Air Asia Flight Cancellations

All airlines cancel flights from time to time. Air Asia are no different, cancelling flights and putting passengers on another plane. Cancellations are frustrating and costly to the passenger, meaning that arrangements have to be changed at the last minute, for such things as hotels, tours and meetings.

But it is unclear sometimes why flights are cancelled by Air Asia. In fact, trolling through some blogs, many people are suggesting that the reason Air Asia cancel flights is because that they are not full of passengers.

In other words, if Air Asia don't think that it is economic to run a flight - ie they don't think they will make money - they will cancel it. Passengers may be offered one of the following:

The next available flight
A flight to the same destination within 48 hours
A credit to the same value of the flight, to be used for a rebooking within 3 months

Of course sometimes planes at Air Asia are cancelled due to such things as mechanical failure, airport delay and/or closure and bad weather. But some Air Asia flights are cancelled well in advance of the scheduled departure, sometimes over a week prior.

Has one of your flights been cancelled by Air Asia?

How were you treated by Air Asia when notified of your flight cancellation?

Were the alternatives offered to you acceptable?

Any other issues, complaints or problems with Air Asia Plane flight cancellations?

Post your review and comments below.


  1. I recently changed an Air Asia flight online and was recharged for flight insurance, super size baggage and food. When I actually got on the flight I was told I had none of extras which I had clearly paid for. When I went to an Air Asia Office in Hanoi (because there is no where on their website to contact regarding an issue and there was no reply to my email complaint) the girl reviewed my flight and acknowledged the error but said I would have to contact Kuala Lumpur office to complain as she had no authority to refund the overcharge!! Pathetic Airline - Aboslutely Pathetic.
    Their customer service is the worst in the worlld.

  2. We accidently found out that our flight was rescheduled but we will not informed at all and will have to rearrange our connecting flight and pay a large amount of money and not counting the inconveniences. The airline should at least have the courtesy to inform us about the rescheduling of their flight and not let us find out last minute. What a lousy way to play on us!

  3. Air Asia Flight Cancellation. My flight from JB to Miri scheduled on 14 August is cancelled and move to 15 August...For what reason is this cancellation?I have a game on 15 August morning at Miri..Air Asia is stupid..They should refund us back instead to use the credit for the next pre booking flight..we choose the date because we have planned it..Why Air Asia can't refund?Wonder who approved this policy that did not protecting the customers?

  4. AirAsia's cancellation policy is deplorable. They cancelled my flight and move me to another one 5 hours away and didn't provide me and my family any explanation nor any gesture of goodwill. Meal vouchers would have been appreciated. Instead their staff were nonchalant towards the concerns and frustrations of the customers. Wonder whether Tony Fernandes really knows what's going on?

  5. My maid's flight to Surabaya for the Hari Raya Holidays was confirmed back in May 09. And yesterday, i was informed via SMS that her flight in Sept 09 has been cancelled! I strongly believe that the flight itself is not cancelled, but her ticket was cancelled and resold to someone willing to pay double what i paid for. ie the full price. Upon checking, the full price is RM641. I paid half back in May 09. Now you know.. Unethical SOBs!

  6. Just got an SMS message that our flight in January from Bangkok to Hanoi has been cancelled. This seems weird when we are only in the month of October. We have now been placed on an early morning flight that we cannot make, because our flight from London lands when the morning flight is taking off. The 3 mth credit note is no good either, because we are holiday makers from Europe. So Air Asia will now cost us two more flights. Can this really be fair?

  7. happened the same to me.i only knew they rescheduled the flight when i was in the check-in counter. so i will never make the connecting flight. and worst, the air asia personnel were not even apologetic for what happened. it ends up i have to buy mas ticket which is way higher..customer service sucks

  8. Unfortunately, it happen to me too… And the worst thing is I wasn’t been informed that the flight is cancel. Many thanks to Clement from Borneo Rainforest Resort, who read the news in M’sia and inform me to confirm with AirAsia on the flight schedule

    I called up AirAsia the next day and they confirm that ALL flights are cancel for whole of March. I was so pissed & disappointed with their service! There’s no notification from them to inform that flight is cancel, until I called up for confirmation. They are so unprofessional not to inform all passenager once they cancel the flight. Don’t they know that travellers have made other arrangement made, ie, land tour, hotel, etc. And all these have penalty charges on last min cancellation, which budget airline don’t compensate for.

