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  1. Here, something MAS related for you guys to laugh about, instead of reading complains all the time...

    Feel free to distribute far and wide :D

  2. I will take a flight from Macau to Perth in July. They cancelled the flight for a “management requirement” from Macau to Malaysia and put me to the next flight. No compensation. Not clear explanation. No guarantee they will not change again. So based on the other comments on Air Asia, it is clear they change your flights all the time. So Air Asia seems totally unreliable!!!!! And they are not cheap!!!!! Since you are so poor, I will write bad reviews in every single review site. You don't realise how your poor service now will result in long term damage to your profit (yes I know, it will then be no longer the problem of the current management, so you don't care)!!!!

  3. their economy promo is very limited, i used to miss it most of the time. lucky i found a good tool in google which can ease our job to trial error searching for the ticket price in airasia website. refer this tool here:

  4. air asia ground staffs is rude. lcct is just like puduraya.

    i was queuing in the wrong check-in counter because i never travel oversea before, first flight at 5 smthing in the morning. there is no help in lcct, the staffs are arrogant, none of them willing to help us to point at the right directionas, we missed our flight. no refunds, just bloody arrogant ground staffs giving us sarcastic remarks.

    we also lost our lugage, reports made but none of them call us back.

    we order food online, our flight was delayed from 5pm to midnight, we did not get our ordered food, they give us cheap mee goreng instead. infact they give that to everybody in that flight. kira money burn la!

    yes, i still fly air asia because i have no choice, but take my word, the moment i can effort to pay extra or when there is new low cost air lines available, i will run to them in a heartbeat.

  5. The worst flight service ever seen.WE booked our tickets online and got confirmation.But when we went to airport we were asked to pay the ticket amount in full eventhough they have charged in our credit cards we had to pay to travel.The office people say if you want to go pay if not no.We paid twice and had to go thru some crappy website and emails to get back the money.Never ever fly with them.

  6. I had a lot of problem with Air Asia online booking and customer care service.
    I am a Malaysian who booked a trip from KL to Taipei.
    Roundtrip ticket is booked from 20th to 25th of June with Premium seat.
    I changed my flight on 20th to 21st and i select premium during the changes.
    And i pay RM250 as penalty fee due to the flight change.
    But when i reach LCCT on 21st of June, i am only allocated for Economy seat.
    The ground staff told me i selected Economy during the changes.
    And there is no available Premium seat on that flight.
    I have no choice to proceed with my flight in Economy seat.
    To avoid the same bad experience again, i check my flight online yesterday and found i am allocated Economy seat on my way back to KL as well. It seems like the "smart" AA online booking system had changed my flight to Economy on 25th but i only made changes on my earlier 20th booking.
    I have no choice to make a oversea roaming call to local Taiwan customer care line and have a 30minutes discussion with the staff. But they are not able to provide any solution and commented this need to escalate the manager level. And they need me to call back to follow up today. (PS: they are not allow to call anyone from the center)
    Without any choice, i have to call them again today.
    BUT, i have start wait for someone to answer my call since 90 minutes ago. :)
    Luckily i am smart enough to use hotel landline to call them.
    While i am typing this comment, i am still waiting for someone to entertain me.
    As a frequent business traveler, i dont recommend anyone to use AA to travel.
    There are too much trouble to fly with them.

  7. I paid for 4 tickets on Air Asia from Miri to Singapore.
    Shortly before the trip I received an SMS Text Message from them stating the flights between Miri and Singapore had been cancelled.
    Not content with messing up all my plans, forcing me to find alternate flights but they have failed to refund my money despite repeated attempts through their support department "".
    I paid in November 2009, well ahead of the flight dates which were supposed to have been in May/June 2010.
    I would not recommend anyone use this corrupt airline which is a slight on Malaysian business practices. A complete and utter disgrace.

  8. Worried about the commercial flights getting canceled quite often, then Private Jet should be the only option where you can make your travel on your preferred timing.

