Customer Service & Support Quality at AirAsia

In order to survive, most businesses need to ensure that they provide good customer support and service. But can the same be said of Air Asia?

Because one of the things that makes Air Asia unique is that it is a budget airline which operates on many routes without competition. In other words, on some sectors, no other airline can even come close to the price that Air Asia charge for their flights.

What that can mean is that without competition, so long as the airline meets basic standards and conditions, great or even good customer service may be one of the things that isn't essential for companies like Air Asia to survive.

Many blogs and websites indicate some frustration with the level of customer service provided by Air Asia. That doesn't mean that it is all bad, but some people do have some concerns with the ability of Air Asia to provide good service and effective problem resolution. Given the complaint process at Air Asia isn't what most people would consider to be perfect, perhaps there are some genuine issues with the airline.

What do you think about the level of customer service or support at Air Asia?

Have you had a problem with Air Asia and been treated well or badly?

Any other issues, complaints or problems with Air Asia's Customer Service and Support?

Post your review and comments below.


  1. What customer service? There's none when AirAsia don't answer their phone lines.

    1. Agree! Air Asia Customer Care is so terrible!!!

  2. Refused being allowed to travel to Yangon, DESPITE having confirmation document from tour operator of visa on arrival.

    Air Asia's manageress in Bangkok was rude and uncaring about the fact that I would miss the tour if unable to leave on the once a day flight.

    Finally, she reluctantly agreed to call AA in Burma and they apparently confirmed the refusal !

    I then left check in--after 1 hr --to try and return to Phuket, when was then told to rush back to check in as Yangon office called to say their mistake !

    I then had to become a sprinter to get to the gate with literaly minutes to spare--a very disappointing experience from a past satisfied and regular AA pasenger.

  3. susah btul la nk becakap dgn customer service officer...selalu engage...hbis kredit je wt panggilan...

  4. There is not customer service at all. I had been try from morning 9.30 am to now 4.20 pm, more than hundred call had make, but no call was being pick up. Cheers for your no service.
    My ticket has been double due to your stupid website, stupid messange saying that error, then i book again, is double now, fine, not one answer call, I am going to file the dispute with my credit card centre!

  5. I have waited on the telephone twice for more than an hour without ever hearing a real human. Trying to obtain seats for a small group traveling together has been impossible; neither the website nor the Air Asia was able to accept any of my 3 credit cards (the credit card companies assure me the problem is Air Asia's as my cards are not blocked). In short, the call center and website are dysfunctional. the cheaper airfare may not be worth it. Thai Air here I come.

  6. I used to use Air Asia in the past. Just now I was unable to book a ticket from them online and was told that they "do not accept credit cards issued by US banks." As far as I can tell it does not say that anywhere on their web page, and the three major credit cards they accept are Visa, MC and American Express, and in the pulldown menu you can chose the USA as one of the card-issuing countries. Isn't this what they call fraud??

  7. Have you heard of Europe, why do you not accomodate the Euro.

  8. I tried to book a flight from KB to KL for the past 1 week. I got through till the page saying 'waiting confirmation, please do not click or close the box'(I used Visa). Then suddenly ping! ERROR.
    I tried again x3 with other cards, still the same.
    Fed up, I went to the airport itself to find out. Their staff told me to check it with my bank! Even though I had no problem using it at other websites. Fine, needed the ticket badly. In the end had to pay extra RM15 for service charge! Note to self, NOT taking air asia unless desperate.

    Even Hospitals can be sued for malpractice.
    My wife missed her conneting flight to Manila because of their indiscriminate rescheduling.
    I had to spend an extra Rm785 to buy a one-way ticket for her two days later.
    This episode happened on 3 Dec.2009
    All who have been short-changed by AA should collectively take legal action against AA.

  10. I have been trying to get a response from Air Asia now for 11 weeks. My mother died in December and i need confirmation from them than I WONT be receiving a refund. I don't need anything other than a single line stating that I won't be getting a refund and am being passed around from pillar to post. I have recorded 9 emails from them saying that they will get back to me in 3-5 working days - they never do. Their customer service is atrocious and I will hopefully never have to fly or deal with them ever again.