    A company that don’t render such basic courtesy to their customer, I doubt they deserve us to travel with them.

  9. Guess what ? Happened to me and my cousins as well .Bloody Airasia canceled our flights ,didn't even bother to call ,they just e-mailed .

    Called them up hoping for another option ,so they offered a re-route which was yet to be comfirmed .been waiting for 2 weeks now . . . .really pissed off .

  10. In case the flight D72009 on April 28 from London to Kuala Lumpur is going: We are in Portugal and we need to get from Faro to London Stansted with Ryan Air on April 28.
    We booked that flight, but due to all cancellations, we don’t think that we'll be in London in time to catch the Kuala Lumpur Flight D72009. We can not reach you - your email box is full - to inform you about this problem. How can we change our flight to a later date?????!!!!!

  11. Supposed to be flying Saigon to Bangkok tomorrow morning with a day to spare to activate the last 3 months of our Thai non imm O visas. Got a text message 30mins ago (less than 8 hours before the flight leaves) to say it has been cancelled. Now we are totally screwed, their office doesn't open for another 9 hours and same as peeps above, we have a reconnecting flight already booked and are going to have to fork out and pay for a different flight as AirAsia have given us no notice. What a bunch of TW**S. I am so annoyed right now!

  12. While they are buzzing because of the free-seats-give-away, there is no chance to reach them. Contacting Airasia, during office hours, through "live" gives back the message to contact them during office hours. Nothing works. I can not even book a flight. Buzzing Buzzing. Why do they not open an extra booking site for people that simply want to book a flight or who want to change their booking online?

  13. Airasia canceled our flight to Miri from Singapore by simply SMS to my mobile, and instructing me to call a Malaysian phone (to confirm) that was forever engagaed! I tried the Singapore office phone with the same results! I feedback from their website and I tried it 3 times before a human finally called me (2 weeks had passed). They don't even offer alternatives using another airline. Yes, I wanted a full refund to my card and I (and my friends) will NEVER buy their cheapo story!!!!

    Air Asia is NOT the best budget airline! In fact it is worst than I thought despite all the "cheapskate" advertisements - it is all bullshit!!

    My advise: buy heavy travel insurances including sudden flight cancellation (without a valid reason) for these temperamental airlines. If not, bypass them altogether! They don't deserve our patronage with lousy customer support (like calling the "customer care" numbers) which the most basic of doing business.

  14. Air Asia are thieves, I've been stung by them on several occasions. I don't use air asia unless I am forced to or someone else is paying. Any problem and you most likely end up rebooking another flight.

    Also their customer support sucks. Once when I had to do a rebooking, both the thai and singapore support lines were down, and malaysia was premium rate so I couldn't get it from Thailand. I ended up calling Air Asia in Taiwan, who quoted me an incorrect and much higher price, before I actually travelled to the airport to their booking desk and sorted it out in person.

    Air Asia - Cheap and nasty.

  15. "Air Asia - Cheap and nasty."

    Actually, I take that back. They aren't cheap. Often they are more expensive than Nok Air or Bangkok Airlines or other carriers in Thailand.

  16. My flight from Perth to KL was cancelled. AirAsia said that their aircraft order have not arrived.They offered me to take a morning flight or refund, I chose morning flight. But five days after I sent the email, I haven't heard anything from them. I tried to call to KL, it seemed to be an automatic answering system, still no clue. I keep wondering whether I can fly on that day or not. I have another fly to catch. So, AirAsia is really crap! !

  17. Hi, I got the same problem, my flight from Perth to KL was canceled due to the delay of new air craft delivery, i sent them 6 emails directly after getting that message, asking that i prefer to move my flight to next flight, but after waiting six days, i haven't got any reply yet, then i tried to call the customer service at 1300760330 for 6 times, and they kept saying that the person in charge would call me back within 24 hours, after being sick of waiting, today i get the clue that they move my flight to the next flight, but they reroute my connection flight to JKT, take no responsibility for JKT to PDG flight..

  18. Seems that AirAsia don't care about their clients. My flight from KL to Perth was also cancelled and I'm still looking for some kind of problem solution and that already a week. I have made lot of calls and written mails but nothing. And now I don't know nothing when my flight is!

