Food, Drinks & Snacks on Air Asia

Like all budget airlines, Air Asia don't offer included meals, drinks and snacks as part of the fare. If you do want to eat or drink on an Air Asia flight, you must purchase a product from the trolley or if available, pre book a meal when purchasing your flight.

The menu differs depending on whether you are flying around Asia, or on a long haul flight on Air Asia X. The prices are also slightly more expensive when flying long haul. However, compared to normal prices of meals at airports, the food on Air Asia is relatively cheap.

Expect to see such menu items as Asian Fried Rice with Chicken Satay, Pak Nasser's Nasi Lemak, Vegetarian Nasi Briyani, Chicken Hot Dogs and Gourmet Sandwiches. They even have hot cups of instant noodle soup A wide range of drinks and snacks are also available at what i consider to be reasonable prices.

Although beer and wine are offered on Air Asia X long haul flights, don't expect to see alcohol on the menu of the flights around Asia.

How do you find the meals and drinks on Air Asia?

Is the food fresh and tasty?

Are the food, snacks and drinks good value?

Any issues, complaints or problems with Air Asia Food Service?

Post your review and comments below.


  1. more vegetarian options please

  2. No drinks or snacks were offered on an Air Asia long haul flight out of Stanstead to Kuala Lumpur on the 13th October 2009, no trolley ever came round selling anything, not even duty free. The flight was chartered by Air Asia from Air Mauritius because Air Asia said they had not had a plane delivered. The seats on the plane were worn out with broken springs that left you with no choice but sit on the tail of your spin for 12 hours. Once during the middle of the night for those who were awake, a small cup of water was given out. All the staff spent the flight in first class so there was no staff to call on. When I managed to catch one and ask for a drink an hour before the end of the flight I was offered water but I asked for coffee and she huffed and asked me to follow her to the back of the plane to get it. Staff would not let anyone open the window shades until half an hour before we landed. The shades were kept closed and the lights were off all the way, people were told to turn off the overhead reading lights. Two small trays of food were served seven hours apart with just a small bottle of water. The movie was playing both the English and French sound track so you could not hear a thing. I fly a lot and this was the worst flight I have even been on. I arrived as did everyone else, dehydrated and stiff, it was impossible sleep in those seats and the poor man next to me could not even get his legs in there was so little room. Air Asia thanked us for understanding before the flight and feedback cards were given to a few people who wrote on both sides of the card. Everyone complained to each other but I hope now they are home they do as I am going to do, tell Air Asia what is doing for their reputation. It was clear the Air Mauritian staff had no intention of providing any service bar the bare minimum and that is why no lights, hoping to keep us asleep and unaware but people were thirsty and hungry, once I got coffee they were overrun with request but we were close to landing by then so only a few got their drinks.

    1. Totally agreed!!! Airasia must seriously look into this matter

  3. Eat your own food on flight???

    What happens to passengers that bring their own food or special snacks AA just doesn't have.

    Does airasia have you arrested when the plane lands? Do they handcuff you to the seat frame unable to eat?

    A commercial jet is not a restaurant but transportation from point A to point B. The concept of prohibiting passengers from eating their own food is bizarre and but a low life tactic to suck more money out of passengers.

  4. I have been flying with AirAsia for around 8 years, and have never experienced any issues with the service. I took AirAsia flight AAX 145 D7 215 from Melbourne to Kuala Lumpur on March 28, 2012.

    I was highly unimpressed with and deeply offended by the conduct of one of the air hostesses on board this flight. She stated that she was the head flight attendant.

    The following is what happened:

    • I ordered 3 drinks for myself and my sons and handed the flight attendant AUD$ 50.00 to pay for the transaction. The three drinks were 2 bottles of water and one bottle of tea (approx. value of MR. 9).
    • She did not return right away with my change and when I enquired about my change an hour or so later, she declared that she had already returned it to me. I am absolutely certain that she did not as I had counted my money prior to getting on the plane and once we were on the plane, and knew exactly how much I had. When I firmly stated this, the only option she offered was to go to the police station when we arrived in KL and we could report the matter together. Given the circumstances, this would have been highly impractical for me. I was travelling with three children and had a 4 hour layover in KL before our flight to Denpasar.
    • I asked the matter to be taken to the captain or a higher, and she refused.
    • At first, she refused point blank to consider that she had made a mistake, and inferred that I must have been wrong, hence implying that I was a liar and a thief.
    • I repeatedly asked her to check by making an announcement to see if she had given my change to another customer, or whether she had made a mistake. She stated that it would be unprofessional to make an announcement and that she would not do it, however she did not acknowledge how highly unprofessional it was to insult a customer and not return their change.
    • She stated that she was absolutely certain that she had returned my change as she specifically recalled an exchange with the cashier, however she DID NOT state that she remembered handing me back my change.
    • At one point the exchange became so heated that, a customer sitting opposite me that I had no connection to, seeing the situation, intervened and implored her to return my change. She stated that she would not as she would have to pay for it out of her own pocket. I can only conclude that she was happy for me to be out of pocket, however she would not make this same sacrifice herself.
    • To her credit, she did consult with several passengers individually to see whether she had incorrectly returned my change to them. She did also inform me that she apparently consulted with the captain (much later than I had requested), however she stated that the captain agreed with her decision not to return my change to me.

    What is offensive and completely unacceptable about the way this matter was handled was the attendant’s outright refusal to consider the possibility that a mistake had been made, which is highly possible given the number of customers a flight attendant must deal with in a single day, and the implication that I was lying, as evidenced in only offering the option of reporting the matter to the police.

    I can assure you that I have nothing to gain by spending a good part of my flight home arguing with your flight attendant about AUD $45 (approx.), however when one is offended in such a way and offered no recourse for action, it becomes a matter of principle.

    I would like to ask what policy AirAsia instils in its staff that they can freely imply that a customer who asks that their change be returned to them is a thief? Furthermore, why is it that I left the plane out of pocket and with your hostess refusing to return my change to me?

    I therefore kindly ask that you immediately:
    1. Investigate this matter and report what steps will be taken to rectify it
    2. return my change to me

    I appreciate your speedy handling of this matter.

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  6. Providing best food along with cheap flights is best idea to attract more customers towards your airline.

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  8. Kasiviswanathan NachiyappaMarch 31, 2013 at 7:18 PM

    Never supplied food although paid for my wife as she did not travel with me.

  9. Kasiviswanathan NachiyappaMarch 31, 2013 at 7:21 PM

    Air Asia is very unfair and they refused to supply my wife's food although paid because they will sell to other passenger.

  10. Kasiviswanathan NaciyappaMarch 31, 2013 at 7:24 PM

    I sent a few e-mails but they had refused to reply. They had only requested me to download a form that could not be done.