  11. To customer service of air asia,

    I took a flight from LCCT AK 280 on 18-Mar-2010 @7.15 a.m. 2 hours later I arrived safely at Seam Reap Int. Airport. Unfortunately, my luggage does not arrive. All my dresses & the related items that I needed during my stay in Cambodia does not come when needed. Calling the Air Asia staff does not help at all. I want Air Asia to compensate me for my loss of hapiness with these whole mess. I could not have peace of mind due to the "couldn't be bothered attitude" from the related Air Asia staff. From this unhappy experience I assure you that this will be my 1st & last trip going with Air Asia. Do something to boost up your services.

  12. I booked my air asia flight then suffered an accident before my flight. My doctor said it was ok to fly, but even so I still contacted air asia to seek their advice.

    They advised me to book another ticket for my wife to help with carrying baggage, which I did.

    I flew Penang to KL then KL to Stansted without incident.

    When we tried to take the return flight from Stansted to KL the check in staff said that we could not combine our baggage weight because we had booked on separate tickets (we always travel with only 1 bag).

    We had to purchase another bag at a cost of 45 pounds sterling & place half of our contents in it to meet their crazy requirements.

    This meant that my wife now had to carry 2 half empty bags instead of 1 because I was on crutches, unbelievable! especially after I sought air asia's advice on this.

    On return to Penang I duly complained about this discriminating behaviour towards temporarily disabled passengers & I received an apologetic reply that ultimately stated that the check in staff at Stansted had done no wrong.

    What really made me laugh was the penultimate line in their e.mail which said:

    "We truly understand your situation and has taken it positively. Although we cannot change your past experience with AirAsia, we value your patronage and trust this incident does deter you from flying with us."

    Well, one thing is certain, that is I am in total agreement with the numbskull who wrote this e.mail as my experience HAS had their desired effect in deterring me from flying with air asia ever again.

  13. The Management of Air Asia

    I booked a flight from Singapore to Kota Kinabalu for the 31.03.2010 at 8.50 pm about three weeks ago and today the day before my flight I get a sms saying that the flight times has been changed to an earlier time. Me and my wife we are working so we booked the night flight as it would be convenient for us and also we have other plans for the next day. Now that the flight time has changed we have to change our travel plans too. We have to come to the airport three hours earlier, is Air Asia going to compensate us for this time change. Dose Air Asia think we are jobless so that flight time can be changed at will. This sucks when flight time's are changed. When I spoke to the Air Asia representative on 30.03.2010 here in Singapore he said that the flight time was change because of the maintenance. If Air Asia flights are having unscheduled maintenance service's that mean the planes are not flight worthy. All flight have there maintenance scheduled so it will not effect the customers. Unscheduled maintenance mean Air Asia flight are in a bad shape. When we called the Air Asia representatives they are offering alternative dates and travel time or cancelling the ticket. What is the use of alternative dates and travel time. We booked the flights for a purpose to be at a certain location at a given date and time. Do you think we are mad. Air Asia dose not have any responsibility towards their clients so they change the times as they please as they don't have any discipline. This will be my first and last flight in Air Asia. No wonder Air Asia is a Malaysian company. I will never recommend this flight to any one. Customer satisfaction is nil. The service provided by Air Asia sucks………


    Unsatisfied Customer

    1. Agree!! Air Asia SUCKS!!!

  14. My family are happy that airasia flys directly to Kota Kinabalu from penang at a competitive price. But my mother is currently on wheelchair and suffering from arthiritis. Apart from having to pay extra for the use of wheelchair, what saddens me the most is that there are no airlift service available to help my mother from the terminal onto the plane. It is sad that my mother had to be literally 'carried' by the whole family to the plane. We are very happy for the understanding and help by the crew (btw not the crew at the check in counter and sales office for their meaningless promises) but I believe many disable passengers suffer from the same situation. We hope AirAsia will come up with a plan to look into the welfare of the disable and those who are physically challenged. From where it stands now, not everybody 'can' fly - yet.


    Mummy's Boy

  15. customer service?? they have a customer service?? i dont think so, i call them a few 1 is picking up the phone, then i try to call the premium line which costs me RM 1.95 per minute...RM 10 ringgit gone..still no 1 picking up the call....GOD..!!! this is very terrible...




