Lost or Delayed Baggage at Air Asia

Every airline in the world has lost or delayed a piece of passenger luggage. Air Asia are certainly not immune from this experience. All passengers should understand that there is a small chance that their baggage will be mislaid, lost or stolen.

However, it is how airlines such as Air Asia deals with the lost, misplaced, delayed or stolen luggage that is the biggest issue. The one thing most passengers want is to be reunited with their possessions as quickly as possible. Particularly when they have arrived at their first destination.

However, if they cant get their baggage quickly, passengers expect that an airline will do all they can to retrieve the item, and keep the passenger informed of the search. And it stands to reason that people will want some form of compensation for the loss or delay, if only a small amount to purchase essential items.

Have you had lost, delayed or stolen baggage when flying Air Asia?

How were you treated by Air Asia - were you compensated and kept informed?

How quickly was the situation rectified by Air Asia?

Any other issues, complaints or problems with Air Asia Plane Lost and Delayed Baggage?

Post your review and comments below.


  1. My friend lost his bag with air asia. They didnt keep him well informed they just waited for him to contact them. Found it in the end but he only got it back after 8 days! How bad is that?

  2. I lost my baggage during my flight to Jakarta in February 2009. After reported the lost at Jakarta Airport and also at the LCCT in KL and after I submitted every document needed by Air Asia, my lost baggage claim was processed but until now I have not received my payment yet although the Discharge Voucher Release and Indemnity had been email to me signed on 15 March 2009. Both the Lost and Found Counter and the Guest Service Dept could not be reached every time I made a call. Very very poor service......Till now I do not know where the payment had gone to...

  3. I lost my baggage during my flight to Jakarta in February 2009. After reported the lost at Jakarta Airport and also at the LCCT in KL and after I submitted every document needed by Air Asia, my lost baggage claim was processed but until now I have not received my payment yet although the Discharge Voucher Release and Indemnity had been email to me signed on 15 March 2009. Both the Lost and Found Counter and the Guest Service Dept could not be reached every time I made a call. Very very poor service......Till now I do not know where the payment had gone to...

  4. I lost my baggage during my flight to Jakarta in February 2009. After reported the lost at Jakarta Airport and also at the LCCT in KL and after I submitted every document needed by Air Asia, my lost baggage claim was processed but until now I have not received my payment yet although the Discharge Voucher Release and Indemnity had been email to me signed on 15 March 2009. Both the Lost and Found Counter and the Guest Service Dept could not be reached every time I made a call. Very very poor service......Till now I do not know where the payment had gone to...

  5. i lost my luggage during a flight from Singapore to KL. They didnt keep me well informed they just waited for me to contact them many times. They Found it in the end but things were missing in my luggage ( sun glasses, parfum, umbrella). i tried to contact them many times but they never give me a clear process; they never call me to keep me inform, and until now nothing has been done.
    The service is really very bad, they have no respect of the customers...

  6. im a disappointed customer of air asia. i took flight ak113 19-12-2009. i lost my luggage. then at the same time i found a luggage that looks like mine. my believed that another passanger has taken my luggage by mistake. air asia did not print name on luggage. just serial number that is not effective and confusing.

    i made a proper report in lost and found counter in lcct, and request them to tract the owner of that luggage and check perhaps he/she had taken mine. the staff said they have no information on passanger. clearly air asia have a bad system. they give contact number 0387776604, most of the time no one picks up the phone. when there is someone pick up, they always says they call us back, but they never did.

    i only travel 2 time with air asia, both of the time i face difficulties and inconvenient as the result of inefficiency and their incompetent. their staffs have "i dont care" attitude. their fare is not that cheap and it is so not worth the saving to travel with air asia after what i been through.

    i would like ask other people to consider the hussle and frustration you have to go through before patronizing air asia.

  7. My ticket was actually for 1.40pm on december 13, 2009... At 12.00 i already arrived at LCCT, Kuala Lumpur Airport with destination to Jakarta. But believe it or not, i queued for the check-in counter takes me more than 1,5 hours!!!! How bad is that??

    Long story short, i made it to the gate, but they already closed it and told me to buy a new ticket! how fair is that??!! after i argue and go through a lot of trouble with the supervisor, then he gave me a replacement ticket (finally ater 2hours long struggle)
    and also saying that he already took care of my luggage.

