Air Asia Call Centre Issues & Problems

Air Asia recently upgraded their call centre, which was intended to provide state of the art service for customers.

However, poking around on several websites, it is noted that there are numerous issues with the long wait times and poor service from the call centre at Air Asia.

What are your experiences with the Air Asia call centre?

Do you have to wait a long time before your call is answered? If so, how long?

How would you rate the customer service and problem solving of the staff?

Any other issues or complaints about the Air Asia Call Centre?

Post your review and comments below.


  1. never get through the call centre...nobody answer or too bz?

  2. Yes, never get through..and wasted my call time by listening to repeating message of "you can now manage ur booking on blah blah.." who wouldn't know that anyway? obviously we have to talk to a real person to solve problem we can't solve on AA website by ourselves, that's why we CALL

  3. it would help if the people in the call center actually spoke ENGLISH!!!! couldnt understand a damn word and got no where. just ended up hanging up!!

  4. nono, now become no answer at all. I would prefer at least some auto respond like "thank you from calling air asia....bala..bala..."

    I had been try from morning 9.30 am to now 4.20 pm, more than hundred call had make, but no call was being pick up. Cheers for your no service.
    My ticket has been double due to your stupid website, stupid messange saying that error, then i book again, is double now, fine, not one answer call, I am going to file the dispute with my credit card centre!

    If you really want to help, do make a check at asia email, few email had been send by myself this morning till now to please check, or please refer to booking number PU7BCT & XRSNLR.

    CALL ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I used to use Air Asia in the past. Just now I was unable to book a ticket from them online and was told that they "do not accept credit cards issued by US banks." As far as I can tell it does not say that anywhere on their web page, and the three major credit cards they accept are Visa, MC and American Express, and in the pulldown menu you can chose the USA as one of the card-issuing countries. Isn't this what they call fraud??

  6. I am trying to call you Australian call centre I have been on hold for 82 minutes yes 82 minutes and still NO answer seriously how do you expect to keep repeat customers...This is the third time i have tried and every time NO answer.. This is a very bad service you might have the cheapest tickets overseas but your customer service is disgracefull!!!
    I guess yiou get what you pay for HEY....if any actually reads these things you need a better system

  7. Am waiting on hold as I type this message. So far, wait time has been 45 minutes. Refuse to put the phone down because I'm pretty sure there is a fair bit of false advertising on the website at the moment. Will post my final wait time... Fingers crossed I will still have a brain by the end of this debacle.

  8. How many times do you need to call.
    The phones dont even work on the weekend. You spend hours trying to get through. No customer service.
    Disgraceful. The internet cant answer my problem so we have to call. USELESS.

  9. Been trying to call the Australian call centre for 3 months now to try and change a minor name mistake when booking through the website but still no response!!!! We leave this thursday and still no way to change it if we cannot get through! What is the use of a call centre if no body can get through.

  10. I have a payment problem on the website and the site says to contact customer service. I have tried calling customer service on 5 occasions - all calls have been on wait times for over an hour. I have not ever spoken to a person from AA customer service. I usually need to go! It is a very poor support service. Not sure else to do other than to use other airlines!!

  11. I have been trying for a week now to get through but i can't wait all day on the phone and disable my phone for other callers to get through..Please if you want people to use your air line then you must come up with some other way for them to contact you without all these delays..i do not know what i am going to do now as i leave for bali on the 2nd Aug and still have not sorted out my problem.

  12. this is my third attempt at contacting air asia in past fortnight since booking tickets online and not recieving email confirmation of the booking. First phone call was on hold for just shy of an hour until my cordless phone went flat. So I sent an email, no reply for two weeks. I have rung again today and so far have been on hold for 28 minutes.... and counting, not hopeful... might just take my chances at the airport? can't see any other option.

  13. I finally gave up to call the service center @ Australis after 1+ hours wait time twice at night and in the morning.

    I am wondering what type of service they are offering? Bad system design + BUGS BUGS BUGS and ask us to call NEVER ANSWER phone calls!!


  14. I should have found this site earlier, yes I have had the same problem with the Australian Call Centre, my first email was 12 July as I could not get through to the call centre. I tried 4 times and was on hold for 77, 63, 45 and 33 minutes! I received an email 2 days later saying they will get back to me (14/7/10) and I haven't heard anything! WHAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!! This is the worst customer service I have ever experienced. I wished I had paid the little extra with a reputable airline and got some service, I will never use them again. There is not even an office to make your complaint in person.

  15. I have never called to Air Asia Call Center before, but I hope that when the time came that I'll be calling them, I am hoping that the problems and issues that they've gone through had been resolved and they could then be able to provide proper services.


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  16. Thousands of Ringgit spent every month for the call centre. It seems like thay are not doing their job !! ANY complaints, email

    Airasia doesn't know what is happening at the call centre and email department which is handled by third party company.

    AUS , Thai, India, SINGAPORE and all call centres are operated by them....!!

  17. Totally frustrating calling a so called 'Call Centre' and being hung up on 4 times in the last hour... I will never use or book with Air Asia again and I would encourage others to do the same.

    Totally Frustrated
    Western Australia

  18. Encounter the same thing...the "Contact us" "premium service line" can't even get through.I'll rather they don't set up a call center.

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    starting August 9

    come August 12

    2 days late !!!!!

    In addition, when I arrived at LCC Terminal in Kuala Lumpur on August 12, 2011, I found that I didn't have the name in the connecting flight.
    And when I ask for the director of Air Asia,THE staff named ... told me that there is no director and call the police to seeing me. In kuala lumpur for my connection. After 2 days late

  22. Trying to call Airasia call centre Singapore for 3 hours and can't get through, big white elephant.

  23. seems that the call centre is still having the same answer to our calls..waited until the line cut one will call the centre if everything goes fine on the air asia on line centre..very poor service...

    KL, Malaysia.

  24. There is literally no way to contact them. Their '24 hour' call centre is unattended, and their email contact address mailbox is full. Their whole customer service is a facade. You really should be concerned about the rest of the operation, including maintenance of aircraft.

  25. I being calling their 24 hrs call centre nobody pick up the phone and email to them cannot be reach. My flight had been cancel and want to know my alternative airlines transfer until today I haven't received call from them which their office sent email announcement that they will call before 2 months from the departure date and my flight departure is 1 month from now. Very disappointing with their service and what they promise. Very poor service.

    Kuching your faithful customer

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