Fees & Charges at Air Asia

Most budget airlines like AirAsia have extra fees and charges which apply when booking your flight, picking a seat and for checking in baggage. These are fees that may or may not exist with major non discount airlines.

These charges are in addition to the taxes and charges that Air Asia applies yo your final ticket price.

Air Asia have a number of fees, the price of which tends to vary depending on whether you are flying short haul around Asia, or on one of the long haul flights offered by Air Asia X.

You will need to keep an eye on the charges when booking your flight. The amount of these charges can vary, and new fees or charges may be applied in future.

The fees and charges that Air Asia may apply to each flight booking include:

Booking fee
Check in Baggage Charge
(3 different classes, up to 15kg, up to 20kg and up to 25kg)
**Note that the baggage charge will be higher if you pay at the terminal and not online
Seat request (optional)
Meal request (optional)
Comfort kit (optional)
Priority Boarding (optional)

Do you think that the fees and charges applied to your Air Asia flight are acceptable or excessive?

Were you fully informed of the charges when you booked your flight?

Any other issues, complaints or problems with Air Asia's Fees and Charges?

Post your review and comments below.


  1. I think Air Asia shouldn't charge for seat booking for long haul flights and for check in baggage especially as their tickets are not that cheap in the first place! It is only natural that friends or families would like to sit together in a long haul flight and one shouldn't have to pay for the 'privilege' to do so! I paid about £560 for my Air Asia ticket to Malaysia flying in May! Wouldn't call that cheap! I paid a similar amount on the UAE and it was a very comfortable flight.

  2. 20090819

    Dear Sir,

    My wife & parents-in-Law ( 3 person )booked a confirmed round trip on the 23rd - 30July 2009, from Senai(JB )-Kuching-Bintulu-Kuching-Senai.

    While in Bintulu, my mother-in-law( age 82 ) had a fall in the hotel bath-room and was then hospitalized for 24 hrs in Bintulu hospital. Due to this, the flight to Kuching was disrupted-cancelled, as my wife then has to take care both the elderly parents.

    Hence, a new booking was made from Bintulu to Kuching. I like to know whether could we claim back the funds for the cancelled sector
    ( Bintulu-Kuching ).

    Please advise how do we go about.

    Michael Lee

  3. Air Asia tend not to give refunds where the missed flight was out of their control. They may offer refunds or a credit if the flight was cancelled, but if you couldnt make the flight for any reason, the booking still stands if you didnt change it before hand. You may like to contact the airline directly through their online submission form on their website to see if there is anything they can do for you.

  4. basically i feel satisfied with airasia and i'm still airasia's regular customer
    but recently i found airasia is cheating
    as i know and been cross-checked, all international departure airport tax from any chinese airport is still CNY90
    and hasn't increased yet
    but airasia charges almost twice of it!!!
    for example, i bought already hangzhou to kuala lumpur ticket few month ago and the charge is CNY90 as shown in my itinerary
    but i did recheck again with the same date of departure and now the charge is CNY172!!!
    the same thing does happen on other chinese airport as well, the charges varied from CNY139 to CNY172
    how can it happen?
    i think the same scam does happen on singapore departure as well, as i know singapore airport tax is SGD21, but airasia charges SGD28!!!
    how can airasia explain this???

  5. hi..i want to change my flight from Melbourne to Malaysia from 19 Nov 2009 to 8 Nov 2009..then,does it got any charges when i make this changes?actually cost me how much in RM?

  6. I used to use Air Asia in the past. Just now I was unable to book a ticket from them online and was told that they "do not accept credit cards issued by US banks." As far as I can tell it does not say that anywhere on their web page, and the three major credit cards they accept are Visa, MC and American Express, and in the pulldown menu you can chose the USA as one of the card-issuing countries. Isn't this what they call fraud??

  7. I went to Bangkok by Airasia recently. for that particular flight, we booked the tickets through online system of course. they stated that seat may be requested, so we decided to requested. and if i'm not mistaken, rm5 been charged on each seat. but unfortunately, when we checked in, the staff simply gave us a different seats not like what had been requested. when we asked, she just said don't know. even it was just a few ringgit, but still we felt so regret.

  8. I think cheap airfares are made by stripping other additional services and made them available only by additional charges. But despite of the pro contra, for those who enjoy flying with airasia, i recently found a site http://www.unique-stuff.co.cc/find_cheap_airasia_flight.html where you can search airasia economy promo ticket by simply entering date and flight destination. Then you will get 15 days result from the date you enter complete with time,flight number and ticket price all in one single search.