    And you know what, after i arrived at jakarta the luggage wasn't there, and i report it right away... their database saying that my luggage is still in kuala lumpur, ....up until now....

    I called and called, but there's still no good news with them... can somebody tell me what to do?? there's an important document in there, and i wonder airasia really care about their passanger's satisfaction...

  8. I lost my luggage during a flight from Bangkok to Penang yesterday, 22Jan2010. I am the first person standing at the baggage carousel and my luggage does not show up. I had made a report at Penang Airport right immediately and no one get back to me until today. I called many times and I always get the same answer where they will call me back when they found. I do not want to keep waiting. Can somebody tell me what should I do now to get my luggage back and how to speed this up? I am really pissed off and had a very bad customer experience with Air Asia. This is my email address chs_fiona@yahoo.com. Thanks!

  9. I am so upset and sad this air asia does not help at all i lost an item they did not even care about their customers please if any one has a way to solve my problem just advise cuz i dont know how to get the lost item. it is found but they say they cant help me in sending this to me.

  10. AK 366 the earliest flight to kl on 13 march 2010 was 6 am , maybe still blur ,i lost my wristwatch at the security check at denpasar bali ,i tried to retrieve,but time was limited,so i just report to the staff there he took down my particulars.i make a report immediately when touchdown , staff on duty was mohd nor on the nametag, attended to me .He told me by 2 pm ,Denpasar will reply.

    while sleeping i received a call from mohd nor at 12 pm , good news for you mr Teo ! they will send back by 5 pm flight.i told him i will collect on sunday.

    But small hickup upon collection near Coffee Bean, i told the security guard or polis politely that i was called by the L&F staff to collect ,he stopped me from entry even though i show him the report. he ask me to call the staff to come out instead , i wondering ,is the procedure correct ? the staff came out sour face ,took my ic and walk back .
    later he came with an envelope i opened and its my watch indeed .

    A concerned staff from the 13 th march 5pm Flight who took back the Watch for me ,ms YEN 0123158082,
    called me this morning ,to ask whether i have received .

    Been a frequent flyer this is my first L&F experienced ,what a good job , MUCH KUDOS to the related staff of AIRASIA. keep it up !!

  11. Ya, they lost my baggage too. They found it right away though. They dont call back,even if they promise to do so every time I call them. I still dont have my bag a month later and they had it this whole time, they are like sitting on it at their desk or somtin... As lame as it gets basically.

  12. I had a very bad experience with Airasia on 13th of July 2010. My flight was from Kuala Lumpur to Alor Setar but my luggage was never arrived with me in the destination. The first thing that I want mention is about the attitude of the staff in the Information counter. Early in the morning, I arrived in LCCT and asked where the Self Check-In counter is. But the poor facial expression and unfriendly answer was given.

    Then, I proceed to the Self Check-in counter to drop by my luggage. Unfortunately, the staff in that counter had made the mistake. He gave me the wrong receipt for checked baggage which showed the destination was “PADANG” but my flight was going to “ALORSETAR”. After I told him the mistake, he had given me the correct receipt. But when I asked him whether he also tagged the wrong tag to my luggage, he answered me he was sure he tagged my luggage which destination is Alor Setar. He even doesn’t want check my luggage again and just gave me the confidence answer like that. I was wondering why he had printed wrongly on my baggage receipt but nothing mistake on my baggage tag???Isn’t the receipt is printed out together with baggage identification tag???I am doubt with this question.

    When I arrived in the Alor Setar airport, I waited for nothing. My luggage was lost and I need made the report in the Office. No staffs in the office and I had waited about 15 minutes. Then, a staff wrote the report about my lost luggage and asked me wait for their phone call. That day she also told me I probably can get back my luggage by the next day if my luggage was still at LCCT and she will call me once they found it. But the second day, I didn’t received any calls from them. So I went to the airport to ask about my lost luggage. However, the staff cannot spoke politely with me and asked me why I need come to the airport. She said I just need to wait their phone calls in my university. What a shocked reply to me!!! They also told me there was two extra luggage in PADANG airport and it is likely one of the luggage is mine. They said I can get back my luggage within one week and what the thing I should do is “Just be patient and wait for their phone calls”. This was really the bad attitude and poor service I had faced in the airport.

