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  2. Hi! Good resource. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  3. I've been googling about people's personal experience flying on AirAsia X and they are mostly negative.

    I wonder why AirAsia in its effort to provide extra cheap flights is going the extra mile to make their flight extra uncomfortable in order for people to purchase "add-ons" for comfort.

    I've never travelled on other budget airlines so I can't be sure if this is the case for the rest of the airlines in this "cheap flight" business.

    Does cheap flight equally discomfort?

    I've fallen for their cheap flight promo and booked to fly to Melbourne in June. I'm getting cold feet after reading all the nightmare stories.

    The worse part I didn't purchase pre-booked meals and now unable to do it despite the fact the flight is months ahead.

  4. Pete i think you should be able to buy a meal on the plane. At least thats what i recollect.

    Yes the add ons like the blanket and blow up head rest although cheap are a nice little earner for air asia.

    I flew from the gold coast to kuala lumpur the plane was a bit old but the flight was generally ok. But when ive had a problem with the airasia call centre thats another point altogether. Watch out!

  5. basically i feel satisfied with airasia and i'm still airasia's regular customer
    but recently i found airasia is cheating
    as i know and been cross-checked, all international departure airport tax from any chinese airport is still CNY90
    and hasn't increased yet
    but airasia charges almost twice of it!!!
    for example, i bought already hangzhou to kuala lumpur ticket few month ago and the charge is CNY90 as shown in my itinerary
    but i did recheck again with the same date of departure and now the charge is CNY172!!!
    the same thing does happen on other chinese airport as well, the charges varied from CNY139 to CNY172
    how can it happen?
    i think the same scam does happen on singapore departure as well, as i know singapore airport tax is SGD21, but airasia charges SGD28!!!
    so airasia claimed no fuel surcharge and admin fee is BULLSHIT!!!
    the extra charge is adding on airport tax section which is usually people won't notice
    how can airasia explain this???

  6. I used to use Air Asia in the past. Just now I was unable to book a ticket from them online and was told that they "do not accept credit cards issued by US banks." As far as I can tell it does not say that anywhere on their web page, and the three major credit cards they accept are Visa, MC and American Express, and in the pulldown menu you can chose the USA as one of the card-issuing countries. Isn't this what they call fraud??

  7. tried to book a flight from KB to KL for the past 1 week. I got through till the page saying 'waiting confirmation, please do not click or close the box'(I used Visa). Then suddenly ping! ERROR.
    I tried again x3 with other cards, still the same.
    Fed up, I went to the airport itself to find out. Their staff told me to check it with my bank! Even though I had no problem using it at other websites. Fine, needed the ticket badly. In the end had to pay extra RM15 for service charge! Note to self, NOT taking air asia unless desperate.

  8. I found it very comfortable and reliable journey with air asia but i got problem during online ticket booking

  9. yes, what i'm gonna say may not be nice but don't you guys know that high expectation means you need to pay extra?? and sometimes you don't even get what you pay for. As for bookings error many don't read before clicking or don't use common sense example, when you purchase meal they will prepare your food in advance but if you request last minute then what's the point of asking earlier if you want a meal? get it? as for luggages if you're not sure then pay for it don't whine when their staff says you can't post-book luggage service. for god sake it's only $5 ro $10 bucks why so cheapskate in facts some of you here can even afford paying expensive ticket but NO you guys wanna jump in the same wagon just to get cheap ticket like us...sigh! what are you guys thinking duh!

  10. I had only on request for AirAsia because it wasn't my fault. I really like flying with them but I was terminated from my work place and I wanted to claim from my own Travel Insurance which said that if I get a letter Confirming my Flight Cancelation I can claim. Well guess I should have been a fortune teller or seen one. I can't do anything because they don't cancel flights for legitimate reasons and I can't claim because I don't have a letter. I'm not even asking them for money. I just want a stupid piece of paper. I mean I rather be going on my planned holiday, I rather I didn't suddenly loose my job But that is What you get for going on any Flights especially Budget Flights. They all want to take your money cause they want to make money and not give a rats arse.

  11. Air Asia cancelled my flight. No explanation given. Not happy.

  12. Most recently, my wife and I were stranded in Abu Dhabi when AirAsiaX announced they were canceling service to/from Abu Dhabi in January this year. They didn’t notify us (their stranded passengers) until Feb 10th. Neither did they offer any accommodation nor answer our emails asking for help. We had to get back to Malaysia on our own. They won’t reimburse our additional expenses either.

