Air Asia Call Centre Fares

Like nearly all budget or discount airlines, Air Asia has different fare charges on their website than what you will pay if you contact the call centre to make a booking.

In fact, the call centre only offers what Air Asia calls a Standard Fare Charge. You will need to make contact with the call centre to find out what that charge is.

That standard fare charge is significantly greater than the fare cost on the Air Asia website. This might not normally be a problem - people can choose to book online, or for those that aren't able, have someone else do it for them.

However, problems can occur because of this higher call centre fare for flights. If someone is unable to access the Internet or has some disability that means they can only book through the call centre, higher fares will apply.

Worse still, if you have a current booking and need to make a change but cant do so through the Internet, you will need to contact the Air Asia call centre. In addition to paying a higher charge than online as a process fee to change your flight, you will also have to make up the difference of a higher priced fare.

This appears to be a little known fact for many people who want to change their Air Asia flight.

While it appears relatively easy to change a flight online, thus avoiding this problem for most users, there are people who get caught out. If you have a joint booking with a partner, family members or friends, only the entire travelling party can change their flights online. In order to change a flight for an individual on that joint booking, you will have to contact the call centre. They will then hit you for the higher priced fare. Its a bit sneaky.

I have also seen instances on other sites where customers have been locked out of the manage your booking section of the Air Asia site and were forced to contact the call centre. Told that they couldn't be unlocked, they were also forced to change a flight through the call centre. Result - higher fare.

Have you been caught out using the Air Asia Call Centre to book a flight?

Were you given all available information on prices when booking or changing a flight?

Any other issues, complaints or problems with Air Asia's Call Centre Flight Costs?

Post your review and comments below.


  1. I was wondering why I can't log in, no matter how hard I tried. I tried using credit card no. , I tried the booking no. It kept telling me that the number I put in didn't match what they have. I just understand that it's a trick to get more money from you. Another trick they used,unlike other airlines which try to put people who travel in the same group together,Asia Airline try to separate people who travel together separately so that customers have to pay to select the seats if they want to sit together.

  2. I attempted to call the Air Asia call centre in Australia and Malaysia. It was nightmare. Their call centres are useless. Either you 'll get a busy tone or be stuck in a very long queue with no available consultant to answer your call. Calling Air Asia call centre numbers is a joke.

  3. You gotto pay RM 1.95 per minute of consulting the customer service......does that make sense???

    Given the choice, Air Asia will not be my 1st choice for air travel.

  4. most impressive sites are located in Asia, a continent that is just wonderful offers!

  5. The reasin you couldn't log in is because you have to use your confirmation number nit the booking number.....

    And yes the call centre is a joke...

  6. and where can i find the confirmation number? surname was spelled wrongly (1 alphabet mistake only)..i wonder whether i wrote it wrongly or they simply made an error so i can call them to inquire about the matter. i can't log in to the website, it has no response when i click on the login icon. i called them but after waiting for nearly 10minutes..i gave up! 3 OR 4 YRS BACK, THE SERVICE WAS GOOD BUT NOWW?? air asia is really PIA!!! NO MORE AIR ASIA, BYE..BYE.

  7. hey same here!
    my name was spelt incorrectly and i can't get in touch with ANYONE!
    what did u end up doing???

  8. airasia are a bunch of slimy bast@rds - hopefully they will be banned from flying to Oz soon due to unfair business practices - will serve them right

  9. now you can just tweet to do name correction. no charges.

  10. name ammendment is free.
    Have a chat with chat team
    9 to 7 PM GMT8+
    They can give you email address,
    just email. Ausie call centre is not busy after 9 PM, ( Perth Time )

    About the login problem,
    I don't understand. Booking number,
    PNR and confirmation Number all same.
    Don't confuse with :
    I and number one
    O and zero
    S and number five

    PNR has 6 characters . First and last character will be alphabet.

    Email me

  11. air asia is a F'king joke - I have just spent about 2 hours stuffing around trying to 1) contact the 'australian' customer service number and then another hour stuffing around with their website that just does not work - Air Asia you are engaging in missleading and deceptive conduct and I look forward to the day that you get pulled up by the ACCC. AIR ASIA - NEVER NEVER AGAIN.

  12. If you loking for the airline that will rip you off take Airasia, one you unfortunately book a flight you can't cancel the booking. There is no information when you make booking that cancellation is not allowed...but there is no return if you must cancel.

    Don't use this airline as this sort of practices chating peolple in unfrtunate situations, should be banned from operations!!!

  13. If you loking for the airline that will rip you off take Airasia, one you unfortunately book a flight you can't cancel the booking. There is no information when you make booking that cancellation is not allowed...but there is no return if you must cancel.