    On 18th of July, they called me again and told me they need some more time to track my luggage. This mean I cannot get back my luggage within one week and I even do not know where my luggage is. They told me this is the “special case” because mostly they can found the lost luggage. But they promise to give me the compensation with RM48 per kg. And my total weight of luggage was 11kg which recorded in their system. This made me angry and unsatisfied. First, my total weight luggage was not 11kg but 15.8kg. So where was the 4.8kg gone??? Second, the offer cannot compensate for my loss.

    I am just a student and my new semester already started but I still don’t have my personal belongings. I had to buy some daily utensils and borrow the daily clothes from my friends. This was more than one week already but AIRASIA still unable to track my luggage and even give me the fair compensation to cover my loss. I really feel disappointed and upset to the services and the way they handle my case. I don’t see their any initiative to gain back my confidence.

    I am doubt where is our air passengers’ rights???Isn’t don’t have any laws can protect our rights when we face this kind of situation???

  13. Swapped / lost celebrity fitness bag at lcct on 25 July 2010 I boarded the go genting (yellow) bus from KL Sentral at approximately 3.30am heading towards LCCT. Upon arriving at the airport I collected my bag from the bus storage compartment below. At the Air Asia international flight check in counter I opened my bag and found that the clothes & content weren't mine. My bag is black( a celebrity fitness bag) half circle shape with 2 hand handles, logo in purple with white fonts. Then I realized I've swapped bags with another lady( bag contained female clothes) who had the same bag with similar weight! ( although her bag's zipper was a lil broken) when I took it from the bus. If you know anyone who fits that description please let me know. Thank you. Joe 019-220 8166 acaiorganic@gmail.com we had approx 45 mins till boarding time to look for that lady but Malaysian airport staff did not allow us to make an announcement via the PA system as they didn't have a script for that and management approval was required. The police couldn't help either. Air Asia counter staff refused to make an internal announcement for all staff at the counters to watch out for the bag when checking in because it's a " silent airport"- unfortunately all parties weren't helpful and had no sense of urgency- can't help but to think what if it's a child who was missing? No announcements can be made?

  14. My luggage was ransacked and money was missing from it after I claim my luggage from the custom of Phuket international airport on 17th sept. I logged a lost report through this Thailand airasia staff,kritsada.he told me that anything lost in my luggage airasia is not responsible for it.not only that,he says he believed that my luggage may be ransacked in Singapore custom.all I can see is he trying to push blame to other party except airasia.somemore he lied to me that once he logged my lost report into their system,both thailand and Singapore side will help to do the investigation and get back to within few working days.But on 21 sept,when I returned from Phuket,I checked with their staff in the lost and found dept.he told me no such thing.you need to log the lost report through their website,customer service which I do not see any customer service stuff in their website.then I called up their call centre on 22nd asking them to provide me the number of their lost and found dept in order for me to check up with them where I can make a lost report through airasia website.she told me they don't have a lost and found dept number for Singapore and ask me to call to Malaysia for this issue.what kind of service is this????asking me to make international calls at my own cost.can't they help to send the report on my behalf to their Malaysia branch.
    This will be my first time and last time using their airline service.
    People out there who have lost luggages during flight with airasia,have you ever think that the luggages may be stolen by airasia staffs??????

    From:angry customer

  15. I lost my luggage during the day trip job at Langkawi on 02 Oct, Flight AK5322, depart time at 10:20am, arrival time at 11:20am, travalling from LCCT to Langkawi...

    My whole cosmetics set, brush set worth more than 2k, hair styling tools and products, all stuffs total value about 5K ++... i have
    nothing to do my client's bridal makeover when i arrived Langkawi, waste
    the air ticket, airport transport at Langkawi, LCCT parking fees...

    I waiting and standing just in front of the luggage collecting area at Langkawi airport, very sure my luggage NOT there... which mean my luggage already send to a wrong flight... this was those Airasia officer told me...

    I've check with Langkawi & LCCT Airasia counters... both also telling me the same story...and they said they need 8 days to find my luggage, after that still not found, they will only claim back RM48 per kg!!!! this amount only can buy ONE EYE SHADOW BRUSH!!! Somemore they said "because it's too many flights, that's why we have no time to double check all luggage before loading" ... is this a correct way to answer me???