    They said they would refund the Abu Dhabi/Kuala Lumpur portion of our trip, but it will take them 30-50 days to process the refund. Such an attitude!

    Watch out for these guys. If you are considering using AirAsiaX, It might be a good idea to develop a plan B... just in case.

  13. my complaint to AirAsia

    My husband & I made an early online booking of a flight on AirAsia as we were waiting for his new passport to be ready. The minute we booked it, the system hanged and the payment was pending. I wrote and email to ask about the status. I called their premium line customer service to check but I was put on hold with no one telling me how long more I had to wait.

    The daylight robbery that I am upset about is, they only have premium line and it costs us (bloody RM1.95/minute) & there was no other choice! Why call it premium if I had to wait for 45 minutes just to get my call answered? And why have an online service when the server couldn't handle high traffic? Why punish customers like us when the downtime is due on their side! Haven't they heard of service level? Have not you guys been told you can actually charge the system provider for every downtime?

    When I managed to get through, the person made the additional correction I wanted but, made a mistake on my husband's name. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING? and all 2 complaints that I wrote and sent them was being answered in a typical standard response with no PHONE NUMBER, NO APOLOGIES as per calling me back and the name of the person who wrote that email was simply Anna or Suraj. NOT EVEN their full names and designation. IS THIS SERVICE, TONY? IS THIS WHAT YOU CONSIDER SERVICE, HAVING LIVED ABROAD AND WITH YOUR THICK BRITISH ACCENT AND ALL YOUR CAN-DO AND DREAM BIG TALK?

    Your employees AND I MEAN ALL OF THEM, your customer service are all below standard and I cannot imagine people just keep going back to you unless they're some poor Indonesian maids with not much money and have a rather calculative employers or some Bangladeshis who need to use your service. I can't imagine ever travelling with your company ever again!!

  14. Has anyone seen the quote from the boss...'TONY... CEO asia air' on winning best budget airline on skytrax website? he says it means a lot to him because its voted by the customers. look through this lot tony ,and see what the customers really think.

  15. If you're thinking to travel by AirAsia, u must really read-on.. If everything smooth, should be ok but if you got problem, you can't even discuss with them. Their customer service is REALLY SUCKS.and COLD BLOODED.They won't pickup your phone,answer ur email or listen to your problem. It's like throwing your money! NEVER EVER purchase AirAsia ticket by Travel Agent. There's a lot of FRAUDERS outside there, can simply purchase ticket via AirAsia Website using FRAUD credit card and take ur money and walk away... Even though you have gotten the confirmation from AirAsia Website, They can really change the status from Confirm to UnConfirmed without notifying you .Their system is not fully SECURED!. To my advise, If you got money or the price different with other airlines , not that much .. pls don't travel with this Airlines since their customer focus is OUT!

  16. I have to say that I had several really lousy and bad experiences with Air Asia. One of them was when I had to fly from GC to KL. My flight was due to fly at 9.05 am in the morning. But guess what, it got delayed to 9pm at night, and to add salt to the wound, we had to fly from Brisbane instead with a MAS carrier.

    The worse bit was I flew from Sydney to GC the night before and had to stay overnight in a backpacker in order to be able to catch that freaking early morning flight from GC to KL. And the purpose of this trip back to Malaysia was to attend my brother's wedding.

    Imagine my frustration, and that of the other passengers. They were no compensation whatsoever other than a pathetic $10 voucher. Seriously dude, do you think u could buy us just like that?

    So we had to wait in the GC airport till 5pm or so for a shuttle bus to send us to Brisbane Airport. Far out. My advice to all of you out there, if you guys can afford a national airline such as MAS or SIA and such, by all means go ahead. Do not risk your comfort with Air Asia. Does not worth your every penny.

    And please Air Asia, have the DECENCY to reimburse your passengers instead of a pathetic 10 dollars voucher (are you KIDDING me? Good Lord!) and at least inform them 24 hours prior. Do you know how frustrating it is to wait for 12 hours in a foreign airport, tired and haggard, and at risk of missing a very important event in your life? Tell me, dude.

    "Now everyone can fly" Yeah right. You really should change that misleading slogan of yours to "Now everyone can wait".