  9. I booked return flights online from LCCT to Pnomh Penh. I was "offered" flight insurance and the text underneath said I could cancel if I didn't want this option, but on pressing Continue the message box has no cancel button ! That is- you CANNOT book this flight without accepting their very expensive flight insurance. I booked anyway cause I had already booked the Mel to KL leg (silly me!!). I have complained to AirAsia (but I expect no reply). It is illegal in Australia to force product on consumers and I will be taking my complaint to relevant Australian authorities (ACCC).
    Flights are not until Oct/Nov and already I am not looking forward to flying with them!
    Also did some sums and with extra charges they are not really that cheap after all. I wont ever book another AirAsia flight that's for sure.
    Fingers crossed our flights will not be as bad as everyone says.

  10. I've sent an enquiry to Air Asia 3 days ago but have yet to receive a reply. We made a booking to HK and was charged an airport tax of MYR95 for return sector HK-KL. Info & written confirmation from HK airport states HKD120 (equivalent to MYR42). Kindly explain the discrepancy.

  11. i've just left a comment in 'customer service' heading. thought i'd scroll through some of the other options... I have never seen so many bad reviews on any other company i've known...do you think it must tell us something regarding "the worlds best budget airline" WHAT A JOKE!!!!

  12. Best Cheating Airline in the World

    They charged for seat, Baggage, meal ect.. everything is fine. But now if you want to speak to customer care to short out some problems in the booking for that also they are charging RM 1.95 per min. Main thing is they customer service representatives won't answer the call for first 5 mins. After that they'll slowly talk and minimum you'll loose RM 15 every time you called. Any problem reg. booking its their duty to settle it, why they wantto cahrge for that also?

  13. dear potential buyers of air asia products...
    Do u all know tht when u book more seats in one payment, air asia will be charging even more expensive fees per person??"BUY MORE PAY LESS"does tis philosophy sound familiar to all of us??I personally tink that this is very unreasonable..cheating or hiding??can we stil consider tis as a good contract make between the buyers and airasia?the best low cost air line in asia???isit so??

  14. Wish we'd read this blog before booking with Air Asia. What a bunch of scammers ! We never dreamed they'd separate a married couple travelling together and seat them on opposite sides of the plane - how wrong we were ! Now they want us to pay extra to correct their stuff up, it's only $3aud but it's the principle that counts, not to mention good old 'customer service' We haven't even started our journey with them and we're already pissed off and aprehensive. Be wary of dealing with this mob.

  15. To all looking to book international flights with Air Asia during peak periods, do not forget to include the 'additional charges' for seat bookings, meals, check-in luggage limit, airport taxes and fuel surcharges (and don't forget your personal entertainment unit). You will soon realize that it will all come up to be on par if not more expensive than non-budget airlines that are far more comfortable and better serviced.
    Get the final flight itinerary quote (with all additional surcharges) and compare that with the other airlines before confirming payment to fly with Air Asia for long haul flights.
    Impulsiveness in this instance will bring much regret.

  16. How much two ways flight to singapore by air asia include all extra fees and tax?

  17. AA charging passenger and security fees for their free seats galore?

  18. in they pagee scheduled fees they write that airport fees is 6gpp but when you try to book 105gpp. so from where that extra 100gpp? when tichet cost 100gpp and taxes 168gpp isnt too much?

  19. AirAsia should charge their name to "Pick Pocket Airlines". This would represent a better description of what to expect. They should also provide a compliment cigarette after the flight for those who prefer a smoke after they have been ripped off.

    We flew with AirAsia on Feb.13, 2012 (Flight# FD3025) & Feb.19, 2012 (Flight# FD3024), BKK - HKT. Both Flights were up to one hour late.

    We have traveled around the world often, this is the 1st time use AirAsia and will be our LAST, lots hidden fees, their website is a mess when you try to pay your baggage fees upfront -- impossible, customer service at the airport is the worst I have ever seen.

    You better double check your credit card statement when you home because they had charged us on the same item twice.

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  22. 2 reasons why I will never fly Airasia again:-
    1. On arrival at KLIA on Qatar Air, I looked for the signs for Airasia. None of course, so |I started asking anyone i could see, only to be told they use another terminal 30km away. So there goes another RM70, but why weren't we told when making the booking .2. When checking in at Kuching to go to KK, i was told I had not pre-booked my one item of check-in baggage. OK,I'm 73, and it was an oversight, but when I was told I had to pay RM240, I was absolutely shattered. How can you justify that for one item of luggage on a short flight? Bye-bye Airasia. D De Zeeuw.(dezeeuw77@yahoo.com).

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