months back.

    Clearly the screen has cracked due to luggage being loaded/ unloaded on the TV inspite of the 'FRAGILE' sticker. I do not understand how airasia can allow such a thing to happen since 'FRAGILE' goods are supposed to be handled with extra care.

    I am aware that airasia can just ignore the complaint since it is being logged so late. However since the magnitude of the damage is so high, I would request you to consider this complaint and provide suitable compensation.

    I am writing this letter due to the good faith that I have on Airasia and its services. Hope my faith is repaid.

    Thanks & regards,
    Ronjay Chakraborty
    Mob - +91-9874072272

  54. i am writing to complain the handling procedure of lost item, I landed in HK around 10:30 am today and at around 12:30pm i was already far from the airport I found that I left my ipad on the plane, I called the service counter who just said they will let me know if my ipad was found from lost & counter but i am pretty sure where my item was left, if they can contact the clew immediately to look for it while the plane is still preparing for next departure, I can mostly have my item back but now it's gone :-<


  55. In September 2011 I booked flights from Phuket to London Gatwick. And I got confirmation and paid 170'000 THB. Airasia some days later cancelled all flights and in a very bad conversation the let me choose to get the money back or get alternative flights. After several E-Mails about alternative flights on which I got 50% no answer what flights I could get, I decided to aks for refund of the money. They confirmed the refund in November 2011, and I w a i t e d 5 Monts and wrote 20 or more Mails and made many phonecalls to get the money now (Mai 2012) back. N o s o r r y NOTHING! Serious people - take your hands off this cheap company. Only local flights with no baggage are OK because cheap.

  56. We had a bad experience with this Airline.A friend of mine who reserved our flights got SMS from Air Asia on fri 22feb that the flight from Colombo to BKK on 25 feb 13 is cancelled and moved on 27 feb 13 .It's really bad manner for not sending some email to apologize or some reason why the flight is cancelled but the worst not begin yet until I made a call to Call Center for the details.The lady who names Wallaya didn't make it clear about my questions ,she let me hanged on the phone for long time and answered my questions with sound like a bitch and I didn't get any reasons and her answered really upset me.My question No.1 was about the refunds,Why do we have to pay for luggage even we were not flying.You cancelled this flight not our mistakes and we're inconvenient to take the flight in that day .So, we need to refund but why do we have to pay ? Our round trip for 3 persons is about 17,100 Baht (it's not promo price) but we will get money back about 13,000 baht or something .The answer was that our policy! We didn't want to move it but you're moving it? so, why do we have to pay for that? The same reason: Our policy (She's a robot?)My question No.2 How long we will get money back ?She said,30 office days means about 2 months ..Why it's taking so far? for sure! she's a robot : Our policy.
    Your policy can't be flexible? her brain didn't work just turn to silent...and let me waited for a while and back again to give me a stupid answer , about your money that our policy to give you in that period and you have to pay for baggage ,you just can get your money about 13,000 baht but i will let you know later that you will get more money or not then I asked her, How do we know and when? she said,I don't know you just write to Air Asia website directly. before I asked these questions,she told me that we have 3 choices.
    1. postpone without fee if we're flying within 14 days( pre 14 14 days)
    2. Make a credit shell ,we have 90 days.
    3. Refunds but can not get the whole money.Why do we have to pay for luggage even though the airline cancel.
    I posted on their fb page and asked about why do I have to pay then after nearly 2 days they just replied that in this case I will get all the money,call center gave the wrong information.that's it!? but call center repeat it many times that's their policy.No details? No reason why the flight is cancelled but when my friend asked them they said that flight is full,So,What is the real reason? and if you want to call them they will let you wait for a long time and they give you the wrong information? hahaha stupid! and to inform you ,they just text you in short msg like this:Attn!! Air Asia flight FD2688 from Colombo to Bangkok on 25 feb 13 is cancelled.Moved to FD2688 on 27 Feb 13 at 0935 hrs.Pls call 6625215999 (Thai) or 18605008000(India) No email,no details,no apologize, and for fight to get your money back ,it's happened to my friends also ,at first ,they won't give your money back you need to pay for luggage even you're not fly but my friend complain them and then they can get your money back but 2 months left ,they didn't get it yet. if you don't complain you don't get your money back? They just give the reason that policy! and take too long to get the money. they said within 30 offices days.