    -Fed up customer

  17. I've had several grievances with airasia on many occasions, such as when I 'manage my account' to include more checked baggage, the earlier pre- booked meals was left out, ending up that there was no meals on that flight even tho we had paid for it. 2nd time, there was a double booking (coz 1st time there was no confirmation (no number..nothing) & when making a claim, they supposedly give a credit shell for 3 mths, but when I tried to access my account, they said ID not valid but when I tried to register same ID & same password they said user is already registered. See...???
    But the last straw is when my frens & I booked a GoHoliday 7D/5N India package(still under airasia!). Note the itinerary on day 6 - "Day 6 : Agra – New Delhi – Departure 200km / 4 hours. After breakfast at hotel, depart by surface for Delhi . Time for last minute shopping thereafter transfer to airport to board flight for onward destination".

    Can you imagine awhole day non-stop program frm travelling 200km by road to Delhi, to last minute shopping, to packing & finding own dinner AND taking a 5+hr flight, arriving at 5.15am atLCCT! And your 7days package ends at 5.15am. And when we complained & even offered to pay for the amendment fee for next flight & bear one extra night hotel costs (we're senior citizens, we cldn't take the hecticness & exhaustion... we have our own health hazards), they just turned us outright!

    Can anyone suggest where we can lodge our complaint? Airasia has turned monstrous.... not only they don't bother abt elderlies as they used to.... they're not user-friendly at all.
    That's why I said that if we're involved with airasia, we'll be at their mercy!

  18. has anyone else had problems booking flights on-line over the last few days? got as far as making a payment after an hr of fighting with the form and then froze. now can't even get flight info. tried on my mobile but not same flexibility with booking... headache. not much of a business if i can't give my money away.

  19. worst air line that I have ever had the mis fortune to deal with.
    1. Could NEVER find anyone in Customer Service to answer the phone.
    Air Asia cancelled our flight (2nd time in 2 flights!! with no reason - 3 months ahead of schedule. Then after we had paid the equivalent of $5000USD - we are still awaiting the refund. They infomred us via email that they had refunded Amercian Express on 6th Dec and when we contacted Amex they told us this was a blatant lie. PLease, please please tell people beware Air Asia - it is just a matter of time before they go belly up; I am Platinum with Qantas and fly 50 times each year. Air Aisa are without exception the worst, most incompetent air line we have ever dealt with. It gravely concerns me that a company so weak in customer care zctually has the capability to service its aircraft properly. BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!!!!

  20. Seems our information is not secure. I have tried to complain to credit card company and air asia but can't find any place to make a genuine complaint. why they are giving me other peoples booking when I log into my own account in airasia login. I have 2 bookings I can see other peoples completed travel and see their email and contact numbers. Why isn't their information being taken care of? do u think they would like to know that I have there info? would the credit card company care? even though no card numbers but still its scary what confidential information could be given out! if anyone at airasia read this then email me i can help them with what i am talking about

  21. All airlines undergo growth problems, so we should not be so critical of them.


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  22. I travelled with a friend recently to Singapore from jakarta. On the flight back to Jakarta when we collected our luggage on the turnstyles I noticed that my lock and my friend's had been tampered with- my lock had beeen taken from my suitcase and so had hers.On further inspection we saw that other suicases coming still had their locks on ... we then preceeded to lodge a complaint only to be asked if something had been taken from our luggage...fortunately this was not the case but we had a hadr time convincing the ground security people that this was not the issue at hand...but that the locks from our luggage had disappeared...we got no help in the matter ...\

  23. I booked 2 tickets for guests from Macau to KL. Unfortunately they need to change their flight due to work schedule. I thought it was easy to change the flight online ( lots of extra payment!). But it wasn't the case, my payment couldn't get through. so I called the expensive RM 1.95 / min call centre, wasted about 15 mins but couldn't get an answer on why this happen. Then I lodged a complaint throught AA website and some one did call, but still talking rubbish and could provide me a solution on what's the issue and how could I change my flight online. He promised that he will as their "IT specialist" to check and call me back, but it's just another empty promise. In desperate, I called my guest in Macau and asked them to go to Macau airport AA sales office to check and change. And to my surprise, the staff in Macau could provide us an answer without going through the "IT specialist" , the "premium call centre". The reason I couldn't change my flight online was because e gift voucher was used when I booked my ticket, and the stupid IT system couldn't compute how much I should pay when I change my flight. So she did something to overwrite the system and change the ticket for my guest on the spot!!!! What a shame to those "specialist" and "Premium call centre" worker! It's a Malaysian company and malaysian "specialist" spents more than 1 week and still couldn't solve the issue! Lousy Air Asia, hence I promised myself, this is the last booking with Air Asia!