    This incident have caused me to loose not only the cost of my working
    tools and products but also my ethical as well. For working more than 12
    years as a make-up artist, this is the first time I have failed to uphold and deliver in my job requirements. This has seriously affected my emotions and beliefs as well as my future job prospects.

    However, until now I have not yet to receive neither my luggage nor a
    feedback from Airasia. I got job in few more days, i really need my
    stuffs... May i know what is the next action of Airasia will do??????
    How Airasia resolving this unpleasant and horrific situation? I can be
    contact at 012-3812606.

    Thanks and regards,


  16. We are just one of the many victims of poor handling of lost baggage by Air Asia. We lost our bag with all the expensive souvenirs bought from Langakwi on our way back to LCCT. It has been 10 months since and not a cent of reimbursement was seen nor even a courtesy call from anyone at Air Asia. They just let it be maybe hoping you will give up and forget the whole ordeal.

    The people managing the lost baggage department should be shot. Wake up Dato Tony Fernandes!!! After taking the pains to establish Air Asia as No.1 budget airline in the world, you are letting your staff at this department to drag down the airline’s good name. What a shame….

    Buck up or you will find your faithful follows turn elsewhere.


  17. I lost my baggage on a trip from Singapore to Jakarta, on November 27-2010, flight QZ7785.I immediately report to the lost and found counter and they gave me a Property Irregularity Report with my information in, and promised to call me. The next day I called them and they told me they haven't found my baggage. I asked them to inform me daily, and they said of course. But they never did, not a single phone call. I called again after a few days, and we talked about the compensation payment. They told me that airasia will keep on searching my bag for 2 weeks. After that if it's not found, they will release a letter and I will get my compensation. On the very last day of the 2 weeks window, the called me at home, but I'm not available. My maid told them to call my cell phone (they have all of my contact number, home & 2 cellphones), but the call never came. When I got home, I called them, but it never got through. It's been 4 days, and I haven't succeeded in calling them. Where else can I contact them? I'm in Jakarta. Crappy service by AirAsia and I'm very disappointed. I always use AirAsia before, but after this I don't think I will ever again.

    Btw, for whoever wrote this blog, what's the use of asking us, if you never even respond? At least give us a solution, where to call, etc. No, you just sit behind the screen and maybe if you remember, you will come to this blog again and read our comments.

    Kania (kaniadj@yahoo.com)

  18. Hi,i misplaced my baggage with another passenger. I took the Kota Bharu-K.Lumpur flight on 15Dec2010, arriving @LCCT on 6.05pm.

    My bag tag number is PKU0008432.If you happened to pick up this bag, can u pls call my number 012 290 9035?Thanks

  19. My luggage wasn't so much lost as destroyed. I have posted three complaints through Air Asia's formal channels regarding a guitar that was clearly taken out of the case before it was broken on a flight from Singapore to Denpasar (guitar neck snapped but no damage to the hard case it was in). I have travelled with that same guitar on a number of budget airlines but only Air Asia interpret their 'no responsibility for damaged items' clause as a licence to do whatever they want with luggage clearly marked fragile. I find the company's cynicism intolerable. I have not had a single response to any of the complaints I have lodged.

    This blog is just another example - a complete sham. What is the point of setting up a complaints blog when none of the complaints are ever addressed?

  20. Stephen, this blog is not associated with Air Asia. It is for information purposes only and for people like yourself to detail your experiences with the airline. Hope you get some success. ed.

  21. saya kehilangan bagasi saya ! untuk apa security dan petugas air asia yg bekerja disana kalau tidak mengecheck bagasi ?? untuk apa sy bayar bagasi tapi tidak dijaga dengan baik ?? untuk apa itu semua ? koper itu barang-barang saya semua ! apakan air asia berfikir kesalahan seperti ini bisa membuat orang menangis ! tanggung jawab tapi kenapa bisa teledor begini ! coba mereka yg jadi saya yg kehilangan koper apa mereka ingin digantikan dengan uang ??!! kalau koper tsb berharga bagi anda pasti anda juga akan marah dan minta mereka mencarinya ! tugas mereka saat kedatangan saya di bandung kemarin hanya tertawa dan bercanda ! apa guna mereka ? saya sudah telefon beberapa kali tidak dijawab ! saya kecewa naik air asia !