  57. I've booked a return flight to Christchurch on 12/1/12, which was later suspended by AAX. I was informed through email on 8.05.12 that i can opt for a refund or reroute my flight to somewhere else. I opted for a refund and made a call to their customer service helpline to get them to put up a request for me. I was also told that the refund would take about 30-40 days. I called in again on 31.5.12 to check on the status of my request and to my horror they told me that no request was being raised on my behalf. The officer then offered to put my request into the queue but this time with high priority but I would have to wait another 30 to 40 days for it to be processed. I waited. I called in again on 26.6.12, thinking that it was already ample time given but was greeted by a puzzled officer who told me that my refund should have already been processed and that i should have already gotten the money back. The officer's manager assisted me by sending an email to the finance dept requesting them to expedite my case on an urgent basis and said that the refund should be done by around the 3rd or 4th of July 2012. I waited until today, 12/07/12 to call them as I've checked with the bank and there was no sign of any refund from them. I was informed by someone from the Refund saying that they will start processing my request today and that I would have to wait for another 30 days for it to be done. I feel that i have been victimized in this situation and am being left helpless with no where to seek for help and no way to escalate this to a higher authority or anyone who can help me with my plight. I have no assurance as to how long more i have to wait and whether or not I'll be getting my refund back. They have failed to give me a refund within the time frame they have given and expects me to just go on waiting. I have better use of the money that they are holding onto

  58. 我去airasia公司买两张来回飞机票去泰国。我的passport还有三个月就要到期,我问他我可以去吗他说可以。我就买了,飞机票他还帮我check-in了。我要上飞机的时关卡的人说我的passport要到期不能上飞机,我快打电话去airasia公司改飞机票日期,airasia的人说不能够改飞机票check-in了,他说卖你那个人看了你的passport要到期还卖飞机票给你??我买两张来回泰国飞机票rm3664..00这么贵我还上不到飞机你说我是不是要投诉airasia公司。。。我的飞机票单还在呢。。。。。给我一个交代

  59. 我去airasia公司买两张来回飞机票去泰国。我的passport还有三个月就要到期,我问他我可以去吗他说可以。我就买了,飞机票他还帮我check-in了。我要上飞机的时关卡的人说我的passport要到期不能上飞机,我快打电话去airasia公司改飞机票日期,airasia的人说不能够改飞机票check-in了,他说卖你那个人看了你的passport要到期还卖飞机票给你??我买两张来回泰国飞机票rm3664..00这么贵我还上不到飞机你说我是不是要投诉airasia公司。。。我的飞机票单还在呢。。。。。给我一个交代

  60. 我去airasia公司买两张来回飞机票去泰国。我的passport还有三个月就要到期,我问他我可以去吗他说可以。我就买了,飞机票他还帮我check-in了。我要上飞机的时关卡的人说我的passport要到期不能上飞机,我快打电话去airasia公司改飞机票日期,airasia的人说不能够改飞机票check-in了,他说卖你那个人看了你的passport要到期还卖飞机票给你??我买两张来回泰国飞机票rm3664..00这么贵我还上不到飞机你说我是不是要投诉airasia公司。。。我的飞机票单还在呢。。。。。给我一个交代

  61. Horrible service on a most recent Air Asia flight (Fukuoka to Narita). Showed up 35 minutes before the flight (which is more than enough time for ANY domestic flight in Japan). Was refused boarding passes, even though the lady at the gate was still waiting for passengers up to 10 minutes prior to flight. All of this was to force us to buy tickets for a later flight at double the cost. In other words, in the 25 minutes that they spend refusing everyone their boarding passes, they could have printed out the passes and boarded everyone with time to spare. At least 10 other passengers were in the same predicament. Inexcusable behavior by incompetent staff hiding behind a policy written in magic marker on a white board in front of their makeshift check in desk.
    Never flying Air Asia again.

  62. I am desperate to pay for my next ticket.
    I have been trying for more than a month to make the payment but I keep getting this.
    Case Number: 07XDA00024
    [5153:PaymentSystemValidationErrorTypeOther] An unknown error has occured with the form of payment you have chosen. You have not been charged, but due to system failure we cannot accept this form of payment at this time. Please try another form of payment or try again at a later time."
    Why can't airasia fix it's own website.
    Airasia is an internet driven company yet it has one of the worst websites around.
    You have to fill out the first page twice, then you have to constantly click off an error message that blocks you from filling in the form on the second go.
    Then once you have completed the form all you get is the above error message.
    Truly pathetic system.