  19. Got an SMS and an email that our flight kul mel this October has been cancelled due to delay of delivery of aircraft. Don't think I believe this reason.
    I answered their email to chnage my flight to the options that they gave.Hope they will asnwer back to confirm.
    No human answers their call center in Australia..only answering machines.
    With so many cancellations of flights and AA adding other routes, I can't understand why they are allowed to do so.
    Is there no regulating department in the aviation industry to oversee that airlines such as AA could not just cancel so many flights to the inconvenience and additional costs for hotels, missed paid tours, etc?

  20. What a nightmare, had a great trip with Air Asia last July so talked them up to family and friends. Myself and my father, 6 other family members and 5 people I work with have all booked flights to KL and beyond for the school holidays starting tomorrow and we have all had at least one if not both flights cancelled due to "delay in delivery of new plane" My flight up was cancelled with a email/sms then in reply to an email (24 hours later) they put me on another flight a day earlier. Two days later another email/sms to say the flight home was now cancelled as well - same reason. This time round sent email but still have not heard back 50 hours later, due to leave in 48 hours and dont know how I am getting back. Meanwhile all other family members and friends are in similar situation. This is unbelievable - mass cancellations of dozens of flights, thousands of people from perth effected, AA's email system not coping, no replies to emails, if delay in delivery of a plane is the reason they have had plenty of time to deal with this instead of endlessly cancelling flights. Not a good sign, maybe this airline is going under - they are operating like a company in crisis at the moment - avoid at all costs!!!

  21. We have had the same experience as anon. sept. 23. Flight to KL on 20/9 cancelled (email notification14/9)and rescheduled to next day without problem. On arr at KL notified return trip cancelled too. Emailed at first opportunity on the 22/9 accepting one of the offered alternatives (for 1st Oct.) but no response to email after 6 days. Efforts to contact via live chat and 'premium' customer service line (which charges for the priveledge of interacting with a human) failed/ rang out. Finally at 9pm on the 28/9 rang the Aust. 1300 number from KL and connected to a live person who: would offer no explanation as to why emails hadnt been responded to; maintained the claim that the non-arrival of aircraft and unparalelled response to promotions was the cause of cancellations and overload of communication options; advised there was now no flight on the 1st of Oct. (the alternative accepted in my email response to them on the 22/9); and advised that appart from the flight leaving at 2350 that day there was nothing available until 15/10. Obviously such a delay was unacceptable and we opted to take the flight. An email advising of our changed itinerary was sent (twice) within 15 minutes of this decision and we packed our bags and rushed to the airport. Fortunately we were staying with family which made it possible to get to the airport in time.
    That's how they treat a "Valued Guest" - with dishonesty and lack of concern. Never again.

  22. I used to write direct to Tony Fernandez blog and once a upon a time he would read people's comments but these days I dont think Tony Fernandez reads his own blog. He never responds. Besides that the majority of people that comment on his blog a crawlers. Tony Fernandez, if you cancel my flight one more time for your "operational reasons" I will demand you pay for a MAS alternative.

  23. Sekadar perkongsian pengalaman dan luahan rasa. Mohon pihak pengurusan Airasia mengambil perhatian. Baru2 ini saya telah ke Perth, Austarlia. Satu keganjilan, beberapa minggu sebelum berlepas ke Perth no. flight saya untuk kembali dari Perth ke KL tidak muncul dalam jadual penerbangan. Memandangkan kerisauan yang tinggi tersangkut di negara orang sebelum bertolak ke Perth saya telah mengambil langkah2 untuk mendapatkan kepastian di atas kehilangan no. flight tersebut.
    1. Membuat semakan status penerbangan dalam WEb Airasia "Manage My Booking" keputusannya Penebangan saya confirm ( Tidak ada perubahan masa). Tak puashati ambil lgi langkah kedua
    2. Telefon pusat perkhidmatan pelanggan. Mereka kata dalam sistem o.k takde perubahan. Tak puas hati lagi ambil langkah ke 3
    untuk dapatkan kepastian
    3. Hantar email bertanya tentang status dan masalah penerbangan saya...sampai sekarang takde jawapan
    4. Saya bertanya di Pejabat Airasia Airport beberapa jam sebelum berlepas ke Perth (face to face) tentang status penerbangan balik saya dari Perth nanti..mereka kata "ok" confirm takde perubahan

    Apabila tiba hari saya balik dari Perth beberapa hari yang lepas....penerbangan balik saya ke KL tidak wujud di Perth Airport seperti mana yang tercatat dalam tiket saya.

