Air Asia Flight Delay Problems

Most airlines suffer some form of delay from time to time. Air Asia is no different in this regard. Its how often they are delayed and how they treat the passengers that are the real issues.

Numerous reasons are given for the delay of planes in departing and arriving. Some of these are mechanical issues, check in delays, missing passengers, baggage hold ups, airport congestion and bad weather. There are of course other reasons, but the airlines wont always tells you why.

Have you experienced a delay when flying with Air Asia?

Were you kept up to date with information regarding the delay?

How have you been treated when delayed - were you compensated or given vouchers?

Any other issues, complaints or problems with Air Asia Plane Delays?

Post your review and comments below.


  1. Dear Dato' Tony,

    This is my 4th Email and still no responce from AirAsia!

    fromBilly Lee
    dateWed, Mar 4, 2009 at 4:01 PM
    subjectFlight delay for more than 2hours!

    This is my 3rd email!!! Please forward this email to the right officer to handle!

    Flight delay for more than 2 hours!
    My Flight AK5104 Departing
    from KUL on Tue 16 Dec 2008, 0925 hrs was delayed for more than 2 hours and your cabin staff asked us to 'Q' up upon arrived at the Air Asia KK airport counter to have the claim but when the 'Q' on my turn,your ground staff said that I should only claim thro' email. This is very 'bad', wasting my time. And on your online web FAQ...
    How do guests claim for this compensation?
    All eligible guests affected by such a delay will receive their AirAsia E-Gift Voucher within three (03) working days of the delayed flight via email.... but now is more than a month, I am yet to received any email from AirAsia regards to my delay claim. Please help!

    I did email to Airasia but no respond!

    Billy Lee

  2. The $80 delayed flight payment is a scam as you have to book the flight over the phone and therefore can’t use the cheaper internet prices. You actually end up paying even more!

    You can buy lots of on board meals, etc with the $80, though ;)

  3. "The $80 delayed flight payment is a scam as you have to book the flight over the phone and therefore can’t use the cheaper internet prices. You actually end up paying even more!

    You can buy lots of on board meals, etc with the $80, though ;)"

    Sorry mate but u got it wrong. The e-voucher only valid via online bookings, not thru sales or call centre. Please find out more.

  4. guys, can any one tell me that how to check delayed flight info online for airasia? urgent, cos we will be fly frm sibu-kota kinabalu tomorrow 3pm, but someone who had the same flight just told that there is a flight delayed upon the regarding schedule. thanks.

  5. Go to the AirAsia site, Click Tab Bookings, then click link Manage my Bookings, scroll down to see the link status of flight, click check status and add in the details. Ive had a look, those flight details suggest the following (but please do check for yourself to confirm!)

    Sibu (SBW) to Kota Kinabalu (BKI)
    Flight AK 6084
    Wed, Sep 16, 2009
    STD 17:05 STA 18:15

  6. To person in-charge

    Re:Complain on flight delay AK5271
    Booking No: T9MPBT

    I refer to my booking above,departure from JBH to KUL on the 6th of March 2010 by AK5271 at time of Departure at 0950 was delayed to 1200 hours,which is more then 2hrs delay.
    I'm very disappoited on this matter as no notification being received on the relay. as such, it caused me a lot of troble and i was late for my meeting.
    I have not received any call SMS or email from Airasia to inform for the filght delay.
    I was in the airport at 8am in the morning , i only be infrom when i was there in the airport and the staff told me Airasia has send out the SMS or email , but i never received any of that!
    as for what i know for filght delay, Airasia will send out the E-gift voucher for compensation, so i hope to hear from u in due course.

    Pls contact Frank Yeoh
    contact No : 019 980 6693
    Email :

    Frank Yeoh

  7. Untuk perhatian:

    Ybhg Dato Tony Fernandez

    Ybrs Pengurus Pelanggan AirAsia


    No Tempahan: Z67CDF
    FLIGHTAK5286 Kuala Lumpur - Kota Bharu
    Jumaat 26 Mac 2010
    Jam 13.40 (1.40 pm)

    Saya telah menggunakan perkhidmatan AirAsia seperti yang disebutkan di atas.

    Saya dan ibu saya telah membawa bagasi yang kandungan salah satu bagasi ialah "udang harimau beku Sabah". Sewaktu dari Sabah menggunakan perkhidmatan AirAsia juga tidak ada sebarang masalah di mana pihak penyelia bagasi, termasuk bahagian check in, dan juga untuk bagasi ke dalam kabin membenarkan.