  22. Worst Airlies in the World for Compensating the Lost of Buggage. Now its more than 2 months and Air Asia is still bargaining for the Compensation

  23. i departed from Changi Airport, Singapore on 09.04.2011 to Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia via Air Asia at Terminal 1. Just a few minutes after the flight take off, i realize my camera was missing. It must have been dropped somewhere near the boarding / check in counter where i took out my passport from my bag, i think. So immediatly i informed the air-stewardess. She ask me for my boarding pass and said she will come back to me. Then she went selling food & drinks, selling souvenir before coming back to me and told me, you need to report to lost & found once your landed. i did, after the 2 1/2 hours flight, i had landed. they said they will key it into the system and wait if there is anyone found it, they will contact me.Until now there was no news. If only she directly informed the airport site,as soon as she can.. they might have immediatly found it.since the report was made after 2 1/2 hour, someone might have just took it, and bring it with them, to far away...and there goes all my memories of 1st trip to Singapore...

  24. Our Guest from overseas travelling on air asia from singapore to KL lost his luggage. Check in 2 pieces but only 1 piece arrive. On the NExt day our guest flown home to Canada less one luggage and big disappoinmet of not knowing what is the status to his luggage. Following up with the L & F dept is a let down. HIs comments "Kudos to the dept that care so much on collecting money for excess baggage but failed to care baggage itself". So much for flying with air asia.

    I'm from Singapore and travelled to Bali on AirAsia for leisure. My baggage was misplaced and I later found out that their counter staff had stuck a tag with someone else's name (bound for Jarkata too argghhh) on MY baggage. Considering it was such a blatant mistake on their part, i half-expected them to waive the administrative fee 'cos I had to change my return flight to an earlier one (needed meds back in Singapore, and bag status was then unknown), but airasia said no - ground staff didn't even appear apologetic, just gave me nonchalent answers like, 'It's standard policy, Miss.' Needless to say, I will not fly them again - I'd much rather spend more on a carrier with better reputation/customer service than save a few bucks and lose all my belongings (what I had in there was worth close to $2K)

  26. I depart from Singapore to Kota Kinabalu flight # AK6274.I have check inn two luggage but I only receive one..its so annoying why this is happen?or we can just say its VERY VERY POOR SERVICE!I make the report and the woman said to me that they will call me,but until now I didn't receive any call from them AT ALL!and when I try to call to airasia tracing center nobody pick up the phone...its so annoying!
    and I remember when I ask them the phone number of the office the woman told me dont be upset if nobody pick up the phone because were busy..what the?!

  27. Please contact me to this number 011 12074626. I depart from Singapore to Kota Kinabalu flight # AK6274.I have check inn two luggage but I only receive one..its so annoying why this is happen?or we can just say its VERY VERY POOR SERVICE!I make the report and the woman said to me that they will call me,but until now I didn't receive any call from them AT ALL!and when I try to call to airasia tracing center nobody pick up the phone...its so annoying!
    and I remember when I ask them the phone number of the office the woman told me dont be upset if nobody pick up the phone because were busy..what the?!

  28. well, this is my story. BKK-PNH-BKK
    I travel pretty frequently. So, I used several different carriers for several reasons.

    Last month, I had a week off, I carefully planned 6 months earlier and bought the tickets.

    1. 1 month prior, AirAsia sent me an email Saturday Flights to Cambodia were canceled. So, I had to change my arrangements and lost one day of my holidays. Needless to say, I had to change my itinerary for my trip as well. So was my schedules for Angkor Wat trip.

    2. I normally bought everything to cover because I hate being questioned for no reason. On the check in counter, I was told to pay excess baggage because I have 22KG. Later, was apologized that I have bought 25KG and was mistaken by another passenger.

    3. Oh yes, I bought pre-order food, but they forgot to serve. And had to ask for my food which is absolutely ridiculous.

    4. I arrived first at the baggage claim belt as I have re-entry visa, so I waited for my baggage that never came out. I instantly called the LOST baggage claim, nobody picked up, and I called AirAsia staff and register for the lost baggage, I lost 2 hours there just to wait for my baggage and registration. It's been 1 months exactly today. I have no news for this, but they once called me in the middle of my meeting for my bank account and explained me it's 20$ per kilo compensation.