  18. On 01 09 2010 I tried to make a booking via their website for 5 persons....after 3 attempts gave up and let my daughter try while I watched. she was successful, only after splitting it into 2 bookings,1 for herself, a 6yr old and an infant, and 1 for myself and my wife. Wary of the "mental" website she phoned their call centre to get confirmation that everything was booked correctly. After 15 minutes or so trying to talk to someone who could barely speak english (I thought this was an INTERNATIONAL AIRLINE???) she was told all was ok. On arrival at Udon Thani airport, you've guessed it! I was missing off of one booking, my daughter was missing off the other, so beleive it or not a booking was accepted to let two small children fly to BKK unacompanied??? No help from check in,either NO FLY or PAY UP, close to Bt7,000 extra for their mistakes. On my return I phoned their call centre to complain and spoke to their supevisor 'Phathanachai' who was another who had no command of English, and was of no help at all and refused to pass me on to anyone who could be. It makes me wonder whether this is just a scam, but on a corporate scale,to fleece customers who believe they are dealing with a reputable company, just the same as all the other scammers in S.E asia. They claim to have the award for the best budget airline??? going by all the other peoples comments, this is obviously a complete load of BULL. This is one airline definately to avoid.

  19. I am agreed that in order to survive in this competitive market, most businesses need to ensure that they provide good customer..

  20. Saya menaiki AA pada 25/12 KUL/KBR 1.40pm dan telah membayar RM12 utk 'wheelchair & assistant services' utk ibu saya. Setibanya di KBR ground staff sedang menunggu dan saya bertanya adakah saya perlu membuat pembayaran lagi. Dia kata tidak perlu.
    Pada 26/12 saya menaiki AA utk pulang ke KL flight AK 5281 KBR/KUL. Saya membuat bayaran RM12 utk 'wheelchair & assistant services. Sampai di LCCT,KLIA ground staff meminta bayaran lagi mengatakan itu prosedur. Staf bernama Faridudin mengatakan bayaran rm12 yg saya bayar di KBR sebelum berlepas adalah servis di terminal KBR sahaja. RM12 yang diminta adalah untuk servis dari aircraft 5281- terminal LCCT,klia.
    notis yang dipaparkan di kaunter servis hanyalah WCHR RATE PER COUNTRY: malaysia RM12. Tiada maklumat atau penjelasan dari staf di kaunter tentang bayaran perlu mengikut berapa kali wheelchair digunakan. Bila saya bertanya kenapa setibanya saya di KBR saya tak dikenakan bayaran tetapi bayaran tambahan setibanya di LCCT,KLIA. Seorang lagi ground staf Fazrul mengatakan pengurusan Air Asia di KBR berbeza dengan pengurusan Air Asia di LCCT,KLIA.
    Adakah ini prosedur? sekiranya ia, perlu dinyatakan dengan lebih TELUS a.k.a TRANSPARENT

  21. I have posted three complaints through Air Asia's formal channels regarding a guitar that was clearly taken out of the case before it was broken on a flight from Singapore to Denpasar (guitar neck snapped but no damage to the hard case it was in).
    Each time I have been informed that the matter will be addressed within 5 days, but so far I have not had a single reply, not even a 'sorry, but we accept no responsibility'. Clearly Air Asia can do whatever they want without obligation

  22. Finally got a reply worth waiting for re my cancelled flights due to being in hospital having two serious back operations and missing flights.
    After 18 emails,numerous calls to Aussie call centre, i finally sent email to Tonys blog.Got reply within 48 hrs. they have refunded me my flight money, less a cancellation charge.Although at first they only said i would get $250, i told them thats not right and please check amount.They came back with $774!! Some difference!

    So after about 8 weeks i am happy.

    So send Tony a message it may help ;)

  23. Hate them with a vengeance. It is almost impossible to get through on the phone. Once you get an error on the online system (about 1 in every 4 bookings we make) then you are screwed, you have to dedicate a day to phoning and getting through, then when you get through you have to deal with someone who seems to be incentivised to be unhelpful. I would love to see Tony Tan trying to get through to his own customer services, except I believe that not providing customer service must be part of their business model and one way they achieve low costs. So, its a deal with the devil, cheap fare and no service.

  24. what i had faced with Airasia land crew maybe small -but still bothering!