  24. I thought airasia could be a cheap flight solution for everyone, but it turned out to be a cheap ass costumer service. I am really pissed off, and I am not gonna leave it until I get what I deserved.

    I got into trouble twice with airasia. first time was my singapore-yogyakarta flight. I did not get any notice until the D day and I was already flying from japan-singapore at that time. my Sing-ygy flight was canceled, and i had to buy a new ticket which was a big hassle at that time, but at the end airasia refunded my canceled ticket. even though it took like 2months, but it was ok.

    But this time, I am totally pissed off!!! I booked Japan-KL, KL-YGY ticket, and airasia changed the flight time from Japan, so that I cant use my KL-YGY ticket. the only solution was for me to wait for one night in KL and get a free change for the next day KL-YGY. WTF!! I only have a limited holiday, and I dont want to spend it in malaysia. So I asked for a reroute to the nearest airport, KL-Solo, but airasia said no. I asked for a refund, they also said no. WTF???

    what kind of a service is that? we are not allowed to change or cancel the booking but when you guys change the time or cancel the ticket we have to be in trouble and have no choice? just say to your customer take it or leave it???


  25. Recently Airasia has introduced Fuel Surcharge again, This was not published
    on the main page, as they only publish promotions. When we click on the flight,
    the payment details won't appear at the right, when we proceed next page only we notice
    that. Hope Airasia publish about fuel surcharges on the main page rather than Facebook.

  26. The last 24 hours have been the most stressful experience of my and my fiance's lives! We had one bad experience at KL airport with Air Asia in Dec 2010 and stupidly I decided due to cost to book them again. Bad idea! We have had the same bad experience at KL at the low cost terminal.

    Our first problem was a lack of information about how to "transit" in the KL LCCT (which actually means having to "enter" malaysia and then "exit" again), with no signage and limited numbers of staff around - we spent almost 2 hours trying to find out what we had to do! And then as we were running to make our plane, two immigration officials stopped us and interrogated my fiance (who is Cambodian and has a Cambodian passport) despite the fact we were leaving Malaysian shores and heading to Australia with the right visa!!! They showed absolute arrogance towards my fiance, despite the fact that he had done nothing wrong.

    Then last night, on his way back to Australia, yes flying with Air Asia and entering Malaysia in order to get his connecting Air Asia flight to Australia, he and his brother were stopped by immigration once again and were refused entry to this connecting flight due to THEIR assumption that his passport didn't look "right" (it is a true passport and the same as others here in Cambodia). Why do they have so much power when passengers are leaving malaysia and heading to another country and having the right visas in place???? They are not even staying in Malaysia!!!!

    Why is Air Asia allowing this to go on - causing problems for their passengers?

    I will not fly with Air Asia again and will be telling anyone I can not to fly with them, particularly to KL!

    Seriously Disheartened.

    1. Seriously, it is not related to the airline itself. What the immigration does has nothing to do with airasia. They are the ones Incharged in allowing who should enter the country. My bad, you really are that stupid!

  27. I am flying to europe for the third year in a row this year with air asia. Though their webite is shoddy and customer service not so great, i could not afford to visit family in france each year at xmas without them. An extra 30 for a blanket and a meal does not equate to 6800 my partner and i paid to fly emirates one year... And if you want rude there is an airline for you. I am thankful for airasia. No wonder they made 500 million this year and qantas is making a loss on their international routes.