    So, I will have to call to them to submit my bank account and see what happens.

    Overall, I was definitely not happy with it. Because My baggage contains a few things I value of.

    NBA Dwight Howard Signed Jersey is one of them, And A few DVD box sets I acquired from Australia. Clothes I used in Australia.

    So, the bottom line, I would suggest everyone to use

    large luggage so that it stands out from the rest, mine was not so big and easy to pick up.

    and Air Asia should have

    more clearer tag, it has nothing but small serial numbered tag.

    better monitoring software.

    better check-in staff, at least,

    read the name of the passenger before asking to pay for excess baggage.

    The only thing I am satisfied is AirAsia Thailand staff, they are friendly and helpful. By the way, their lost and found office is at 4th floor Suwannabhumi Airport and I appreciate their friendliness.

    Previously, I had flight delays with AirAsia, but I can deal with it. But losing a luggage is pretty bad management because I was the first one at the baggage claim belt. Moreover, before a couple of weeks earlier, I had another overseas travel with Thai Airways, all went terrific.

    Now, this got me thinking, instead of losing 20-30 times the proposed compensation, why not use Thai Airways or Bangkok Airways that never got me any issues for 2-3 times the cost?

    thanks for reading.

  29. i lost my bag 0n 22/6/11 between kl and penang.the staff at penang kept me informed with a call to my hotel around 2300hrs to tell me it was lost.no offer of compensation was offered.i could never get them on the phoned always busy.i then went to the airport to talk with tham after 4 days still no offer they told me to claim against their insurance that i took out.sent all the forms off only to find air asia lost baggage document was not released by the airline.so numerous calls were made between the insurer and the airline.now two months later i am still waiting for some type of compensation.i must say the insurance staff were helpful and guided me thru the paper work.maybe they too are snowed under with air asia claims.i wait.

  30. My Husband has lost one of his 2 checked baggage on Air Asia Singapore- Denpasar AirAsia flight QZ8495 on 31/8/2011.immediately after waiting his baggage never turn up he has made the report and up to day we have no information of where and when he will receive his baggage back.I did call the office at the Airport and they said we still track the baggage and have no news yet.tough we are not satisfied and did checked directly to that counter day after and still they have no clue.when we arrive at the counter the staff said sorry sir we dont have that information about your luggage yet and sounds so easy for them to explain us that if we may not receive the baggage back within 14 days we will be compensate with amount 20 USD per Kg which for us really irritating as its not worth to what we have missing on that baggage and it has made uncomfortable situation that my husband need his belonging for his meeting.we are waiting and hope Air Asia takes this missing baggage seriously I have read some post about this issue and I suggest that their need to improve the service

  31. is it only happen with AirAsia ?

  32. Took a flight to Kota Kinabalu today. Did all the process, checked in through mobile check in got my bording pass through the mechine and sent in my baggage. Only to realised that my baggage never arrived to the destination. Not only that, she did not give me my baggage tag. I am very upset and am in KK without any change of clothes for 2 weeks. moreover all my medications is in the bag. Should i ever fall sick without my medications, I will hold Airasia responsible for their neglegence in not giving the proper baggage documents.

  33. I took a flight to French on 24 septembre, flight AK885 economy Promo at 24 september 21h10 from Ho Chi Minh to Kuala Lumpur and D72012 Economy at 1h20 on Sunday 25 september from Kuala Lumpur to Paris (ORY). I had lost 1 baggage of 20Kg. I wait my baggage for 9 days, I called to bagagge services but nobody answer me. The weather is cold here, I need my clothes. Can you contact to me at +33613214336 for the news of my bagagge?

  34. when i just landed at Cengkareng Jakarta from Singapore on 14 september 2011, flight QZ 7991 at 7.30 PM, then found my cabin baggage fall in pieces, i put this on my bag in a hurry. Accidentally, there's somebody parfume which has same look like with mine bring with me. I just realize it when I was at home. then on 15 september 2011, I made a call with Air asia Lost and found and told them about it and leave my self phone. A few days later i call them and ask whether someone has make a lost item report, but untill now there's no body make a lost item report. Please send me message at my self phone number : 087822112390 by mentioning the brand of your parfume then i will send the things. Very sorry for this incident. Amanda.