    Apa jadi dengan sistem semakan "Manage My Booking tu ?..apa jadi dengan jawapan yang diberikan oleh kakitangan Airasia tu ? dan apa jadi dengan email saya yang masih tidak berbalas..?

    Saya bersedia memeberi butiran terperinci tentang maklumat penerbangan saya jika pihak Airasia berminat...........

    Penumpang Tersadai.....di Perth.

  24. I used Air Asia a lot, and have only two cancellations, with the flights moved backwards. However, I have a flight in August, seven months in the future, cancelled without any replacement flight. I was told AA does not fly from Taipei to Bangkok anymore although the schedule says otherwise. Curious.


  25. Hi All,

    This was the mail I got.. I've another flight on the 31st onwards to London, and now?? will i have to wait 3 nights at the airport or what?? they have tunehotels right? so let tony pay for that now??? By the way I never got cancellations.. But this is the second with air asia? surprising?

    this is the mail:

    Dear Valued Guest,

    We refer to your flight D72725 on [Wednesday, 30th March 2011] to LCC Terminal, Kuala Lumpur, scheduled to depart at 0125hrs from Melbourne International Airport.

    We regret to inform you that the above flight has been CANCELLED, due to operational reasons

    Please contact us at, quoting your booking number, if you
    • You want to move* to the closest flights to your original flight as follows:
    - D72723 on [Wednesday], [30th March 2011], departing at 1025hrs, arriving in Kuala Lumpur at 1600hrs;
    • You wish to move* to any of our other Melbourne - Kuala Lumpur flights of your choice;
    • You wish to cancel your ticket and request for a refund;
    • Should you have any connecting flights on AirAsia/AirAsia X, we will also move* them accordingly; or
    • Should you have any concerns you would like us to address.

    *at no cost, subject to availability

    Also, please find attached a letter confirming the retime for your travel insurance provider should you require it.

    We apologize for the inconvenience caused. We truly appreciate your valued patronage and we look forward to welcoming you back again soon.

  26. D. Beckett (Thailand)February 5, 2011 at 7:43 AM

    My parents flight to Kuala Lumpur from London Stanstead was cancelled today, with no prior warning.

    The reason they gave for this specific cancellation was that they were "assisting with the humaitarian effort of repatriating people suffering crises in Egypt".... please! What on Earth do AirAsia have to do with the humaitarian effort in Cairo and Egypt? Why do Malaysian businessmen now suddenly care about Egypt?

    They do not fly there. They're just laying on planes as they're so extra specially nice!? Yeah right.

    Maybe there are Malay officials there that need to get out. That's the only thing I could think of. Apparently Malaysia has no air force or military aircraft!

    I think this is an out and out lie.

    Initially AirAisa were reluctant to offer a refund and were trying to force my parents onto a flight leaving 4 days later.

    It's too little too late, I have booked 5* accommodation for my parents here in Thailand and it has all been affected. It is a great inconvenience for me to change all my bookings and it certainly was not free. Not to mention the 4* hotel my father booked in KL for the night.

    Finally a full refund was offered.

    Thanks AirAsia for runing the holiday of a lifetime for my parents.

    The rebooked tickets with Thai Airways were more costly, but I know you get what you pay for with Thai Airways.

    Sufficed to say, I will NEVER fly with AirAsia again nor will I recommend them to anyone I meet in my job in the travel sector.

    A second-rate airline.

  27. Suspension of Kuala Lumpur – Haikou & Penang - Macau flights from 29 March 2011 onwards.

    Have 3 return tickets booked for Penang - Macau flight for April and now the flight is cancelled.

    Looks like AirAsia is taking consumers for a ride. Refund is no use as consumers have to pay for penalty for hotel bookings, etc.

    New tag line:
    "Now Everyone Cannot Fly"

  28. If you call Australia phone number, the line goes to Kuala Lumpur.

    in KUL they won't know about Airasia X flights. But they can escalate the case to Airasia X. Now Airasia X has its own call centre in Kuala Lumpur
    same place with Malaysia Airasia.

