Airport Terminal Facilities Quality Air Asia

Many of the airports that Air Asia fly into are the main airport for that destination. For example, the Air Asia X carrier flies into Melbourne, Tullamarine, and Coolanagatta, Gold Coast. Even on many of the regional Asian flights, destinations such as Bali and Phnom Penh are serviced by Air Asia using the main airports for those cities.

But because of the low cost carrier status of Air Asia, they are always on the look out for cheaper, less central airports to use. This is the case with the LCCT terminal in Kuala Lumpur. Standing for Low Cost Carrier Terminal, this airport is near the main International airport in Kuala Lumpur, but is specifically designed to handle budget airlines such as Air Asia. If you want to transfer to the main airport, you need to allow time to get there, at least 45mins.

On the AirAsia X flight into London, the airport is London Stansted, which is about 90mins by bus outside London Central.

These budget terminals are usually just that - budget, without the frills and expense that you will see at main terminal buildings such as London Heathrow. That is usually how low cost carriers save money, and by which they claim to offer you lower fares.

Sometimes, these Airports are well outside the city area that you are intending to visit. The european budget carrier Ryanair have mastered this approach. Many of their airport destinations are so far outside the city area, its a bit hard to believe that they can still label the destination the same name. For instance, their flight to Paris goes to Beauvais, about 2 hours away from the city. Not even the locals would call that Paris.

So don't expect anything too flashy when you get to a specific low cost terminal. However, that doesn't mean that basic facilities, or good transfer arrangements shouldn't exist.

How have you found the facilities at Air Asia's terminals?

Does the LCCT in Kuala Lumpur meet acceptable standards?

What other airports does Air Asia fly to that aren't the central terminal for that city?

Any other issues, complaints or problems with Air Asia's Terminal facilities?

Post your review and comments below.


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  3. saya booking tiket promo airasia a.n Nana Muhamad rizal no paspor W461987 terbang tgl 2 maret 2011 tujuan malaysia. saya baru pertama kali. dan saya bertanya ke loket airasia, tp tidak ada yg peduli. dan saya gagal terbang.
    apakah ada kebijakan dari airasia untuk tiket yang sudah saya beli ?

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  5. Using Gold Coast (Coolangatta) Airport is actually a cheap and clever way of servicing Brisbane. Gold Coast Airport is about an hour's drive from Brisbane - Australia's third biggest city.

  6. Using Gold Coast (Coolangatta) Airport is actually a cheap and clever way of servicing Brisbane. Gold Coast Airport is about an hour's drive from Brisbane - Australia's third biggest city.

  7. Jan 2012- I flew from bangalore - Kulalampur - Singapore & back. I would recommend airasia to all.No frills .Very low priced tickets ,No delay flights, Efficient ground staff, Polite cabin crew, New and clean aircraft, good food, easy booking facility on line . People taller than 5'10'' may face leg space issue ,for flight duration more than say 8 hrs--But they can choose their seats online.One has to read the terms and conditions fully and understand them before booking. Low cost airport terminal has all the facilities for all people.

  8. Disappointed with the Bali Air Asia Counter! I just had a bad experience at Air Asia Counter (Bali/Denpasar)... I've check twice in the morning the our luggage, is weight 28kg, however when i check in luggage with my friend, the counter claimed our luggage exceeded the amount of 31.6kg that we purchased.

    We were surprised and we were told to pay the extra charge of Rp$ 125,000 (which sum up to around RM40. After discussing with my friend, we decide to take out some item in order to check-in. When we were un-packing, its happened that there's a weighing machine right beside us. Guess what??? We tried putting everything onto the machine and it turned out to be 28.6kg only!

    So we when back to the counter to check-in.... and this time another problem raised, the same lady was telling us that one of the item we planned to hand carry were not allowed at the security check-point as its a wooden carving i.e. its fall under security law as dangerous item that might injured other passenger. If i decide to check-in, i definitely need sting-wrap it and its cost us Rp$ 100,000 (RM34). It seem like that had been over charging for the simple sting-wrap, because i've worked in logistic company and i know those things doesn't cost much. In fact at Malaysia Airport its only cost RM 10 (i.e. Rp$ 30,000).

    I realized, that somehow they seems to find ways for us to pay charge extra. There's a security guard who had been mingling around the area and speak Jawanese with the counter (which we dont understand at all, unless if they spokes in Indonesia). This whole scenarios had created a long que, not just our lane, but the other lane there's another guy who face similar problem due to his golf-set.

    We ended up a helpful Malaysian, who offer us to check-in together the luggage, while i walk toward the counter wrapping the item, this so called security guard walk over and again spoke in Jawanese with the people in the counter. Ended up the counter claimed it cost Rp$100,000 for the wrapping. I just kept silent and looking at the security guard for almost 2-3minutes and without long he walked away. I spoke to the counter i only have Rp$25,000 as i need to keep some change for the Airport Tax, which sum up to about RM Rp$ 150,000 (standard). As the a short convincing session, he accepted Rp$25,000 and done a simple wrapping for me that not even take 2-minutes.

    Well i seriously think Air Asia which always had been good reputation of decent flight with budget air fare so that "Everyone Can Fly" should seriously look into this kind of matter. I understand that the corruption, is beyond the control however AirAsia staff shall not be influence and get involved. Till now i', still wondering what really happen to the check-in counter who claim my 31.6kg, and we wondering where is the extra 3.6kg comes from? Was it a trick? or its just away they look for extra income?

  9. Air Asia, why you ALWAYS do this?

  10. This the worst air line, I ever tried. Bad service, Staff is not friendly, On the counter they argue for 500 gms overweight baggage. To go in or out the plane, you need to use stairs. Transit time in KL, there was only 2 counter and 1 xray machine so we have to wait 2 hours in queue with 2 children. No carry-on bag for infant. They do not have plain milk in the plane so you cannot even purchase milk for your infant, if needed (and you must need in 11 hour flight so please get formula milk with you). We purchased veg food but could not eat that because food was worst than your town's cheapest takeaway. No space to move your legs. No entertainment.

    When we booked ticked then we thought that we will save $400 with this, but we end up with same amount when we paid for Baggage + food + booking fees + Seat Reservation (as they provided the far away seat for my 2 year old daughter so we had to pay Seat Reservation fee for all to sit with my daughter).

  11. They seem to have a good quality here. I think I'll try this when I will get a chance to travel in Asia.

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  13. Air Asia gives the best cheap flights like flights to Honolulu and other flights that they offer. Hope that they expand more flights around the world.

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