  35. i traveled back to kota kinabalu last 22nd dec 2011 by airasia from jb senai airport. as we all know the staffs are all super sour face and super unfriendly, even the cabin crew are extremely noisy the wholeaircraft can hear them chit chatting about....i lost a bag and repotered it...i gave them every little information they'd ask to the airasia officer on duty, bolkiah, like they really going to find it....he promised to call us the next day for the bag status but he never did..i called them many times a day and they never pick up! 4 days later i came to airasia lost n found office and the officer on duty, kevin,proudly say that..we have these case every flight and everyday! just look at the reports!..i was like...what are you guys doing then? its so unusual! and he just look down..i'm really sorry on behalf of my management...like i'm going to feel sorry for them having such trouble! if u guys followed your so called SOP, why would such things happen!!! another worst thing is he said that he might have overlooked my case because they have so many!! that really shows how super poor their services are! And today when i came to pick my brother and his wife, 2 of the bags are also gone! Seriously! Airasia doesn't care at all! I'm banning Airasia for life!!

  36. To the world!

    I need to say something about the worst services, deserving the low price advertised.

    On around DECEMBER 07, 2011, my sister returned back from Malaysia to CAMBODIA after she had worked there as worker for around 2 years by means of Air Asia flight having her baggage weighting 30 kilos or so.

    Unfortunately, after the landed in PHNOM PENH INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, CAMBODIA,in an unexpected and disappointed manner, she has been made her baggage completely lost. After that, she came to Air Asia Office in the airport to report that incident. They prepared the PIR(Property Irregularity Report)for her without clear and satisfied description to her, but mostly by the rude, irresponsible, badly behaved and educated manner.

    15 days later as stated in the PIR and even until now, they never do anything as the existing AirAsia Firefly Lost Baggage Compensation & How-tos. On the other hand, not being able to still await for their poorest service and responsibility, my sister tried to call them via the number given in the PIR, Virtually not a time do they get the phone for the customers. After trying longer enough, she was got the call and they said they are not responsible for her lost baggage. In addition to this, they very much hurt and made her upset and disappointed by their gangsters' word,"It is definitely bound that our company will not compensate or do something as the equity for. If you refuse to accept that please lodge any complaint against us to whatever levels of the courts of Justice. Go ahead!"

    My sister is a low-educated girl from the remote countryside in Ratankiry and in a poor family. She informed me everything about this and ask me to help her.

    For my position, I still don't believe everything she said and I want proceed with legal division of the company for its policy and legal proceedings to solve in accordance with the effective and existing national and international both public and private law. You know what I really need is the fact that the justice, even the equity should be considered throughout the world and we all have to stop that bad deed from the world.

    Please show your best services, responsibilities to us to reassure that your Air Asia is the only airline with best service and price worldwide. I know no-one is perfect, but the commitment to be perfect and excellent is the best policy/strategies of all.

    Best wishes,

    Phnom Penh, January 03, 2012

    CHOEUN Huy

  37. I lost my wrist watch in airasia baggage during my flight from Surabaya to Kuala Lumpur. I don't think that I will use airasia flight anymore.. the safety is not good and they won't give me any compensation. I already made a report to 'Lost and Found' in LCCT airport but they didn't give me news until now. The officer was unpleasant. I found so many cases like that and I realized that it's impossible to get my wrist watch back to me. I asked some people and they are also think the same. Better you choose another airlines which more guaranteed than airasia. In brief, airasia has a bad system. Be careful if you wanna take airasia flight. Don't put your precious things in your luggage. Bring them to cabin and take care of them. Hopefully, God will forgive anyone who stole my watch!

  38. Nicole Tan Fe LynneJanuary 27, 2012 at 12:14 AM

    So AGREE! Air asia's service is completely useless..they never acknowledge my call when my mum left our bag in the cabin..Im really really REALLY disapointed too

  39. Hopeless hopeless hopeless....
    I left my bag in the plane and forgot to take it with me when I landed Kuala Lumpur, inside my bag has a Cannon camera and valuable photos.....I report this to the airport and my friend in KL chased them up many times but no luck! After I read all those comment here, I know there will be zero chance to get it back but I promised myself I will never travel with AIR ASIA again!!!! They are thieves, I believe if this kind of thing happened in Australia, Japan or Hong Kong etc, it will be another story!