    Last night, my mother had an AirAsia flight from Tokyo to Jakarta (transit in KL). She checked in at counter I7 at 21.30 JST.
    She exceeded 2 kg from the baggage limit, and tried to reduce some things out. After finished, she had problem to locked back the baggage, and I helped her out. Instead of helping, 2 Airasia land crews talking unpleasant things about us in Japanese! My mother speaks english, but I do understand Japanese. Such a bother!

    I presumed the crew have been well trained to please, or at least help, customers -but have not been seen in Airasia.
    The check in line goes on, and I've watched similar things going on at the counter. Moreover, I've seen the crew spilled out (yes, in a real way!) a customer's baggage when trying to reduce weight.

  25. get your act togetherJuly 18, 2011 at 5:26 PM

    I agree, what service! We were informed by email 2 times that our fried rice meal had changed, big deal. No email to tell us that our flight times had changed and on top of that we were charged twice for out luggage at the Denpasar airport even though I had the docket to prove we had paid for the extra large luggage. Didn't enjoy being sprayed with insecticide when we arrived in Australian territories either. What a rediculous oustdated practice, I train people in chemical use and that was not acceptable. can't get any reponse!

  26. Having read all the comments, I have to say that usually this airlinneis cheap, good planes and not bad service.

    My problem is their 24 hour cancellation policy and where it fell down for me twice.

    The first time was not so bad as a mistake ocurred when booking and the flight was booked for 6am not pm. To this day I don't know whether it was my mistake or the way the online booking works but they would not change it so we drove four hours to get the booked plane.

    Second one is a bit more serious, I was flying to Bangkok from Geneva and need a flight to Phuket the day following my arrival. I looked, selected booked what I thought was the day I needed, paid and checked in via the web. I then looked at the boarding pass and it was for a flight the same day as I flew from Geneva.

    I called the Customer Service helpline and after many minutes of being put on hold, I was told that there was nothing they could do as it was within the 24 hours. The operator told me he would escalate and that I should contact the company to try and obtain a refund.

    So, completely frustrated, I booked the correct flight, checking, checking and checking before paying this time.

    I then contacted AA via their feedback form and recieved this e-mail:-

    Fri 15/07/2011 13:54

    Dear Maxwell Jones,

    This is just a quick note to let you know that we have received your feedback (Case Number : CAS-757053-P8RS6B).

    We’ll get back to you within 5 working days. We appreciate your patience as we continue to respond to every email we receive.

    Lots of questions have already been answered in our FAQ section at

    It is always our pleasure to assist you in every way we can.

    Warmest Regards,


    It is now 1st August and no reply. I now see that the form has been removed and there is no apparent e-mail to contact them, only telephone numbers.

    The refund system has no record of this case!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Very poor and it looks like I will have to phone them or lose my money.

  27. hi airasia
    my flight from sibu to KL is delayed from 20.25 to 23.25
    how fucking retarded is that ?
    i have another flight to catch to singapore
    how can u delay untill three hours
    then when i try to call your fucking call service centre
    after the stupid commercial no body pick up n all of a sudden i was charge up to rm6.00
    such a lame ass airline you are air asia
    have you no consideration on your customers ?
    now everyone can fly my ass
    u can't simply delay the flight for three hours
    this has happen from time to time
    i thought your service could've been better as time goes by
    but it proves to deteriorate even worse
    soon if you keep this fuck up service of yours you will face bankruptcy
    i wish you do

  28. Air Asia are really rubbish. I will never bother to use their airline service again.
    They are not a "Budget" airline.

  29. Can’t complain about the customer service cause there isn’t any!!! I Have never been so upset, frustrated or angry in dealing with any other company in my life with the worst customer service. Air Asia cancelled our return flight in Nov 2011 from Phuket to KL without any communication even though they have all our contact details. We only found this out after calling them to double check even though the web site said it was confirmed and had no changes. We then asked when we were going to be advised of the cancelation as we had not received anything prior? And if we didn’t ring we would NOT have been advised of this until our return back home. We received NO reply to this and then they wanted us to get on ridiculous flight back which would either involve a overnight stay at our own expense or 12 hour wait in KL to go to Melbourne.

