Air Asia Safety Record & Review

From all reports, Air Asia appear to have a very good safety record. The only major Air Asia safety incident i have found is a plane skidding off the runway at Kota Kinabalu International Airport in Malaysia, with 2 passengers suffering minor injuries.

Apart from that, Air Asia thus far appears to be one of the leading airlines in incident and accident free flying in Asia. If you know of a documented incident, please feel free to let us know.

How do you rate the safety of Air Asia flights?

Is there anything you think could be improved in the safety area?

Are you comfortable flying Air Asia in comparison to other non discount airlines?

Any other issues, complaints or problems with Air Asia Safety?

Post your review and comments below.


  1. Safety is a priority, but what about security?

    I was traveling from KL-Krabi on 20th Dec 2010. My checked-in bag that was locked was tampered, TSR lock lost, zipper damaged by some hardware. There are so many similar incidents reported and friends/family also experienced slashed bags, things stolen at check points within the LCCT airport. What is AA doing about it?

    Once an airport security is compromised, theft will an issue, but so is smuggling. Remember this is a region where smuggling of narcotics and some contraband items carry a mandatory death sentence!

    I urge AA to look into this security issue today, even if its not squarely within its management purview (maybe its MAHB).. I trust AA and Dato Seri' Tony's team in delivering results.

    Now everyone can fly indeed, but lets make it safe and secure.

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  3. 01. 30 Dec 2014 - AirAsia Thai FD3254 returned to Bangkok's Don Mueang International Airport when pilots detected an irregularity in the storage compartment.

    02. 30 Dec 2014 - AirAsia Zest Z2272 overshot the runway in the resort town of Kalibo in the Philippines.

    03. 28 Dec 2014 – AirAsia Zest plane disabled with flat tires and blocked runway in Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Philippines.

    04. 28 Dec 2014 - AirAsia Indonesia QZ8501 crashed into Java Sea killing all 162 aboard.

    05. 18 Nov 2014 – AirAsia AK5123 suffered substantial damage during a sudden balked landing when the tail struck the runway of Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

    06. 07 July 2014 – AirAsia AK278 skidded and crashed at Brunei International Airport. Cabin-crew increased panic by screaming “Run! Run!” (

    07. 10 June 2014 – AirAsia Thai FD3188 had its flap severely damaged very likely by large bird-strike descending into the Nakhon Si Thammarat Airport in Thailand.

    08. 28 Dec 2013 – AirAsia Thai FD3167 from Phuket to Chiang Mai was forced to turn around 32 minutes after departing from Phuket International Airport, after a bird strike.

    09. 03 Aug 2012 - AirAsia AK5187 from Miri to Kuala Lumpur delayed for over an hour as flight attendants reportedly said they were powerless to stop an off-duty colleague suddenly opening the emergency doors and leaping out.

    10. 10 Jan 2011 - AirAsia AK 5218 skidded on the runway whilst landing at Kuching Airport in Sarawak, Malaysia. Four passengers were rushed to Sarawak General Hospital. (,

    11. 14 Dec 2005 – AirAsia burst tire on landing at Kota Kinabalu Airport in Sabah, Malaysia. The airport was closed for a few hours.

    12. 26 Oct 2005 – AirAsia plane hit large bird at Chiang Mai Airport in Thailand.

    13. 08 Nov 2004 – AirAsia AK104 skidded while landing at Kota Kinabalu Airport in Sabah, Malaysia. Three passengers – a five-year-old girl and two women – were injured while evacuating from the plane and received outpatient treatment at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

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