  28. Air-asia has recently came up with a brilliant blood-sucking tactic , they purposely or should I say take the (many) extra mile(s) to separate the peoples on the same tickets from sitting together, EVEN for infant and mom from the father! So becareful if you are not buying the RM5 seats (local) from blood-thirsty Air Asia. Air

  29. I once was traumatised by an airasia flight I had with my family in the year probably around 2004-2005 and I think it was a flight to KL. The flight was not that smooth and I felt that the airplane was not strong enough to handle the air turbulence. Ever since that I never flew with AirAsia again. When I started working and wanted to travel overseas again, I thought of using AirAsia again since my friends told me the flights are okay now and since their tickets are cheap. So I beleived them. I flew with AirAsia to KK, KL, Singapore and even Hong Kong with smooth flying. Though I experienced certain little problems such as flight delay. AirAsia is always not on time when departing. Twice the flights I was on departed 30 minutes behind schedule. My first initial flight using AirAsia gave me the assumption that the Hot Seats are larger and more comfortable that the normal seats. Not really. It's the same but more bloody expensive. We booked hot seats in the first row and my tray table was broken. Imagine how hard it was for me to eat. Apparently there was no tv for flight to HK, luckily the flight didn't take long otherwise I would die of boredom. And I pre-booked meals and to my horror my combo meals doesn't include water. What a cheat, in their website they stated with a choice of coffee or tea.

    I noticed that AirAsia have increased several things throughout the years. Before baggage allowance was given now we have to purchase them. I noticed that baggage allowance to other countries are higher. In 2010 the baggage allowance to HK was much the same. But now the baggage allowance to Indonesia is higher. Food cost has increased, so does the convenience fee, I don't get it why they charged a convenience fee for non-local banks such as Standard Chartered. Now we have to pay fuel surcharges as well.

    Recently my flight this June from Miri to KL and KL to Jakarta had traumatised me again severely. I know that air turbulences are unavoidable but why are all my four flights departing and arriving at stated countries were not smooth at all? The airplane was shaking tremendously as if the wings were to come off. I even looked at the wings and saw the wings shaking strongly. It looks so thin. The plane was shaken hard and it traumatised me so much that I got so scared of using AirAsia again. My flights to KK, KL, Singapore and even HK before this were smooth, why were my recent flights so terrible? I thought we were gonna crash. I actually have a fear of flying but I would feel safe and secure in an airplane if the airplane is stable and sturdy.

    AirAsia should look into this problem because customers safety is important. Even the person sitting next to me was terrified during our return flight from KL to Miri. He was scared of flying back to KL. I rather fly with Royal Brunei Airlines even though the ticket is expensive at least the airplane is sturdy and safe. I'm planning to go to Singapore in December and started to rethink using AirAsia from Miri to Singapore. I rather fly using RBA than feel traumatised using AirAsia. I wouldn't mind the expensive ticket if I feel safe.

    Do something about it AirAsia, make sure your flights are smooth and your airplanes sturdy. The airplane's wings looked as if they were made of crap. Think about your customers safety.

  30. Over the past 15 years, I have travelled to over 80 countries around the world and this is this first complaint to an airline I have ever made.
    We purchased 2 Air Asia tickets for a flight 8 months in the future, then 6 months later (and half way through our around the world trip) we received an email stating that this flight route was terminated (not cancelled but entire route terminated not to be flown again).
    However, this was known by Air Asia for at least 6 months prior to informing its customers as per online news articles, that means Air Asia knew of this termination within 2 weeks of us booking the flight! Why wait 6 months before informing customers of a terminated flight? They didn’t care about how it affects their customers having to rebook air fares 6 month later making the availability less and therefore prices higher (4 times in our case). Not to mention the incredible inconvenience it causes 6 months later when we were mid travel (in our case, in the Middle East with little means of communication, costing us 2 days of our holiday trying to sort this mess out and purchase replacement flights).
    No Sensible Alternatives were given - Air Asia could have so easily offered / arranged flights on existing Air Asia flights via another city, preventing a massive amount of time and expense for its customers having to arrange alternatives and then have to deal with travel insurance claims and chase Air Asia for a refund.
    From the time of Air Asia knowing the route was terminated, it took a year to finally receive the refund (and 6 months after requesting a refund). Why did I have to chase this multiple times, further wasting even more of my time? I did not receive a call back about this matter when requested.
    Why weren’t we refunded all that we paid (who refunds the loss in exchange rate from when we booked the flights compared to the refund date?). Who refunds our travel insurance excess? Where is the money interest on Air Asia having our money for 1 year?
    Why send only an email in a hope that the customer receives it? What if we hadn’t – what if it was marked by a spam filter as junk? If sending an email, why not allow your customers to reply by email since it is a critical issue and they are asking their customers a question about a refund or credit? Why include phone numbers in the email that do not exist? Why force customers to make contact only by phone and therefore force customers to incur toll call costs from another country?
    After having to send this compliant twice, they took a month to reply with a typical ‘sorry but go away’ half baked answer reflecting the way they have handled this from the start.
    Air Asia is an embarrassment to the airline industry with NO regard for their customers.
    In summary, flight booked, terminated 2 weeks later, informed customers 6 months later, held money for 6 more months after multiple requests for payment. Nothing short of corrupt conmen and who regulates this? What can I do about it?