    We had booked ours flights including all accommodation a year in advance not last minute. If we had been notified earlier of this we could then make arrangements prior NOT very last minute thanks to their incompetence and unprofessional service. This was not what we needed prior to leaving for our honeymoon and to make matter worse after speaking to the manager we could not get a refund on our return flight from KL to Melbourne. EVEN though we could not make this flight due to their mistake and lack of communication, and used the excuse that they were Air Asia X and the connecting flight was with Air Asia which wasn’t the same company. They cancelled the flight, not us

  30. I couldn't even book a flight. Been trying the whole day. Never had such a problem with jetstar or tiger airways. Airasia is the worst airlines I have ever come across. It amazes me how such a company with non existent customer service, non existent phone numbers (oh yes they are published on the website but when I called, I get a 'dead tone' i.e. no such number exist), and non-working website can survive. They would make a real good consumer marketing case study.

  31. I make a few bookings in May 2011, the bookings were confirmed but is not listed in "Manage My Booking" list right away. Those bookings only appear on 20 March 2012! And this situation had caused a scenario that I spent double for repeated bookings!
    I try to reach AirAsia customer care line, but it's no longer available. The only option I have is to chat with the customer care representative via Live chat on Ask AirAsia Website. After spending sometime express the problem to AirAsia Customer Care Representative via live chat, she says AirAsia did send confirmation email to my mailbox upon successful booking. But, it is suppose for your system to list the booking in "Manage My Booking" once the booking is confirmed?? I log in with my AirAsia ID, check my booking every time before I plan for my next trip. I trusted your "Manage My Booking" function, and since I could check my booking, check in my flight and almost everything I can do once I login to AirAsia Website, it is not an excuse for AirAsia representative blaming me not checking my mailbox after booking was confirmed!
    she says there is nothing she can do from her side and suggested me to write an eform for further investigation。 I wrote 3 eforms so far and it's been the 10th days, the problem remains unsolved and I am not satisfied with the way AirAsia Customer Care representative handle the case!

  32. Air asia have cancelled my flight and the route entirely from Darwin to Bali. THis was cancelled 3 days after they had a sale with fares for the route at a discounted rate and I happened to book my flight on the Sunday. This was nearly 2 months ago.

    To date I can get NO RESPONSE OR ANSWERS to what happens to my flight. I have requested via many emails and phone calls that they re book my flight with jetstar....they will think about it......they will let me know 2 weeks before I am due to fly

    I have connecting flights that are already paid for from Brisbane to Darwin, so have no choice but to leave from Darwin on Jetstar. Jetstar flights are more expensive that what I paid for Air Asia.

    This is being discussed regularly on 2 bali travel forums, with noone getting any where with air asia via email, phone or complaints.

    We are paying customers and they are totally ignoring us and their responsibilities to us.

    Extremely dodgy that they advertise specials and take peoples money and they 3 days later cancel flights from the booking system

    When this was noticed phone calls were made but they denied flights were to be cancelled just the time was being rescheduled. But a week later it was out that they had cancelled all future flights.

  33. you need to take this matter to the department of consumer affairs or directly to court. It only takes a few people making this matter public for their dishonesty and lack of service to be exposed. This may be hard to do outside of Australia but Air Asia are registered as a business in Australia and they can easily be made to comply with the law. Alternatively try the media, talk back, current affairs, local journos. The example you describe is common practice by air asia and should be made known to other potential customers.

  34. Customer service is very important in any kind of business and sometimes it lead to a lot of customer which you gave a good customer service.

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  36. Hi, guys! I'm currently conducting a study on customers experience towards service quality provided by AirAsia. If you guys had an experienced with AirAsia before, kindly join my survey. You are greatly appreciated. Thank you! =D