    Hepburn Cheng

  40. Experience with AirAsia to fly home from Singapore to Bandung West Java on 10 April 2012. When I arrived at the airport Husein Sastranegara, I feel weird because of my big luggage does not go up, and it appears in the end, when the two other bags that have appeared first. What a surprise when I got home, my big luggage has been ripped at front side, cut by cutter as it seems. Where do I have to complain to? to AirAsia? or to the airport manager Hussein Sastranegara? As the new local airport changed its status into an international airport, of course, it is unbelievably embarrassing incident.

  41. The Manager
    JAKARTA, Indonesia
    Date: 21 April 2012

    Dear Sir,

    Ref: Missing Luggage TAG # DEL2433 // CGK-KUL-DEL // PNR ID – I8DQPJ dt 16.03.2012


    CGK – KUL - AIR ASIA QZ 7692 DT 16.03.2012
    KUL – DEL – AIR ASIA D 7 176 DT 16.03.2012




    BANDUNG 40152, Indonesia

    Tel+ 62 22 2017182
    Mobile +62 816 621606

  42. It's really bad having our baggage lost but with this I think it's more helpful for us so that our baggage wont be lost at all. Thanks to their staffs.


    The poorest service.. and worst management... seriously...

    I was flying from Langkawi to Kuala Lumpur Lcct and I had to call them 20 times for them to start really looking into the case.
    Eventually they found out it was taken by another airline (Air Malaysia) which is totally rediculous...

    I am still calling them all the time. Everytime I am talking to another person and ppl cannot tell me what is going to happen next. I live in Germany and I have no idea if I will every see my baggage again.


  44. Yep, had my bags torn and robbed.. reported immediately, took photos and the bags weighed 2 kg less as checked by airport staff. After a year of emails and promises to respond, and online chats hanging up on me etc, I was offered US$15 compensation! And a few more hours of paperwork just to get that, if indeed they will pay it. Not worth saving $100 on an airline that loses and damages several hundreds dollars of goods. Oh, yeah, it was marked 'fragile'...

  45. As a travel writer I've specialized in gritty, fearful destinations, the kind of places that make a reader's hair stick on end.
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  46. Forget about AirAsia customer services. I think they are taking things for granted as their key competitiveness is pricing mechanism. They don't bother to look into customer services too much as this will come with cost. I had many bad experiences with them and recently lost my luggage and being told to wait until they call me but after 3 weeks, still not a single contact. I don't have much choice because they are the only airlines that serve the route I am frequently using.

  47. God Bless AIRASIA.....cheers....hope tis airline still can sustain forever

  48. Accidentally left my iPhone and another cell phone in my check in baggage on trip on Air Asia to Siem Reap. I did not lock my bag and when it arrived these items were missing. Clearly stolen. I am quite sure some bags go through an X-ray at LCCT in the baggage handing areas and they can spot these items.i don't know how to report and who to report to? If there are numerous complaints about stolen and pilfered items, why isn't Air Asia addressing or investigating this?
    If anyone can help me with this, please write to me at drpnairbc@ gmail.com. Thank you, Pradeep

  49. Andy

    Air Asia lost my luggage March 2014 at LCCT They really don't care and I can only assume that the luggage was stolen by the staff at KLCC. Would not surprise me if there is a mafia there to steal expensive items coming through the airport terminal. For compensation Air Asia want my bank details but very reluctant as I don't trust them. They would probably steal that as well.

  50. Checked in Baggage lost flying from Melbourne to Krabi with a transfer at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (new KLIA 2 terminal). Filled in Property Irregularity Form, as required, upon arrival at Krabi Airport. I then asked to be regularly updated as to the search for our luggage...all up I've received one email picture (of the wrong bag!) and about three phone calls in two weeks. Upon return to Melbourne, I am now having terrible trouble getting any documented proof that they've lost the bag, despite their website clearly stating that they declare it lost after a period of 14 days. Tried to talk personally to their staff at Melbourne Airport but nobody was at work...on a Monday! Basic customer service is appalling.

  51. Air Asia have lost my bag between Sydney and Denpasar. It's been just over 24 hours now and it's incredibly inconvenient, especially when I paid extra to have checked baggage in the first place. I have not been contacted with ANY information about their "investigation". I'm furious and will never fly with them again.