  9. From: Shiva []
    Sent: Monday, August 16, 2010 12:10 PM
    To: ''
    Subject: Force to cancel our Bandung trip

    Dear Sir,

    Our booking ref : U241JL
    Date of departure : 8th August 2010
    Place of departure : Singapore T1
    Place of Arrival : Bandung
    Flight No : QZ7972 – Economy
    Name of the Passenger: Sivanandi Chinnathevar & Ashok Sharma

    I would like to convey my dissatisfaction with your service on the above sector due to inaccurate information given by your staff regarding arrival visa for Indians in Bandung not available. We were forced to cancel our trip to Bandung by your airline staff and taken alternative route to Jakarta by QZ 7781 on the same day after 3 hours later . After reaching Bandung all the way from Jakarta 3 hours by road we have checked with Bandung Airport they confirmed that they have visa on arrival facility available for certain nationalities including Indians.

    We have travelled many times in Airasia in East Asian countries and this is the first time we were totally upset and dissatisfied with your service, please look into this matter seriously.

    Looking forward for your early response.

    Sivanandi Chinnathevar


    Dear customer service

    I would like to request a refund of the $400 your staff charged my two children last Sunday (29 Aug) at KK –LCCT for 2 tickets to Brunei after Air Asia had caused them to miss the flight.

    My children checked in at 05.00am for flight AK262.
    Booking reference PYIMNA
    They checked their luggage and went through passports in plenty of time.
    On the board their flight showed no gate and no status. They asked Air Asia staff where the gate was and were told that they didn’t know, to wait. The board didn’t change. No PA calls were made, the flight left.
    At 6.50am they went to information who told them the flight had left.
    Your staff then charged them approx. US$500 to get the afternoon flight.

    This is outrageous. My children were sitting waiting for the flight, watching the board and waiting for the instructions as to where the gate is. What else is a passenger supposed to do?

    I have already completed an enquiry form through your website – speaking as someone who operates a business your auto-reply that you will try to respond in 5 days is an insult, what kind of response requires 5 days?

    I am looking for a response to this email in much less than 5 days.

    Best regards

  11. My wife and I booked a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Phuket. It is important to note that we booked our flight together at the SAME time with the same confirmation number. Yet we were place by their automatic seating program in seats far away from each other.

    We then used their Pick-A-Seat option to try to sit together and found:
    1. It was a full flight
    2. There were many side by side seats which we were NOT automatically assigned
    3. We had to pay an additional RM10 per person to pick seats that would put us back together.

    I wouldn't complain if we had booked the flight separately, but we book the flight AT THE SAME TIME, and yet the computer system sat us apart, FORCING us to pay the additional fee to sit together again.

    This is highway robbery, squeezing the additional dollar from passengers.

    NO GO Air Asia!

  12. AS a follow up,
    sorry, it was NOT a full flight.

  13. Have been trying to contact airline for a week no phone answer no email answer. I bought seats in August 2010 but their website says I have no flights with them and I fly in two weeksI am now working with Australias consumer affairs to screw this company

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  15. I have flown with Air Asia Thailand many times and have never experienced any problems they are my favorite airline in Asia

  16. Very poor customer service at Kuching International airport. I request to get the refund due to the schedule has been retimed. The officer in Abell road has informed me that refund is approved; however, the officer who named Mohamad in Kuching International Airport told me that the refund is not approved yet. I have to drive to airport to ask the officer about the status everyday then the officer in Kuching Airport just confirm my handphone number every time when he saw me and does not give me any feedback until now.As i know at least i can get my airport tax back if i didnt fly for my International Flight!!

  17. If i can stop one person from using air asia then to me that's one person saved. This has to be the worst experience ever, we booked a flight from perth au to london return our stop was in malaysia. We saved about a thousand dollars (or so we thought). We tried on numerous occasions to contact them as there website never functioned on phoning they were rude and said they could only deal with enquiries from malaysia they did not respond to email, eventually we managed to book seats and baggage (another $600) on the flight our daughter was sick we recieved no help we even had to let her be sick in a carrier bag, this was the flight from hell, the stop over was rushed with hole in the floor toilets. Look i could go on and on, the reallity is the flight was so poor we discarded our return flights and travelled back QANTAS, thank you Qantas for a great flight back. I,m two grand poorer but a lot wiser please dont make the same mistake!!