  37. We had a bad experience with this Airline.A friend of mine who reserved our flights got SMS from Air Asia on fri 22feb that the flight from Colombo to BKK on 25 feb 13 is cancelled and moved on 27 feb 13 .It's really bad manner for not sending some email to apologize or some reason why the flight is cancelled but the worst not begin yet until I made a call to Call Center for the details.The lady who names Wallaya didn't make it clear about my questions ,she let me hanged on the phone for long time and answered my questions with sound like a bitch and I didn't get any reasons and her answered really upset me.My question No.1 was about the refunds,Why do we have to pay for luggage even we were not flying.You cancelled this flight not our mistakes and we're inconvenient to take the flight in that day .So, we need to refund but why do we have to pay ? Our round trip for 3 persons is about 17,100 Baht (it's not promo price) but we will get money back about 13,000 baht or something .The answer was that our policy! We didn't want to move it but you're moving it? so, why do we have to pay for that? The same reason: Our policy (She's a robot?)My question No.2 How long we will get money back ?She said,30 office days means about 2 months ..Why it's taking so far? for sure! she's a robot : Our policy.
    Your policy can't be flexible? her brain didn't work just turn to silent...and let me waited for a while and back again to give me a stupid answer , about your money that our policy to give you in that period and you have to pay for baggage ,you just can get your money about 13,000 baht but i will let you know later that you will get more money or not then I asked her, How do we know and when? she said,I don't know you just write to Air Asia website directly. before I asked these questions,she told me that we have 3 choices.
    1. postpone without fee if we're flying within 14 days( pre 14 14 days)
    2. Make a credit shell ,we have 90 days.
    3. Refunds but can not get the whole money.Why do we have to pay for luggage even though the airline cancel.
    I posted on their fb page and asked about why do I have to pay then after nearly 2 days they just replied that in this case I will get all the money,call center gave the wrong information.that's it!? but call center repeat it many times that's their policy.No details? No reason why the flight is cancelled but when my friend asked them they said that flight is full,So,What is the real reason? and if you want to call them they will let you wait for a long time and they give you the wrong information? hahaha stupid! and to inform you ,they just text you in short msg like this:Attn!! Air Asia flight FD2688 from Colombo to Bangkok on 25 feb 13 is cancelled.Moved to FD2688 on 27 Feb 13 at 0935 hrs.Pls call 6625215999 (Thai) or 18605008000(India) No email,no details,no apologize, and for fight to get your money back ,it's happened to my friends also ,at first ,they won't give your money back you need to pay for luggage even you're not fly but my friend complain them and then they can get your money back but 2 months left ,they didn't get it yet. if you don't complain you don't get your money back? They just give the reason that policy! and take too long to get the money. they said within 30 offices days.

  38. fuck this air line i would haved been better off riding a duck this airasia cunts never pick up the phone but love to ripp off poor old people so u cunts can fuck ur donkeys
    happy i dont think so ill be happy when u cunt stop flying and leave it to pigons

  39. why u cunts no answer any my emails u pricks u all guitoy fuckers all i want is my money fucken u thives u b long time in monkey house i lot long far from u i come get money the way u take my money airasia u no good 4 bird i pluck u wings u never fly gen angry me no good 4 u

  40. Nice Blog, thanks for sharing the valuable information.

  41. Airline changed my flights and offered a refund for all 3 passengers I had paid for, went through the process of claiming back my money using their website and as of today they have yet to complete the 100% refund to my card. THIS WAS IN MAY AND NOW IT IS NEARLY MID JUNE !!
    Can't get through on the Thai phone lines, I press the relevant number for English and get some Thai message and then it hangs up on me !

    The online messaging service is takes upto 5 days before you get a reply and the email you receive is non repliable, so if you have a question about the message you get you have to go online and fill yet another message and wait and so forth and so on.....
    I am not impressed with their customer service at all, there IS NO CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!

  42. Nice Blog ,Thanks for Sharing the information.Customer Satisfaction is very important to grow up the business.

  43. I tried to call AIR ASIA JAKARTA - from Medan, it picks up the phone and I choose English , after that silence ... is the number listed "non operational?" Please check.

  44. There fucked I don't know how they are so fucked. I've tried to get into there web page

  45. This page is even fucked it won't let me type it blocks me out

  46. I been using air asia for 7 years over a 100 flights And now have 200 points not enough to buy a cup a coffee Thanks

  47. I have a problem with my damage bag coz of your services. My luggage was broken ready. Your service team said, they will repair my luggage and sent to our hotel. I plan to fly back to Bangkok after that back to Yangon (Myanmar). I don't have luggage, So could you please sent my luggage ASAP.
    Flight No. QZ235
    Name : Mr. Myo Zaw Oo
    Report ID : DPRCGK15A00223
    Flight Date :29 Sep 2015