  63. Air Asia established a new 'LIVECHAT'feature to help answer questions from paying customers. Well, after being on-line for 5 hours (by the way I was number 3 in the que when I logged on) I still have not been able to Chat with anyone. I am convinced Air Asia will not refund your money under any circumstances. Save yourself some grief and avoid this airline. AIR ASIA HAS THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE OF ANY CARRIER ON THE GLOBE. AVOID AT ALL COST!!!!

  64. Take your business to another low cost carrier. This one will rip you off.

  65. I cancelled my flight to London in May when AirAsia X cancelled all their flights to Europe. I have not yet received any refund. I made numerous calls and emails, even wrote to Tony Fernandez. Every time the answer is the same - the refund department is investigating, please be patient. Hey we're talking about months now, what is there to investigate? Surely if they keep proper records they can see that I have not been paid. I've just recently been diagnosed with stage 3 cancer, I wonder if they are ever going to pay me...

  66. I hate Airasia and their preset options. After being bombarded with filling out information for four passenger, I had to also change preset options about flight insurance, luggage, food, and seat (which you get charged for if you choose). Following filling out everything, which took almost 30-45 mins, I was informed that my seats were no longer available and the cost of my fight all of a sudden shot up. After a few days of checking the flights, i decided to give it another try. Again i had to fill out everything and at the end, after i confirmed my flight, i realize that that i was charged for luggage that i did not even choose. URRR, the preset options got me. I called their call center and hit two brick walls with their operator and their supervisor. Never again!!No refund and non-transferable!! I should be able to choose if i want something and not have it already chosen for me. FOr website mistakes such as this there should be refund!!

  67. i hate airasia....sabi after 30days working marereceive at mag-email ang airasia pag ok na ang naprocess ung refund namin....hanggang ngayon march na, wala pa rin!!!!! nakailang long distance na kami, sa long distance lang ubos na!!!! kahit 2,000 plus lang un

  68. why is it so hard to get hold of anyone at the call centers,no one wants to help, with such a great airline for customers service, crap crap crap, all day trying to get hold of someone, cant change any details or anything. Not happy with airline, no wonder why the airline moved out of Europe.

  69. Airline changed my flights and offered a refund for all 3 passengers I had paid for, went through the process of claiming back my money using their website and as of today they have yet to complete the 100% refund to my card THIS WAS IN MAY AND NOW IT IS NEARLY MID JUNE !!
    Can't get through on the Thai phone lines, I press the relevant number for English and get some Thai message and then it hangs up on me !

    The online messaging service is takes upto 5 days before you get a reply and the email you receive is non repliable, so if you have a question about the message you get you have to go online and fill yet another message and wait and so forth and so on.....
    I am not impressed with their customer service at all, there IS NO CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!

  70. This is the first time that I traveled with AIr Asia and unfortunately when I got to my destination my luggage was broken and I reproted it to their property irregularity report in KUala LUmpurs Airport. The guy who was there who made the report is HAMMAD SYAZLEE BIN MASTI. I sent them an e-mail last June and until now I never received a reply from them. Actually this incident happened last MAy 15, 2013 and until now I've been waiting what will going to happen with my complain?

  71. Took flights From Sydney to Nepal with pre-booked Meal and Entertainment unit all pre-paid during booking. On the flight, they didn't serve any meal and didn't provide entertainment unit. The entertainment unit they provided during the flight from Sydney to Malaysia was crap, it was a tablet with nothing in it. What a crap service.

    Don't fly with them.

  72. Our flight back from Jakarta to Singapore on AA flight QZ8266 0n 21 march 2014, was a unpleasant trip that I encounter with a hostess who is rude to me as a 70 yrs elderly. As I've to go to the loo often because of prostate problem, I change seat with a Chinese person sitting near the aisle seat. At about 5.15 pm when I wanted to go to the loo,1minute before the FASTEN SEATS BELT light was on I stood up but was ask by a hostess to sit down and fasten my seat belt in very rude and stern way, like a grandmother ordering her grandchild,so I sat down and fasten my seat belt. After 1 or 2 minutes I turn around I saw her sitting down without fastening her seat belt and having a snack. As I can't control my bladder and wetting my pant,I went to the loo and told her so, when I came out I ask her why she is not fastening her seat belt as what she say earlier that the plane is landing. When the plane landed at about 5.45 pm I told a hostess at the entrance about her bad attitude. I hope the management will look into this matter.