    Any complaints regarding the call centre or ground handling,
    email to

    He is the COO of Airasia.
    Or email to
    call +60386604333

  29. That stranded passenger in Perth : The case is strange.
    Any complaints email to

    He is the COO of Airasia.
    Or email to
    call +60386604333

  30. BOOKING NO. YCE95x
    PLS MOVE MY FLT KUL-BOM TO 13/05/2011 AND BOM -KUL TO 18/05/2011

  31. I booked a flight from Penang to Macau on 1st of Nov. I was informed by my friend she can't book the same flight as it was no longer available. Then I called Airasia today and only TODAY they told me the flight was cancelled. I have pay up for all the hotel booking and arranged all the travel needs and they didnt inform me after they have cancelled the flight months ago?

    Kindly let me know who is the person I should deal with this issue. They told me that they cant change the flight from KL to Macau for the same day and asked me to re-book again.

    They said they will refund, but after 30 days from today. You mean I should book another flight while waiting for the refund to return?

    Please enlighten me on this issue.

    E.S. Lee

  32. My flight I supposed at 2.45pm, waited in the airport, until 8.30pm, ground crew announce there will be a replacement of aircraft from Jakarta to Bali and arriving soon...until 11pm, every1 r shouting at air Asia counter...then only the crew said the flight not able to fly over to Bali, is air Asia wan to cheat people?? Wan us to wait until the next day in the airport? Can save air Asia hotel $ for all the passenger? Wat the idiot idea of Tony?? Because air Asia don't have money to fly another aircraft to Bali...Tony: if u don't do promotion...I think ur airline will bankrupt! Cause u r collecting the cash in advanced...if one one buy...ur airline will close down...not every can fly...better change to air Asia everyone won't fly...damn lousy airline...including the crew all r cheating! Big cheater airline!

  33. Air Asia Flight Cancellation Never again! Ruined our honeymoon. Absolute NO communication or attempt to communicate to us of our cancelled flight which was booked a year prior. Our return flight in Nov 2011 from Phuket to KL was cancelled without any communication and we had only found out because we had called them the day before our trip to double check even though the web site said nothing of the cancellation. Even worse no refund given for our connecting return flight from KL to Melbourne due to their mistake and lack of communication, and used the excuse that they were Air Asia X and the connecting flight was with Air Asia which wasn’t the same company. We cancelled our return flight minus the refund and booked with a much better and organised carrier direct from Phuket to Melbourne. They cancelled the flight, not us! Never again

  34. I find that it is best to recheck the timings of your flight, 1-2 weeks before you go. I do the online check in . AirAsia have always told me about changes well in advance, except once, but i learned my lesson.

  35. hi, i am one of the passenger affected by cancellation of X route.
    I have received a no-reply email telling me the above news and offer me 3 options but i need to wait for another no time specified email come to me to REALLY sort things out.
    I would like to choose option 3 which is book with the other airline with no additional cost but subject to availability.
    I have checked with MAS, they have seats available for me, for your info we are 5 people in total.
    NOW, when will i expect to receive the 2nd email to sort things out?as i m not afford to call air asia which is RM1.95/min?????is that possible by the time i received your email,there are no more seats and i will be forced to choose for option 1 or 2???
    I could see that by having a so called option 3(which also published in local newspaper) just a bogus option, to keep the company image.If air aisa is sincere, they will open a line for us to call or maybe allow us to make arrangement asap not ask us to wait without time specified until we have no option left???this is unfair
    i hope air asia could do it nicely really honest to your customer.
    thank you

  36. It has been 6 days since Air Asia cancel my flights to UK from Perth. I have had 1 email saying we will be contact and even though i have called, email there has been no further response.

    I cannot be the only person in this situation but why is there no talk of this on blog such as this ?

  37. we are suffering by the airasia x route cancellations.our scheduled trip to paris is in the first week of april with all hotel booking completed nonrefundably. after mailing nth times we were assured of alternate flights but the same has not been confirmed or alternate flights offerred in reality.we are awaiting for 10 days without any reply to our further mails.we will not get the visas for the different countries in such short time if they don't give us ticket within the next 3 to 4 days.we have already sanctioned leave from office.when asked for a full refund they are not ready to refund our connecting home country to kul flights for getting the connecting european flights treating the same as separate bookings.they are rejoicing japan & other new flights and their new dragon painted planes while thousands like me suffer.