  31. AirAsia is truely on the wane! I'm totally pissed off with the services! Even the most basic things like "be punctual", they are unable to commit! How can be one flight delay and delay and delay for three times?! And this happened for many times! This is totally sucks! People pay extra money to save their time, but end up hanging around in the airport for hours! I suggest those who consider to travel with AirAsia, do make up your to choose other flight, if you are wise enough.

  32. My fiance is flying to indonesia this morning and he is going by hand carry luggage. Air asia staff has throwed his facial cleaner(150ml bottle) and toner(150ml bottle) to rubbish bin without asking him that he would like to buy the baggage. However, the liquid inside the bottles are almost half usage already.

    The cost of the skincare products(RM150-200) are way higher than the baggage price (RM35), we feel very upset that the staff takes action before informing us there is still other way to solve the liquid problem. My fiance would have purchase the baggage on the spot if the staff has inform him before throwing just like that.

    Please advice me what can i do to claim or complain to airasia?
    You may email me at


  33. Never Again:
    I will never fly AirAsia again!!! I have pictures of baggage handlers throwing luggage off plane down to baggage cart (about 2.5 Meters)
    I ended up with broken wheels on all my luggage. I booked a flight from KL to TWU and paid extra for dive equipment. When I went to airport by KL Express train I ended up at wrong terminal - not something AirAsia tells you. Long Bus ride from one terminal to the next and when we arrived it was a mad house long lines poor service and lack of happy employees. Went up to bag drop off (Not well marked) and was told my luggage was over weight and was charged again when I had already paid for an extra 50 kg online. Charged twice and not happy about having to walk out to tarmac clear at the end of line up of all these jets. It was a cattle call and after take off they bring these pre-booked meals I would not feed to my dog (water cups so sealed off you can't open - when asked for more water they hand me a bottle and tell me that will be 3 ringets - WTF bad meal water you can't use and they want more money. Enough is Enough - NEVER AGAIN

  34. fuck air asia, they're useless on so many levels and their customer service is somewhere between appalling and non-existant...these guys won't be around in 5 years, that should be enough time for them to piss off every former or prospective customer around...

  35. The flights and service on board are fully acceptable for a LCC. The non flight customer service is zero. They cannot be contacted by telephone and their email responses are slow. Their staff can only provide standard answers which do not address the issues raised , and have no authority to take any corrective action.
    I would use Air Asia only for short flights , and would recommend completing the booking till you get the final cost, then comparing this price with alternatives.

  36. Airasia: right. Now Everyone Can Fly With Problems.
    Come on Mr Fernandez, get a group of customer service agents to attend to our queries by phone and nor only by e-forms. We need human touch for our problems to be attended to. Your live chat does not help either. Oh my GOD, my booking online got error but my credit card was charged and airasia has no records of any payment. My card was charged RM 1850.00.

  37. one of the worst airline I ever fly with, I and wife checked into flight from KL to HKG, was never told the flight was delayed for 3 hrs before we board the plane, by then it was too late to catch our connecting flight from HKG to Seattle, tried to get help from them at the airport to arrange another connecting flight but the stuff was not willing help or don't understand English, what a lousy company run by lousy stuff, I will never fly Air Asia again

  38. Hello, I'm doing research about in-flight service quality of Air Asia as part of my final year project. Anybody interested to participate? Please click the link below

  39. Booke to go from Phnom Penh to Denpassar Bali via Kulon 14 August.Now the flight from PNH to Kul has been changed from a morning flight to an afternoon one so my inter connecting flight I have missed.So filled out an "eForm" and still have not heard from them about a refund or a flight change from Kul to Dps.Looks as I will mot be going as not prepared to pay for an another flight to connect with my Dps flight.
    After flying with Air Asia more than 30 times and never having a problem before, am not at all impressed with their "Non Service"

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