  73. Air Asia is a Cattle transport Airline, nos responsibility and absolutely no service and should be avoided. They even can not transport paid baggage from point A to B. On my flight from Shenzhen to Kuala Lumpur (03/04/2014) they lost my baggage. A property Irregularity has bin filed. Till today April 07, 2014 no reaction from Air Asia. The phone number they gave +60387776604 never get answered. Report ID BAHKUL 14A01333

  74. I had such a sad experience with Air Asia on my trip back from Penang last month. Bag was broken into, lock taken away, bag damaged. And after making 2 formal reports and going through different ways of reaching out to impossible-to-contact Airasia staff, they came back with a clinical letter to say they cannot do anything and closed the case. I asked for a response from management and suddenly they went COMPLETELY silent. Nothing done to salvage, no service recovery, obviously not-my-problem syndrome. My first time and also will be the last time with Airasia. The flight experience was fantastic, unfortunately the customer staff spoiled it all with their indfference.

  75. Anyone knows air Asia email address? Thanks

  76. I have recently booked a flight from Chiang Rai to Siem Reap online. Unfortunately technical problems occurred with airasia site at payment stage and it would not proceed. I therefore booked through e-dreams - same day, time, passengers etc. Bookings were made 20 mins apart. However, it turned out that airasia site HAD taken my money and I ended up - and had paid for - 4 seats instead of the required two. I then went through their online procedure to be re-imbursed for the double booking. I did this FOUR TIMES and each time it was refused because it said there was a modification in the second booking - which there wasn't. Getting in touch with this shower is a joke! I will make sure on the flight that I have two seats and my husband does too. The whole process has been frustrating and quite frankly, a bloody joke. I will never use AirAsia again.

  77. Air Asia kept sending a photo of their airplane rather than an actual itinerary of my booking. I tried to complain but Air Asia has disabled its live chat and ask Air Asia forum.

  78. AirAsia rip-off. We were booked on AirAsia flight AK 6315 from Langkawi to KL on 7 January 2016. We had two standard size check-in bags weighing 23kg and 24kg respectively. At check-in, we were informed that the maximum weight allowed per bag was 15kg and there was an excess baggage fee to pay in an amount equal to over 200% of the total airfare. This came as a complete surprise. Since making the original booking last October, I received 3 emails from AirAsia. None of these emails made any reference to a maximum weight allowed per bag of 15kg. The first email contained the travel itinerary. Under ‘baggage’, it clearly stated that ‘each piece/item of checked baggage has to weigh less than 32kg’. The second email also clearly stated that ‘each piece/item of checked baggage has to weigh less than 32kg’. The third email contained no information on baggage weight. I showed the emails to the check-in staff. They brushed them aside and told us that this did not apply to us and demanded payment. I asked to speak to the manager. The manager arrived brandishing our ‘receipt itinerary’. She claimed that the document showed clearly that the maximum weight allowed per bag was 15kg. There was no reference whatsoever to a maximum weight allowed per bag of 15kg. In fact, the conditions printed at the back clearly state that ‘each checked baggage shall not exceed 32kg’. We asked her to explain the extra charge. She was unable to do so, yet she proceeded to threaten us that unless we paid the amount demanded, boarding would be denied to us. Under protest, I paid. Upon returning to the UK, I sought to make a formal complaint. I could not find any customer care details online. I found corporate documents with details of board directors and wrote a letter of complaint to the CEO. The letter was dated 11.01 16. I received an email from a 'customer care' rep on 28 January. The representative advised that according to their 'systems' I had bought 15kg of baggage per passenger, accordingly no refund would be made (interestingly Opodo through whom I bought the tickets claim that I did not buy any check-in bag allowance at all!!). The email from the rep came from a 'donotreply' address. Unsurprisingly, when I tried to reply, my email bounced. It is clearly AirAsia's policy to do anything in their power to make it as difficult as possible to complain. I have written to the CEO again, and will take AirAsia to court as a matter of principle for breach of English consumer protection laws if they do make a refund.


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