  38. Our flight was also cancelled to the UK from Perth and we are still waiting for the second e-mail, as they had stated to us all. I've tried to contact them by phone, but was unsuccessful. We have sent them an e-mail and said they would be in contact within 5 days, it's the 6th day today and no reply as yet. It's Air Asia that has caused us all this inconvenience, they should be more professional, employ more staff, so they can deal with this matter ASAP. There are 5 of us and they have a few thousand dollars sitting pretty in their bank account, making interest. NOT FAIR. I will be looking for an ombudsman if this isn't dealt with ASAP.

  39. Our flight to Paris was also cancelled. I have emailed them every single day since they sent the offer of alternative flights 2 weeks ago and have still received no reply. They obviously want us to use the insurance but we're flying from Taiwan to Paris then home to Perth so the cost with an alternative airline was over AUD$12,000!! The way Air Asia has treated us all is appalling. Maybe we should be looking at a class action as what they are doing is just sooooo wrong. I will never ever fly them again and would advise everyone to avoid them.

  40. Has anyone out there been notified of an actual flight move to Europe during the month of April. I have prepaid (non-refundable) flight/hotel/auto/train tickets paid for in Europe and Air Asia doesn't even reply to my e-mail to let me know if flights will actually be arranged. I think this breach of contract is appauling, a good airline would take care of their customers and come through at least three months in advance of peoples travel to allow corrections to travel plans that take hours to accomplish. I hope their emails confirming that all passengers will be taken care of is true but I'm beginning to believe they're just stalling and not accomplishing a thing for the customer. Someone out there prove this to be wrong.

  41. Their email confirming that all passengers will be taken card is not true. At least for my case. My travel date to Europe is on early of April Easter Holiday, my email has not replied and we made a few calls to Air Asia London. For first and mid of February their answer is Pre-flight team still making arrangement. Yesterday, we called again after waiting for 3 weeks. We were told they have made the arrangement to shorten our trip for 2 days without our consent. I am doubt whether they have made the arrangement because until now we have not received the itinerary and email confirmation.
    I guess for whatever arrangement that you make is at your own risk. Yes, it is unfair and disappointed.

  42. any one got any confirmation??!!! how can we push them to confirm or at least talk to us??!!

  43. The cancellations by AirAsia are coming thick and fast now, no warning, just by other travelers who try to book further tickets do we find out. Next to go Christchurch then Gold Coast and today official announcement for Darwin

    AirAsia Indonesia realigns network and withdraws from Darwin
    by AirAsia Australia on Saturday, 3 March 2012 at 13:44 ·
    Due to increases in world fuel prices and weakening demand, AirAsia Indonesia has confirmed that it will be withdrawing its Bali to Darwin service with the last flight to be 29th April, 2012.

    Dharmadi, CEO of AirAsia Indonesia said, "This decision is part of our key strategy to remain competitive. In this highly challenging business environment, we deem it necessary to maximise the utilisation of our fleet and resources.”

    The airline now concentrates on optimising its high-demand and high-yield routes in order to maintain operational efficiencies.

    "Australia has always been an important market to AirAsia Indonesia, and we will continue to serve the Denpasar - Perth route with three flights a day," said Dharmadi.

    Affected passengers have begun to be notified in regards to the withdrawal and alternative arrangements being offered.

    Passengers have the option to:

    a) Cancel their reservation with the option of receiving a full refund, or receive a credit for use on other flights within the AirAsia network.

    b) Move their booking to a flight on the same route on a date before 30th April 2012 at no additional cost.


    c) AirAsia will transfer the booking to an alternative airline with a similar schedule at no additional cost. In case there is no available seat on the original date of travel, passengers may move the flight to another date within 5 (five) days prior/after the original flight schedule. Choice of the alternative airline is at the discretion of AirAsia Indonesia and is subject to availability.