  18. i received a notification on flight time change and it messed up my travel schedule. Due to that, i have to spend RM1.95/min to call AirAsia call center and amend my flight itinerary.Total it cost me almost RM40 for the whole call. i am not the one who change the flight time but i need to pay for that!!! WTF

  19. We were forced to cancel our trip to Bandung by your airline staff and taken alternative route to Jakarta by QZ 7781 on the same day after 3 hours later.

  20. Flights in Asia are quite difficult. The good thing though is that, it's less worries on flights delays. Except some busy airports.
    Australia Flights

  21. Well, most complaints against Air Asia is due to poor customer service. Food or flight frequency is not a problem. If customer service can be improved, would be great.

  22. It is a lost for airasia not flying to London, Paris and Christchurch...

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  24. This is good now we can let them know our concerns towards their service. I hope they will take an action instantly when they got to read our concerns.

  25. First of all, I would like to thank AirAsia for making travellers dreams come true.
    AirAsia should continue to improve further by looking into those popular routes like KL to Taiwan. I am suggesting AirAsia do consider to open a new route to fly from Penang to Taiwan directly at least twice a week. Apart from this route, Penang to Xiamen is my next suggestion. Xiamen and the surrounding southern Fujian countryside are the ancestral home to large communities of Penang Chinese.
    I believe with two new routes will boost tourism and manufacturing industry for the three countries which provide cost-saving and shorter times travelling. AirAsia can takes12 months times as an initial start for these two new routes to mature by flying twice a week. Tour to China and Taiwan which is more affordable for Malaysian standard compare to European country. For business point of view, I foreseen AirAsia can making profit with these new routes.

  26. Air Asia rescheduled flights by 5 days which was totally unacceptable and now they take 30 "working" days to make the refund. Which means almost 1.5 months. Tickets bought for 4 people and that is big money. Really disappointed.

  27. Hello. I am from Japan. Air Asia opened a branch in Japan near Narita Airport. Air Asia employed a Japanese company to recruit workers for Air Asia.

    They are looking for new staff to work in the customer center. They asked for someone proficient in English or Korean language.

    My friend who is not Japanese called them and the person who anwered the call asked my friend if he was a Japanese. Then he said that the job is ONLY for Japaneses.
    As long as I know, such kind of discrimination is prohibited by law in Japan.
    Refer to Japan Labor Standards Act

    Article 3. An employer shall not engage in discriminatory treatment with respect
    to wages, working hours or other working conditions by reason of the nationality,
    creed or social status of any worker.

    I wonder if Air Asia that is a company from Malaysia can accepted such a company that doesn't like foreigners.

    Maybe next time I go to Malaysia I will book a flight with Malaysia Airlines instead of Air Asia Japan.

  28. I had such a sad experience with Air Asia on my trip back from Penang to attend a special wedidng event in March. My luggage was broken into, lock taken away, bag damaged. And... after making 2 formal reports and going through different ways of reaching out to impossible-to-contact Airasia staff, they came back with a clinical letter to say they cannot do anything and closed the case. I asked for a response from management and suddenly they went COMPLETELY silent. Nothing done to salvage, no service recovery, obviously not-my-problem syndrome. My first time and probably will be the last time with Airasia.
    The flight experience was fantastic, unfortunately the customer staff spoiled it all with their indfference.

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  30. I purchased a ticket for travel in exactly a month from now on Airasia X. The flight booked was from China to Muscat. Last week we got a mail saying the connecting flight from Thailand to Muscat is cancelled. I submitted a refund request online and now I am unable to track the status since their website says the request is unavailable. Top of that, 30 days to get the refund and we will be travelling by then and we need the cash to book another ticket.

    Called up the china office, they said they are unaware of such cancellation. Called up the Oman office and they cant help. Then called the Thailand office twice, they cut the line saying the connection is poor.

    I have learnt about AirAsia Model and have created business models for other LCC airlines studying Airasia and Southwest Airlines and Im glad those Airlines I have provided my services to are not shitty like AirAsia. This by far the worst airline i have ever come across.

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