Air Asia Check In Times & Problems

Like most budget carriers, Air Asia runs a strict check in system at all of their departure points. What that means is that if you arrive at the check in counter outside of their designated time schedule, they can and usually do deny you travel. This refusal can be even if the flight is still a long way from departing.

Check in times vary depending on the type of flight you are taking.

For short haul flights throughout Asia, either domestic in Malaysia or international, the check in counter will close 45 mins before the scheduled flight time.

For long haul flights, such as those operating from London to Malaysia or from Australia to Malaysia, the check in counter will close 60 mins before the flight time.

If you want to ensure you can catch your flight, make sure you are at check in well before those times.

Have you missed a flight because of this strict check in policy?

Has Air Asia shown any leniency with this issue?

Any other issues, complaints or problems with Air Asia check in times?

Post your review and comments below.


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