Air Asia Flights Australia to Malaysia

Air Asia offer long haul discount flights from Australia to Malaysia. This was Air Asia's first foray into the long haul market, which was followed by the launch of flights to China Hangzhou from Kuala Lumpur and most recently their push into the European market, flying to London Stanstead.

The Air Asia long haul flights come under the banner of AirAsia X.

Flights from Australia originate from the Gold Coast in Queensland, Melbourne in Victoria and Perth in Western Australia.

There are two seat classes - standard economy, and Premium XL Seats, offering longer seat width and legroom.

How have you found the long haul version of Air Asia from Australia to Malaysia?

Are the seats on Air Asia X flights suitable for long haul travel?

Do you think that the price difference with major airlines is worth it on long flights?

Any other issues on the Australia to Malaysia route?

Post your review and comments below.


  1. airasia has a stupid website which doesn't help ppl who search 4 accurate infos e.g : flight changes is nt available on online search

  2. Air asia can't help with changing the details of a passenger even if credit card payment was made by 1st passenger and requires the ex to send copy of passport giving no other options causing extra stress over a simple change of passenger i wish to take with me to enjoy a holiday I paid for????? WTF

  3. I have been waiting for AirAsia to fly from SYD to KL. Why the long wait? There must be so many passengers who want to fly budget to KL or SIN from SYD.

  4. Flown from KUL-PER-KUL in Oct 2009. Overall flight was OK. The thing that I didn't like was the fact that the IFE was a touch screen one. Whenever someone behind me select something on the screen, it irks the crap out of me coz the seat kept moving! ARGH.

    I think that if it was a touch screen IFE, it should be a portable one. Not sure if it's changed already but hopefully they did.

    Food was alright and seating was fine as I am not a big person.

    Trick is to get seat far behind as alot of people/families are crowding in the front of the plane with babies crying and people talking, making the flight really noisy.

    @Anon - 4.34am - I've read somewhere that they've already approve the KUL-SYD route but unsure of when they'll start flying.

    1. Now it get sue by the australians

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  7. i flew from saigon to bankock return it was a gr8 flight and good price ,