    Don't use this airline as this sort of practices chating peolple in unfrtunate situations, should be banned from operations!!!

  14. They charge us RM 1.95 per min. for customer service. And then when you called, there is a machine answering that drags for approx. 3 min (that's already RM 6!). Then you have to queue for operator to answer to the phone (depends on luck, i waited 3-6 min. every time, that's another RM 6-12!). Then, depends on your issue, i paid for as much as RM 75 per phone call!

    And a piece of advise, don't book the ticket across the phone, especially if you have more than 1 passenger. Because giving the passenger's information and itinery alone cost you a fortune!!!

  15. I have wasted hours of my life trying to contact Air Asia in Australia and Air Asia in Bali.

    All I wanted to do was change the date of my flight. I sent emails, attempted logging in many times (conveniently the site did not work) and I even tried calling them multiple times.

    When I finally got through to them they hung up on me three times. This curiously occurred from thirty minutes until the 48 hour change cutoff. (I had been emailing for a month to attempt to get my flight changed).

    At 48 hours and 20 mins prior to my flight departure they refused to change my flight, citing 'system problems'. Then they hung up on me.

    I called back, then they said they could not change flights within 48 hours, blaming it on 'Jakarta time'. When I asked to speak to a manager they hung up on me again.


  16. Booked and paid for flights on 21st of September and just found out that there is no booking showing for me. Checked all the paperwork I printed out and it clearly shows the booking number and the money has been taken out of my bank account. Tried unsuccessfully to ring the airline via there crappy contact centre which keeps cutting me off after a couple of seconds. The website would have to be the most unfriendliest website I have ever been to. I just want to know what has happened to my booking and where is my money????

  17. Saya sebagai salah seorang penumpang air asia sangat tidak berpuas hati terhadap servis yang diterima di bahagian domestic baggage. Salah seorang pekerja di bahagian tersebut Nurul Aida yang bertugas di kaunter R58(LCCT, Kuala lumpur) jam 5.15 pm pada 24/11/2011 yang memberikan servis yang tidak memuaskan(kurang ajar). saya berharap pihak Air Asia dapat mengambil inisiatif yang sepatutnya di bahagian domestic laggage dalam menjadikan Air Asia sebagai penerbangan tambang murah dan servis yang terbaik. Jangankan nila setitik rosak susu sebelanga.

  18. I'm a traveller frm malaysia too.. They charge rm1.95 because they have many sales counters in malaysia which can do the same thing as call centre..It is reasonable for budget airlines to make money is to charge standard fare at call centre as cheap fares can be had online if booked early..If give everyone zero fare and charge cheap they sure bancrupt lah..You guys have to be reasonable as well not always condemn..all the info already in terms and conditions, so guys please read it up as people will be more informed and not get confused.. Air asia can improve but job well done so far..Thanks for letting the man on the street fly.

  19. We booked your AirAsia flight from Udonthani to Bangkok for 28 April 2012. Just a week ago, we received an email enclosed and flight details attached that our flight FD3367 ws cancelled and rescheduled to FD3365 at 5.40pm local thai time. We were upset with the following reasons:

    1. No reasons were given for the cancellation of our flight,

    2. The rescheduled flight was unilaterally given to us without any option or choice for our convenience. The rescheduled flight of 5.40pm meant that we had to miss our connecting flight from Bangkok to Singapore of another airline.

    3. When we called the Singapore AirAsia office,we were told that there was no Call Service Centre for FD flights! We were then advised to come down personally at the local offie to change our flight. This is inconvenient for me and my two friends in the cc list who had to come down to change our flight. The initial rescheduled flight was unacceptable to us.

    4. I am a wheelchair bound passenger and it was with great inconvenience for me to go down to your office to effect the change of our flight. In addition, your local office operates during office hours and our effort to go down personally is most inconvenience when a phone call should be the norm. Already faced with the inconvenience of the flight cancellation, no call centre service, unsuitable rescheduled flight and to come down personally is most unthinkable in today's business operations and a service oriented business such as the airline industry.

  20. Air Asia just changed our connecting flight from a nice comfortable 4 hours at KL to a now impossible 15 minutes! On top of that their call centres are just constantly recorded messages. I will never ever fly with them again....

  21. Very poor customer service. Only entice people to book but at crisis, cant get any customer service. I'm in a dilema now as my flight is on 27 Jan to Indonesia and now its on a state of emergency dus to flooding.
    I've been trying to get someone since morning and its now about 5 hours and no avail. The contact they have says its for client x premuim only. Eventhough I told them its very urgent. No attention!
    This ia bad and consumers who have not encountered this will be shocked one day should they encounter problems. Very sad we allow such servies in Singapore.