    Apa yang terjadi di LCCT ialah bagasi yang sama telah diperiksa di bahagian kaunter semakan bagasi, kemudian di kaunter check ini, dan juga pintu masuk berlepas (Departure) dan tidak ada masalah. Sebaliknya sewaktu untuk memasuki FLIGHT, penyelia semakan tiket telah menahan Ibu saya dan kemudian memarahinya, dan dengan kasar mengugut ibu saya dan saya, pilih sama ada pentingkan "udang" atau "berlepas". Saya merayu kerana ibu saya telah menangis lantaran bagasi tersebut telah dibawanya dari Sabah lagi tanpa masalah, dan semuanya diselenggara dengan baik tanpa sebarang kemungkinan negatif, namun bila ditanya saya dan ibu dengan jujur menjawab ada "udang dibekukan". Dan penyelia berketurunan India terus memarahi, menengking dan mengugut untuk menahan dari menaiki kapalterbang jika sekira tidak diserahkan bagasi itu kepadanya. Saya mengatakan akan meminta keluarga di KL untuk mengambil bagasi itu, dan bertanya di mana akan disimpan, dan dia menjawab, dia tidak tahu kerana masa bertugasnya akan tamat Jam 2 petang. Saya dan ibu hampir terlepas FLIGHT kerana merayu agar dia memahami bahawa dari Sabah lagi kami dibenarkan.

    Saya tidak kisah akan kerugian, tetapi yang saya pertikaikan cara dia mmelayan ibu saya sehingga sekarang ibu saya jatuh sakit akibat terkejut dan sedih dengan peristiwa tersebut.

    Saya berharap perkara ini diperbetulkan kerana berlakunya kekeliruan arahan, prosedur, peraturan oleh penyelia bertugas dan menyusahkan pengguna.


    Sekian, yang benar

    Norhaiza Hasbullah

  8. I think kan, Air Asia punya steward or stewardess, perlu pergi skolah lagi la...
    I am regular costumer, and so many times fly with Air Asia AND EACH FLIGHT ALWAYS GOT DELAY!!!! YEAY!!! AIR ASIA ALWAYS MAKE ME FEEL ANGRY THEN! dah delay pulak, stewardess marah2 pulak, WTH! what is d problem with you guys? Family problem ke? Be professional hello!

    I hope, Air Asia management taking this issue seriously :0

    Please please and please dont make ur costumer lari to other such as *** even it is expensive, but still the best!

  9. E-gift voucher : not all are eligible for E-gift voucher. If the flight delayed there must be reason:
    Pilot late, Pilot on leave, Aircraft Computer problem, Engine problem, Aiport problem, weather problem and many more. E-gift voucher is based on the problem.
    please visit

  10. AirAsia cant survive lor... they dont know how to handle their passangers and their flight for me M** is still the best even its expensive... Dato Tony please upgrade the service

  11. MAS way better than AIRASIA tutup kedai la.. every flight delay.. how you gonna survive??

  12. AirAsia should change their motto From --> Now Everyone CAN FLY.
    To --> Now Everyone MUST WAIT.

  13. Had the Sad missfortune to be on the flight out of Kl Perth bound on 10/8/2011. What a farce check in staff that lie, misslead &managers that go home while passengers of 2 flights are stranded.old people having to camp out in terminal not even ging access to tea or coffee, no phone call to loved ones whilst some people got hotels for the night.Ground staff ignoring request for people who have medical issues.
    to rephase someone Shame Shame Shame or should it be Sham Sham Sham.
    if you were on the flight from kl to Perth or Melbourne and are interested in the customer service mangers name i can email it to you

  14. Am facing delay too is there any compensation that they can make? Am stuck in LCCT till 4am for the flight

  15. It is not cheap to fly can it be a budget airline when delays occured it becomes a blood sucker,...turned into $$$$ vampire....?
    we pay more, we worry more, we feel frust more....we have to spend more....those delays are not cause by us but the airline....but they do not responsibl for next connecting flight due to 1st flight delayed even though we are flying with them in next connecting flight......3 hours to 4 hours buffer upon 1st flight arrival to next connecting take off also not enough......teach us how to plan la.....AA Boleh, apa pun boleh to be competitive....adoi....

  16. My daughter and I had planned a long weekend in KL with out flight leaving friday 1/6/12 at 6.50am due to fog at Perth international airport, the incoming flight was diverted to learmonth, 3.5 hours away. it was not cleared from learmonth for take out until 10.30am and arrived Perth at 12.00pm and we boarded at 12.30. With a 5.5 hour flight ahead of us we arrived at 6pm. So effectlively we lost one whole day of our weekend. It was not worth the trip.
    We noticed that all other flights were not diverted or changed in anyway.Also the fog lifted within 1/2 hour. I realise it was in the passenger best interest that the flight was diverted, but perhap you could have previded another aircraft for us.
    Also We will not prebook meals ahead. As those passengers that havnt booked meals get served options first and we were forgotten by then our booked meals had run out. this happened on our return also . We were very unhappy with Air asia this trip. and have learn a few things not to repeat in the future. spend your money on a upgrade seat and forget the booked meals.

  17. Air Asia have to provide cheap flights to solve the problems of passengers.

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