    Passengers are able to contact the AirAsia call centre in Australia on 1300 760 330 or email

  44. Bought ticket from MEL - KUL last December from SYD. AA announced direct flight from KUL - SYD (vice versa) right after then. How I'd wish they announce route cancellation from MEL - SYD so I could direct SYD - KUL. *Crossing finger* :(

  45. My flight from London to Kl 2nd March 2012 then Kl to Perth arriving 4th March was cancelled due to 'operational problems' and changed so I was to leave London to KL 4th March arriving in Perth 6th March, two days after the date I had originally booked for. Long story short, I have only just emailed air asia (very difficult to find an email to send a complaint too, and did not want to call as customer service is useless) with in 2 hours I have received a reply and a credit to be used with in 3 months (although I am worried about flying with Air Asia again) Here are some emails that may be useful - AAX UK Support (; Sumathi Utama Seelan (; Amardeep Singh Cheema (; Gethanchaly A/P Peramal @ Perumal (; Hanie Izawatie (

    I got received a quick reply from -

    Good Luck.

  46. booked and paid for tickets for Europe and return 18 months ago for 3 adults.
    Air Asia even accepted payment for extra return ticket December 2012 and then advised they would not be honouring booked tickets.
    they offered that we could either have refund or alternative carriers. Despite assurances that seats to Europe have been booked (by phone after hours of trying to get through), we have never had any confirmation of those bookings and nil action on the return tickets for a month later. Air asia is hiding from scrutiny and from access from customers. the least they could do is have a special number or Email to contact and sort the problems.Air Asia has nil contact options and no real efforts being made to fix a problem they have created with poor business planning. They are clearly an airline to avoid.We are ensuring that all our contacts aviod this airline, they do not care about customers.

  47. Air Asia wrote me that my flight May 3. to Paris will be with Malaysia Airline at May 2. Than they called me to let me know that this flight is full...They promised me to find me a earlier flight to Paris ( I have had a connection flight to Berlin at May 3.)but they did not call back.... so I needed to booked a new flight on my own with a other airline. Air Asia is playing a very dirty game with there clients!

  48. We have the same issue - flight from perth to london has been cancelled.........

    Is there anyone out there who is able to advise how they went and how close to the flight date they were contacted regarding the new flight details? I have also been advised that there have been seats reserved for myself and my partner on an alternative flight but apparently do not have the details on hand of what flight it is and apparently we are 'not a priority at this stage'. Our flights are not until September but we are going to attend a wedding and we have arranged to arrive 3 days prior...... we are a little inflexible with the change dates hence why we are wanting a reply from someone......... anyone regarding this. If we are going to be shafted, I will request a refund and rebook with another airline, one that gives 2 hoots about their customers............

    would really appreciate any feedback regarding how you went if you successfully transferred to another flight or if you were messed about and how close to the flight date that was.

    Thanks guys and good luck to those of you stuck like us!!!

  49. We had a bad experience with this Airline.A friend of mine who reserved our flights got SMS from Air Asia on fri 22feb that the flight from Colombo to BKK on 25 feb 13 is cancelled and moved on 27 feb 13 .It's really bad manner for not sending some email to apologize or some reason why the flight is cancelled but the worst not begin yet until I made a call to Call Center for the details.The lady who names Wallaya didn't make it clear about my questions ,she let me hanged on the phone for long time and answered my questions with sound like a bitch and I didn't get any reasons and her answered really upset me.My question No.1 was about the refunds,Why do we have to pay for luggage even we were not flying.You cancelled this flight not our mistakes and we're inconvenient to take the flight in that day .So, we need to refund but why do we have to pay ? Our round trip for 3 persons is about 17,100 Baht (it's not promo price) but we will get money back about 13,000 baht or something .The answer was that our policy! We didn't want to move it but you're moving it? so, why do we have to pay for that? The same reason: Our policy (She's a robot?)My question No.2 How long we will get money back ?She said,30 office days means about 2 months ..Why it's taking so far? for sure! she's a robot : Our policy.
    Your policy can't be flexible? her brain didn't work just turn to silent...and let me waited for a while and back again to give me a stupid answer , about your money that our policy to give you in that period and you have to pay for baggage ,you just can get your money about 13,000 baht but i will let you know later that you will get more money or not then I asked her, How do we know and when? she said,I don't know you just write to Air Asia website directly. before I asked these questions,she told me that we have 3 choices.
    1. postpone without fee if we're flying within 14 days( pre 14 14 days)
    2. Make a credit shell ,we have 90 days.
    3. Refunds but can not get the whole money.Why do we have to pay for luggage even though the airline cancel.
    I posted on their fb page and asked about why do I have to pay then after nearly 2 days they just replied that in this case I will get all the money,call center gave the wrong information.that's it!? but call center repeat it many times that's their policy.No details? No reason why the flight is cancelled but when my friend asked them they said that flight is full,So,What is the real reason? and if you want to call them they will let you wait for a long time and they give you the wrong information? hahaha stupid! and to inform you ,they just text you in short msg like this:Attn!! Air Asia flight FD2688 from Colombo to Bangkok on 25 feb 13 is cancelled.Moved to FD2688 on 27 Feb 13 at 0935 hrs.Pls call 6625215999 (Thai) or 18605008000(India) No email,no details,no apologize, and for fight to get your money back ,it's happened to my friends also ,at first ,they won't give your money back you need to pay for luggage even you're not fly but my friend complain them and then they can get your money back but 2 months left ,they didn't get it yet. if you don't complain you don't get your money back? They just give the reason that policy! and take too long to get the money. they said within 30 offices days.

  50. please help me how to rebook my flight

  51. My flight sched is on Monday,July 16,2012.I want to know how to rebook it on Tuesday,July17,2012.I am based here in the Philippines.My first time to travel.Please tell me where the Manila office or phone number of Airasia.Thanks.

    1. if you want to change your date then contact on this number then can suggest you anything.. and they change your departing date as-well.. try to call earlier ...ct#02033071786

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  54. On the 24/5/13 I received an email from Air Asia Philippines saying that my flight from KL to Clark had been re scheduled and that I would be advised of the change. To date, I have received nothing from them about the new schedule.

    What's are other peoples experience with dealing with AA flight re schedules.

  55. Airline changed my flights and offered a refund for all 3 passengers I had paid for, went through the process of claiming back my money using their website and as of today they have yet to complete the 100% refund to my card. THIS WAS IN MAY AND NOW IT IS NEARLY MID JUNE !!
    Can't get through on the Thai phone lines, I press the relevant number for English and get some Thai message and then it hangs up on me !

    The online messaging service is takes upto 5 days before you get a reply and the email you receive is non repliable, so if you have a question about the message you get you have to go online and fill yet another message and wait and so forth and so on.....
    I am not impressed with their customer service at all, there IS NO CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!

  56. Air Asia reaaly sucks bigtime! Our Flight(4 of us) was scheduled frm Clark-Singapore roundtrip this coming August 3to5, 2013. Previously on June 2013, they just sent us a messgae that our flight would be rescheduled to some unknown date due to operational reasons. Of course, I did reply. I wanted them to elaborate what are those 'operational reasons' they are talking about. Also, they dont know how much inconvenience they are making to people (if ever, how about our bookings? our tickets? our plans?) They don't value the welfare of their customers. Then they did reply that our flight will push through as scheduled. Nonetheless, a month after. Just this July, a month before our flight. They've sent another email saying that all Clark-Singapore flight starting Aug 1 and onwards are cancelled. This really messed me up! They have given several options but those options are really nonsense. What if we really had plan that date because we are upto an special event? Also all the plans and inconveniences it have caused us is not compensated with their options. Really DISAPPOINTING!! It was my first time to book in Air Asia and I am really frustrated with this airline. Furthemore, their customer service really sucks as well! They won't answer your query properly!!

  57. Flight cancel due to air safety violation. Till for 2 months, I have been waiting to the refund. They just show status that the refund will be in process, but never happen. Yesterday was its 60 days due time for refund, where is my $$$????

  58. fell ill in kathmandu so could not board flight to kuala lumpur,sent doctors note to air asia.they sent back an email stating doctors note does not meet their standard requirements well ill tell you ,anywhere else it would.,letterheaded, signed, dated etc.i asked them please be more specific what exactly do they require.5 emails i got stating nothing only does not meet standard requirements...
    her name is gethanchaly of customer care haha customer care.dont know what to do next any advise

  59. On arrival at Krabi Airport Thailand, our suitcase containing all our medication, clothing, charging devices and personal effects was missing. Filled in the Property Irregularity Report and advised to continue on to our hotel where we would be contacted when, or if, our suitcase turned up. Two weeks into our holiday and, despite numerous phone calls and emails by us to check the status of the search, received about three emails and two phone calls from their Krabi Airport. Customer service appallingly bad.